PCS Chapter 16 – Like a Monkey in a Zoo

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Qin Meixing was shocked by the sight in front of her and stopped in her tracks. She was not sure why so many people had gathered, but the moment the door opened everyone looked over.

She felt her heart beat rapidly, her eyes widened and she wished to run away, but before she had the chance to do so Xuanyuan Yunshen stepped in front of her, blocking her from the many gazes. 

His face was rather heavy as he took Qin Meixing’s hand in his own. He looked behind him to see whether or not she was okay, and when he saw that she was, he glared at the many people who had gathered.

All of them trembled in fear of being glared at by the Cloud God. They felt as if they had been immersed in a millennium-old glacier, never to be freed again, their bodies slowly freezing over, and the blood in their bodies running much slower than before.

Qin Meixing did not know what happened; she was blocked by his back, and could not see the expressions of everyone change.

She frowned, but for once, she decided not to go against Xuanyuan Yunshen. She was unwilling to go close to the masses of people out of fear for her veil being grabbed and her identity exposed.

Seeing her hiding behind his back, Xuanyuan Yunshen’s heart swelled with a strange feeling, but he could not understand what exactly it meant. 

“Brother Yunshen,” suddenly a girl’s sweet voice sounded in the silent hall. Everyone who previously had difficulties breathing suddenly managed to inhale and exhale again, and then all of them looked towards the voice.

Qin Meixing also heard the sweet voice and looked toward the direction it had come from, her brows furrowed a bit. 

There in front of the door was Bai Bingqing, standing, looking at Xuanyuan Yunshen with eyes full of love, and her lips held a gentle smile as she walked towards him.

Seeing her, Xuanyuan Yunshen frowned and looked unhappy. He was not familiar with Bai Bingqing, and he did not like having a stranger calling him  ‘Brother Yunshen’.

Xuanyuan Yunshen looked at the woman, and then his cold voice was heard in the hall, “Who are you?” 

Bai Bingqing felt as if she was being slapped across the face. She had just called him so affectionately, but he had turned around and reacted as if he did not even know her, and she felt uncomfortable. 

“Brother Yunshen, it’s me, Bingqing. I am the genius of the Xiyang Empire; we have met before at various events and banquets.”

“I do not remember you,” he said casually as he looked at the woman behind him. He was very honest and direct, not at all ambiguous, and there was none of the flirting that was happening between him and Qin Meixing. 

Seeing him be so distant and cold towards a woman, Qin Meixing frowned. Why was he treating them so differently? 

While Bai Bingqing was feeling extremely uncomfortable from the complete and utter disregard, it became even worse when she looked at the figure that was hidden behind Xuanyuan Yunshen. 

That was unmistakably a woman, a woman who made the Cloud God so protective, and her heart was burning with jealousy. She was the acclaimed genius, so why was she not the one who was being pampered by Xuanyuan Yunshen? 

But while she was extremely jealous, her demeanor was still gentle and polite, and when looking at her, everyone would think that she was a refined and elegant white lotus.

She had always felt that she was the one who was most suitable to be with Xuanyuan Yunshen; he was the best man in the world, and she, as a genius, was the most fitting woman to be with him.

So when she heard the gossip that Xuanyuan Yunshen had brought a woman with him to the Golden Hall Auction House, she wanted to see if it was correct.

She saw now that he had indeed brought a woman with him, and he was shielding her from the many curious eyes.

It was clear that she was important to him, that he was caring about her, which was enough to make her green with jealousy.

“Brother Yunshen, who is the woman behind you?” 

Bai Bingqing completely ignored that Xuanyuan Yunshen had not given her any respect or face up until now, she still wanted to know the identity of the woman, and she was looking at her with hostile curiosity.

Xuanyuan Yunshen looked at Bai Bingqing, his eyes so cold that she began trembling, but she was stubborn. She wanted to get to the end of this and know who the other woman was. 

“Why do I need to introduce my lady to someone I do not even know?” Xuanyuan Yunshen’s voice was cold and lofty, his voice contained pride but also arrogance, and Bai Bingqing shook in disbelief when she heard him call her ‘my lady.’

But before Bai Bingqing had any time to react, Qin Meixing hammered her fist onto Xuanyuan Yunshen’s back, her eyes alight with anger, and her voice trembling as she said annoyed, “Who is your lady?”

“Dearest, don’t be mad. I know I annoyed you earlier, but we both know each other so intimately. Are you sure you are not my lady?”

Hearing his words, Qin Meixing almost blacked out with anger. Was he threatening her? 

Knowing each other intimately? How was she intimate with him? He just happened to know all her secrets so that he could threaten her with it. 

Her eyes were full of anger as she looked at him. She snorted and turned her face away, her actions looking like a coquettish girlfriend who had been upset. The two of them resembled a pair of lovers who were always arguing.

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