PCS Chapter 13 – “Dearest”

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Qin Meixing was unaware that anyone had followed her throughout the entire trip. Even the system had been unable to sense him, and thus she walked casually into the Golden Hall Auction House. 

As she entered, many looked at her with confusion. It was rare for women to wear veils in the imperial capital, but some were reminded of the woman who had appeared in the Hundred Herbs Hall earlier that week.

The reason people had recognized her was because she had purchased a pill furnace. Only alchemists would spend that much money to buy a pill furnace, so for her to buy one meant that she was either a trainee alchemist or a real alchemist. 

But although she sparked much interest, it was nothing compared to the person who appeared behind her. The moment he entered the Golden Hall Auction House, everyone’s eyes were focused on him, and silence descended onto the entire hall before it exploded.

“Master Xuanyuan!” someone called out with great reverence, their eyes sparkled with interest, and even Qin Meixing raised an eyebrow in surprise.

Master Xuanyuan? Was that the Xuanyuan Yunshen she had heard about. She was quite curious about him.

She turned around, and when she looked at the man in front of her, she was stunned. He was the most attractive man she had ever seen; his eyes were deep like an abyss, sparkling like thousands of stars were shining in his eyes. 

His body was straight and strong; a powerful momentum hit everyone with each step he took inside.

His body was draped in a luxurious black robe that was embroidered with golden threads, and around his waist was a jade belt. 

His long hair was tied on top of his head with a jade crown, his sword-like eyebrows were sharp, and the handsomeness was out of this world. 

[Dearest Host, I know he is attractive, but he is much more dangerous than what you can ever imagine.]

Qin Meixing suddenly came back to her senses, and she averted her gaze. 

She noticed that the attractive man was looking towards her, his eyes looking into hers as if he was trying his best to understand her deepest secrets.

Fortunately, she now knew that the system could block her strength so that others could not see it. 

Ignoring Xuanyuan Yunshen, Qin Meixing went toward the counter where one could have their items appraised, but she soon noticed that the man followed her every step. She could not help but frown.

What did he want from her? 

She tried to ignore him, but being ignored did not make Xuanyuan Yunshen unhappy. Instead, he smiled gently and shook his head. 

“Dearest,” he suddenly said, causing everyone to suck in a breath of cold air. This was Xuanyuan Yunshen, the Cloud God, how could he possibly call a woman ‘Dearest’? 

Qin Meixing felt a shiver run down her spine. She knew instinctively that it was her he was referring to, but they did not know each other, so how could he call her so intimately? 

Seeing that she ignored him, Xuanyuan Yunshen did not get angry, but he stepped forward fast, and wrapped an arm around Qin Meixing’s waist, dragging her into a warm and firm embrace. 

“You!” Qin Meixing was angry, and she glared at Xuanyuan Yunshen angrily, but he just lowered his head and whispered in her ear, “Dearest Meixing, why so angry?” 

Qin Meixing stared at Xuanyuan Yunshen with anger and disbelief. How could he possibly know her identity? But she did not dare to go against him. If he told the others about her identity, then she would be quite troubled.

Allowing him to hold her in his arms, Qin Meixing grumbled, and her eyes were lowered lightly. Her expression was impossible to see due to the veil that covered her face, but Xuanyuan Yunshen was able to guess her current displeasure.

The feeling of holding her in his arms was simply too addictive, and the soft touch against his firm chest was too enjoyable, but he knew that he should not push her too far. If he did, she would recoil, not caring about the consequences.

He released her after sensing her displeasure, but he stood behind her back as a guarding shadow, and Qin Meixing knew better than to try and push him away.

She sighed resignedly.

[Dearest Host, he is much stronger than I can grasp,] the system’s voice suddenly rang in Qin Meixing’s head. [He has likely been following you for a long time. I cannot sense him at all, and I don’t know how strong he is. If you cannot make him into my father, don’t stay close with him.]

Qin Meixing almost choked on her saliva when she heard the system’s voice about making him its father, but she quickly composed herself again.

She did not answer the system, but she felt that what it said was reasonable. He was dangerous, so staying close to him was not a good thing.

The clerk behind the appraisal counter was blocking his mouth with his hand. He was scared to see that the illustrious Cloud God, the man who could summon the winds and the rains, the man who could control anyone’s fate with a mere word, was being so gentle to a simple woman!

Upon trying to peek at her cultivation rank, he felt like he was gazing at a deep unfathomable hole. 

It seemed that the woman was not as much of a weakling as he had first thought. 

“Dearest, you should have your pills appraised,” Xuanyuan Yunshen said with a smile, his words causing Qin Meixing to frown. He even knew that it was pills she was going to have appraised? Had he been stalking her? 

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