PCS Chapter 17 – Dancing Clown

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[Dearest Host, a target has been located who holds immense hostility towards you; do you wish to investigate the target in question? It still costs one mission point.]

Qin Meixing did not need to think much to know that the person who held hostility towards her was Bai Bingqing. 

She did not instantly decline the offer this time, as she knew that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. She glared at Xuanyuan Yunshen. She did not understand what his purpose was. 

They did not know each other, but he had done so much to make them seem close. 

What was his aim? Was it to use her as protection against annoying flies like Bai Bingqing? 

“I would like to purchase information on Bai Bingqing,” Qin Meixing said after considering her options. If Xuanyuan Yunshen was set on using her as a shield, she could do nothing since he knew of her identity.

[Bai Bingqing is sixteen years old. She is at the Seventh layer of body tempering. She is renowned as the youngest and most talented genius of the Xiyang Empire. She has two spirit roots, metal, and wood. Her biggest regret is not having a fire spirit root so that she could become an alchemist. She admires Xuanyuan Yunshen. Raised like a princess by the Bai family, she is given anything she wants. All in all, a bratty, spoiled child.]

The system continued to inform Qin Meixing about Bai Bingqing’s wealth, her treasures, what cultivation methods she was using, and the techniques that she had trained in.

Knowing her techniques was excellent assistance if Qin Meixing ever had to fight her, but if they genuinely began fighting now, not even ten Qin Meixings would be capable of fighting against one Bai Bingqing. 

[Dearest Host, I still cannot investigate Xuanyuan Yunshen, but I can sense that he holds no hostility towards you.] 

“I don’t need to investigate him.” She would remember all the favors that Xuanyuan Yunshen had given her. He had helped her with guaranteeing that her pills were working, he had maintained her, albeit against her will, to show her identity, and finally, he was shielding her now. 

But he was also a shameless rascal, and she would not forgive him for taking advantage of her. She held a complete score and knew how to repay his favor, but at the same time, she was also a person who held grudges.

Qin Meixing was entirely focused on the news she had gotten from the system, and did not pay attention to the conversation between Xuanyuan Yunshen and Bai Bingqing.

When she refocused her attention back on the two of them, she saw that Bai Bingqing was near tears, and Xuanyuan Yunshen was as cold as an ice sculpture. 

Frowning and feeling as if she had missed something essential, Qin Meixing looked at Xuanyuan Yunshen curiously. He had been so frank and direct, how had Bai Bingqing managed to make him so mad? 

Looking around, she saw how everyone was covertly looking at her, and she guessed that whatever had been said was about her. 

Xuanyuan Yunshen looked at Qin Meixing. His eyes were still sharp and cold, but there was a brief tenderness within.

“Do you agree?” he asked, and Qin Meixing was even more confused. Agree? Agree with what? She did not even know what they were talking about!

“Sorry, I was a bit preoccupied just now, what do I agree with?” she asked with narrowed eyes. While it would be easy to agree, she refused to do so when she did not know what was being said. 

“This lady said that she would be the main wife, while you could continue serving me as a concubine,” Xuanyuan Yunshen said with half a smile on his face, and Qin Meixing frowned.

She knew that men had many wives in this world, but she loathed it. What right did the men have to force the women into being faithful when they weren’t themselves? 

But she had no relationship with Xuanyuan Yunshen, so why should she be the one to agree on him accepting a legal wife? 

Seeing her frown, Xuanyuan reached out his hands and hugged her to his chest. He had found that her figure was a perfect fit in his embrace, that the small, soft body was so addictive. 

“Don’t worry,” he said gently. “I already turned her down. One woman is more than enough for me. How can I provoke more than just you?” 

Qin Meixing could not help her internal dialogue, which wanted to scream out that she would not mind if he picked Bai Bingqing, but she knew better than to say it right now. 

However, although she had not known Xuanyuan Yunshen for long, she knew that he was different from all others, and since he had turned her down, he had likely done it in a rather cruel way.

It was no wonder that she looked on the verge of tears. 

Xuanyuan Yunshen looked at Qin Meixing. He had been speaking with her when she suddenly grew absentminded. He had sensed her losing focus on their conversation, but before he had the chance of realizing why, Bai Bingqing had come with her outrageous suggestion.

Although Bai Bingqing had a sweet voice, it was enough to annoy Xuanyuan Yunshen when he heard the content of her words. If before he had only seen Bai Bingqing as a dancing clown, he now found her completely unlikeable.

And the answer he gave her to her suggestion was clearly enough to cause the small white lotus to start tearing up, bite her lip, and look extremely pitiful.

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