PCS Chapter 12 – Time to Earn Money

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[Dearest Host, the connection between the Primeval Chaos System and the host makes it so that no one will be able to investigate your strength. When someone tries to observe your level of strength, they will be blocked by the Primeval Chaos System’s power.]

Qin Meixing was quite relieved to hear this. She had been quite worried about others learning of her weak strength when she was given the mission to become a renowned alchemist in the Xiyang Empire.

Contemplating for some time, Qin Meixing suddenly felt something was wrong. “So no one can see my strength because of the system?” she asked, and the system responded with a bland, [Yes.]

“How strong is the system?” she suddenly asked, and the system was quiet for some time. 

[The Primeval Chaos System is not omnipotent. If we were, we would have saved our Stargazer Race instead of depending on creating it anew.]

[The system is capable of creating things, but we cannot create something from nothing. The Mission Points you are given by the system are actually a type of universal energy… An energy that can be converted into things that can help you.]

[The Heavenly Jade Physique that you purchased would ordinarily be very difficult to obtain, and the Mission Points needed would be much more than what you could have afforded if you had not just purified the body and cleansed the poison, giving your cells rebirth.]

[The system is connected to your soul, so changing your body is also cheaper than changing the body of someone without the system.]

[Let us talk about the Spirit Root. A new Spirit Root for you costs one hundred mission points. If you wish to give another person a new Spirit Root, it is possible. However, the cost is five hundred mission points, as the amount of universal energy needed will be many times more.]

Qin Meixing listened thoughtfully to the words. She now understood that the physique she had received was not ordinary and that the system was indeed a treasure!

She might have been slower than others at starting to cultivate, and she might only have a single spirit root, but if she was given enough time to grow, and with the system in her soul, she would be able to become the ruler of the world. She had no doubt that this world would become her playground in the future.

But to do so she had to protect herself well, and thus, she was delighted that the system would mask her actual cultivation base. When something was mysterious, it was dangerous. 

Being unable to see through her cultivation base would make many hesitate to move against her, and that was very useful to her now.

Qin Meixing waited a day before going to the Golden Hall Auction house. She decided to cultivate some to get a real feel for what it meant to cultivate, and what it meant to purify Qi. 

She needed a basic understanding of the cultivation world to be capable of pretending to be a cultivator, so in order to do this, she decided to cultivate for a full day. Although it would not be long enough to allow her to fully understand everything, it would give her a fundamental knowledge, and that was all she could wish for right now.

As the morning broke, Qin Meixing woke up early, washed up, dressed in her favorite white clothes, and found a white veil to put over her face. She was unwilling to display her appearance to everyone when she went to the Golden Hall Auction House.

She had packed a black robe with a black veil in her qiankun bag, and after exiting the mansion in her white clothes, she walked around town for some time. 

Thanks to the system, she was aware that three servants had followed her out of the manor, and she slowly lost their pursuit. 

After losing her pursuers, she went to an alleyway where she took the black robe out and draped it over her body.

Although it was a big robe, it was still possible to see that she was a woman. Despite not being extremely endowed with all the right curves, she did have a figure that should not be looked down upon. 

However, with the veil covering her face, it was impossible to see who she was; all they could see were her doe-like eyes that were so innocent, but also pure and full of allure. 

After changing into the black robe, Qin Meixing looked around. Even the system was unable to sense anyone surrounding them, so she quickly exited the alleyway and made her way towards the Golden Hall Auction House. 

However, the moment she had left the alleyway, Xuanyuan Yunshen appeared leaning against the wall. His face contained a slight smile, and while he was not in a hurry to follow her, he still trailed after her once she had gotten a good head start. 

He was curious about her purpose in hiding her real identity even more eagerly than usual. The only reason for her to mask her appearance like this was so that not even the General’s Manor would be able to recognize her. 

What could possibly be her purpose that she could not allow anyone to know about? 

He was quite intrigued, and he followed her as she elegantly navigated through the crowd in the street. She never bumped into anyone or gave them a chance to bump into her. She was refined and cautious. 

It was not before she reached the Golden Hall Auction House that Xuanyuan Yunshen’s eyes lit up in understanding. So she was going to auction something. Could it be the pills he had seen her refine that day? 

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