PCS Chapter 18 – “Work with Me”

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“Dearest, don’t you think that we are a much better couple than me and this little white lotus?” he asked as he looked at Qin Meixing, his eyes giving an obvious warning, and a wry smile appeared on her lips. 

Suddenly a voice was heard in her ears, “Dearest, if you are going against me, I don’t mind following you all the way home after this to ensure that you are safe.”

[He is quite good at threatening,] the system said objectively, and Qin Meixing felt like glaring at the system. You don’t say? She thought to herself.

Sighing, and resigning herself to fate, Qin Meixing smiled, but her smile could not be seen due to the veil, so instead, she said. “It is not my fault that you are attracting peach blossoms all over the place,” she said with a sigh. “I understand that she is attracted to you; you are after all a famous figure, but she should also know that when a woman throws herself at an unwilling party, then she is just not worth it.”

Qin Meixing did not have a great impression of Bai Bingqing. When she saw her at the pill auction, she had used her identity to win the pill, and now she was so arrogant. 

Although Qin Meixing did not like Xuanyuan Yunshen very much, and although she thought him to be a shameless leecher, she still felt that he had his own right to choose his partner. 

Bai Bingqing had no right to decide his life choices. Since she owed Xuanyuan Yunshen a few favors, she did not mind to act as his lady for once. No one knew who she was anyway.

“Are you saying that I am not worth it? That I am throwing myself at him?” Bai Bingqing looked at Qin Meixing in shock, her eyes were widened, and they turned red.

She seemed as if she was about to cry, but while all the men in the Golden Hall Auction House looked at Bai Bingqing with pity, Qin Meixing’s eyes were full of disdain and mockery. 

Xuanyuan Yunshen’s eyes were also full of mirth as he saw her expression, but when he moved his face to look at the white lotus, his expression turned cold again.

“Are you not?” he asked when he looked at her. “Offering to become my legal wife, trying to determine that my lady can merely be my concubine? Who do you think you are?” 

Qin Meixing shook her head when she saw how he was so domineering. Any woman present found him incredibly handsome, and while Bai Bingqing was feeling uncomfortable, everyone else started actually thinking about what he had said.

It did indeed sound as if Bai Bingqing was throwing herself at Xuanyuan Yunshen. Still, if he already had a partner, then it was quite shameless to say that this current partner could only be a concubine, while the mistress would have to become the legal wife. It was only natural that the Cloud God would become unhappy.

“Dearest, let’s go.” Xuanyuan Yunshen draped an arm around her waist as he began to lead her out of the auction house. Qin Meixing glared at him, but she said nothing as she allowed him to lead her away.

The crowd naturally stepped back, leaving two meters of distance between them and the two walking experts. 

As they left the house, Qin Meixing tried to escape his embrace, but she once again heard his voice in her mind. “Dearest, let me take you to the tea house where you can change back to your other outfit. I have booked it all, so no one will be able to know that you were there.”

Hearing this, Qin Meixing stopped struggling. She had been searching for a way to change her clothes back and leave without being noticed, but right now, it was impossible. She could feel that a whole group of observers from inside the building had followed them, and she could also closely feel the hostile eyes of Bai Bingqing. 

“Don’t mind her.” Xuanyuan Yunshen smiled as he looked at Qin Meixing. “She is just jealous, but she will never know who you are. Also, continue acting as my lady, and I will assist you with your pills.”

“Why should I?” Qin Meixing snorted as she looked away. She was not willing to be involved with this man unless absolutely necessary.

“Well, I can get you a fake identity,” he said. “An identity as an alchemist who can make it big in Xiyang Empire.”

“I am already an alchemist,” Qin Meixing complained, but the next words of Xuanyuan Yunshen made her tighten her chest and feel a bit of fear, “You don’t have any fire or wood spirit root, so I am quite curious as to how you are capable of refining pills. Not to mention, the test to become an alchemist requires to show off one’s spirit roots.”

Qin Meixing pouted unhappily as she heard this. 

“So what do you need me to do?” she asked, and Xuanyuan Yunshen smiled happily. “Nothing really. When you are Qin Meixing, you have complete freedom, but when you are hiding with this identity, you will have to be Madam Xuanyuan. Although we are not married, you will be my fiancé and keep all the annoying flies away.”

Qin Meixing contemplated for some time. Although she wanted to be away from him, she understood that since he knew of all her secrets, she might as well work with him.

“I will work with you,” she said, “but I will not make this act real, and you cannot take advantage of me.”

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