PCS Chapter 14 – Xuanyuan Yunshen to the Rescue

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Qin Meixing frowned. She knew that he had observed her a few times due to the system telling her about it, but from there to knowing that she had refined pills meant that he had observed her in her own home, without neither she nor the system noticing.

A chill ran down her spine as she finally realized what the system meant when it said that he was simply too strong to be able to be seen through. The Primeval Chaos System was created by the Stargazer Race, but even they could not see through him. 

She took a deep breath and knew that right now was not the best time to fall out with such a terrifying figure.

Glancing at Xuanyaun Yunshen with some annoyance, she fished out a jade vial from her qiankun bag and placed it on the counter.

“This is the Monarch Cleansing Pill,” Qin Meixing said as she focused on the appraiser, completely ignoring the man who was looking at her with a slight smile on his face, and leaning against the wall. 

He was the sheer definition of an attractive man; he made it impossible for all within the Golden Hall Auction House to ignore him. Even Qin Meixing unconsciously observed him and felt her heart beat rapidly. 

“I have never heard about the Monarch Cleansing Pill before,” the appraiser said with a frown on his face. If it had been anyone else, he would have been mad and claimed that they were here to cheat the auction house, but this woman had a connection to the Cloud God, so she was likely not in the need of scamming their small establishment. 

“The Monarch Cleansing Pill is a detoxification pill that works on more than a thousand poisons,” Qin Meixng explained as she poured one of the pills out from within the vial. 

“Please follow me,” the appraiser was astounded when he heard the pill’s use, and he dared not evaluate it. He led Qin Meixing to a chamber, while fetching the chief appraiser of the auction house.

Unsurprisingly, Xuanyuan Yunshen had followed her to the room, and he sat down next to her. 

He reached out his hand and touched her soft silky hair. He seemed to be in a good mood; a slight smile spread across his lips as he looked at Qin Meixing. 

Although her face was hidden behind a veil, he could sense her dissatisfaction with his move, and she even tried to move further away from him, only to have him shamelessly follow her. 

She turned her head away from him in annoyance, but Xuanyuan Yunshen just chuckled when he saw her behavior. She was adorable, but he also knew when to stop, and he ran his fingers through her hair one last time before lowering his hand again. 

Qin Meixing was genuinely annoyed. She knew that she could not fight against Xuanyuan Yunshen, but she was unwilling to suffer a loss and be taken advantage of. 

Just as the silence became unbearable, the door opened, and in stepped an elderly gentleman.

He looked at Qin Meixing and Xuanyuan Yunshen with great curiosity before placing his focus on the jade vial on the table. 

“Miss, I heard you have a unique pill,” he said, and Qin Meixing nodded her head. “Indeed,” she said. “I have the Monarch Cleansing Pill, a pill which can detoxify over a thousand poisons. I have ten of them, and I wish to sell them through your auction house.”

The chief appraiser’s expression turned grave, and he nodded his head as he took a closer look at the pills. 

“It is not that we do not wish to sell them,” the chief appraiser said after contemplating for some time. “It is just that it is a new pill that has never been on the market before. We cannot guarantee that it is as amazing as you say, and thus it is too great a risk for us to sell it.”

The chief appraiser was quite regretful, but he also understood that they could not gamble with their reputation. Hearing their words, Qin Meixing felt dejected. The mission specified that she had to sell them on an auction in their auction house if she wanted the reward, but they were unwilling to work with her. 

“This Lord guarantees the pills’ efficiency,” Just as Qin Meixing wondered what to say, she heard Xuanyuan Yunshen’s domineering voice speak out. 

The Chief Appraiser’s eyes grew wide and shocked when he heard the words of the Cloud God, and he began thinking deeply.

Xuanyuan Yunshen was a legend throughout the entire Zhanshi World. Even the Emperor of the Xiyang Empire was extremely polite to him and dared not go against him. Xuanyuan Yunshen’s words were sacred. 

Since he was guaranteeing the pill’s efficiency, they could even use this as a publicity tool, so the Chief Appraiser’s eyes shone with excitement. 

“Then we would be happy to accept these pills. We will hold the auction a week from now so that we have enough time to promote them.”

Qin Meixing nodded her head, but then another problem arose. 

“Distinguished guest, what am I supposed to call you? And how will I recognize you when the auction is over?” 

The woman was wearing a veil; it was clear that she did not wish to be recognized, and her name was likely not possible to be mentioned either.

Qin Meixing frowned, but once again, Xuanyuan Yunshen opened his mouth. “This Lord will bring her to the backstage after the auction. That will be proof of her identity.”

Qin Meixing’s frown deepened, and she was about to say something when the Chief Appraiser nodded his head. “That will be for the best,” he said happily.

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