PCS Chapter 15 – Finishing the Formalities

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Qin Meixing glared at Xuanyuan Yunshen, and because her eyes were the only visible thing beneath the veil, both the appraiser and the man in question noticed her venomous look.

However, while the appraiser was shocked that someone dared to treat the Cloud God like that, Xuanyuan Yunshen reached out his arm, wrapped it around Qin Meixing’s waist, and dragged her closer to him again. 

They were currently seated on a sofa, and while there had been some distance between them, it was instantly closed by Xuanyuan Yunshen dragging Qin Meixing to his side. 

Qin Meixing looked at him, her eyes displaying her displeasure, but she dared not say anything. She was not strong enough to fight it out with this man just yet, but she would beat him black and blue when she had become strong enough. She was betting on the system, helping her step onto the apex of the world.

So while looking at Xuanyuan Yunshen, she kept swearing in her mind that she wanted to beat him up and that she would definitely teach him a lesson for taking such obvious advantage of her one day.

The appraiser was of the impression that Xuanyuan Yunshen and Qin Meixing were a couple, and from their actions, they seemed to be fighting right now. He wiped the sweat off his forehead, as he felt horrified. 

Who would have thought that the Cloud God was so good at pampering a woman? Although she was glaring at him and giving him an ugly look, he was not mad; instead, he seemed to find it endearing.

Qin Meixing did not see the pampering in Xuanyuan Yunshen’s eyes; she was full of annoyance, but she controlled her temper. She could not afford to let him tell the world about her identity, and now that he knew who she was, she was in a slight pickle. She wanted to make a name for herself as an alchemist, but she could not let the world know that this alchemist was the Qin residence’s useless daughter.

Qin Meixing was aware that if she displayed her brilliance before she was strong enough, she would become cannon fodder instead, most likely not even managing to succeed in buying all the spirit roots, and never having the chance of growing strong.

So the fewer who knew of her talents, the better, and since Xuanyuan Yunshen knew of some of her secrets, then it was better to maintain a good relationship with him.

Sighing resignedly, Qin Meixing removed the hand that was resting on her waist, and then she moved slightly to the side, making the space between them grow again.

Xuanyuan Yunshen looked at her amusedly. He was the hero of every woman, the most eligible bachelor, the man that every woman wanted to marry, but this woman (who was known as trash) could not wait to increase the distance between them. He could not help but find it amusing.

He was unsure why he, who usually was like an emperor overlooking the masses, was so indulgent towards a woman. He was curious about her, wanted to know more about her. If he did not see her, he could not help but wonder what new wonders she was creating, and whether or not she was bullying someone. He did not doubt that she, with her personality, would never be bullied by others.

Even so, he had ordered Feng Yi, one of his shadow guards, to observe her constantly, and keep him informed of all of her actions. 

Qin Meixing was unaware of this. She did not know that he had placed so much importance on her and that he found her immensely interesting. 

Qin Meixing completed the formalities, and while usually one had to leave a name to sell their things, Qin Meixing was allowed not to do that. Her proof of identity had become Xuanyuan Yunshen, but this made her quite unhappy. 

What if he was busy… Would she then be able to fetch her gold coins? While Xuanyuan Yunshen was eager to help her now, he might forget her in the future, and while he had a passing interest now if something important happened, what could she do then? 

But now was not the time to worry about it. If she lost her gold, she had at least managed to become famous, and as long as she was famous, she would get her mission points and experience points.

When everything came to it, those two kinds of points were much more important than any gold reward.

Reaching this conclusion, she finally felt relaxed.

Even if Xuanyuan Yunshen bailed on her, she would still benefit from this trade, so she calmed down, and her mood lifted. 

Sensing her mood lifting, the Cloud God also smiled and looked at her with mirth in his eyes. Had she finally understood that he was reliable? 

After finishing off the formalities, Qin Meixing had given ten Monarch Cleansing Pills to the auction house, in return for a small token. The token was an invitation to the auction, which would be held a week later. 

Xuanyuan Yunshen did not need a token; his face was his token. Everyone knew who he was, and no one dared to pretend to be him. He was a very important guest everywhere within the entire Xiyang Empire, and no one would dare to slight him. The Cloud God was even more revered than the Emperor. 

Leaving the appraiser’s room, Qin Meixing was shocked by what greeted her in the middle of the Golden Hall Auction House. 

The main floor of the Golden Hall Auction House was full of people. These people were not there to sell items but had come because of a rumor that had spread like wildfire through the entire Imperial Capital.

The Cloud God had brought a woman to the Golden Hall Auction House, and he was treating her like a treasure!

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