PCS Chapter 19 – The Tea House

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[Dearest Host, I am going to make a mission about this. If you can make yourself known as the fiancé of Xuanyuan Yunshen, you will earn three hundred experience points and twenty mission points. It is a green-colored mission.]

Qin Meixing was quick to accept it. She had already agreed to Xuanyuan Yunshen’s deal, so getting some mission points out of it was definitely not bad.

Xuanyuan Yunshen looked at Qin Meixing, who was absent minded again, but he said nothing since he assumed she was deep in thought, and instead, he tightened the arm around her waist and led her to the teahouse.

He had fully booked the teahouse, and although many wished to enter, they were blocked at the entrance by the shadow guards. 

Even Bai Bingqing was blocked, unable to enter. She could not help but bite her lower lip so tightly that blood began to flow. 

She felt that she had lost her face completely today, but she did not blame Xuanyuan Yunshen at all. He was likely just seduced by the woman at his side. 

When he had had enough of this seductress, he would realize who the right person for him was, and she, Bai Bingqing, was the right person for him.

Stomping her foot in anger, Bai Bingqing was aware that she would gain nothing from staying next to the tea house. After Xuanyuan Yunshen and the woman had entered, no one else had come out. 

All she gained was showing off her disgrace, and thus, she turned around and left. Everyone else also began leaving little by little when they noticed that no one was coming back down. 

“Waiter, bring some tea upstairs,” Xuanyuan Yunshen ordered a waiter as he led Qin Meixing up the stairs and into a luxurious room on the third floor.

This room belonged to Xuanyuan Yunshen; no one else could use it, and when he was there, the rest of the tea house was always vacant. 

Qin Meixing glanced at the arm around her waist and furrowed her brows, but considering that they were currently being led by a young waiter, she said nothing. 

After all, she was acting as his fiancé right now, and doing this act well was important. She wanted the twenty mission points so that she could get closer to buying the wood or fire spirit root. 

[Dearest Host, I suggest that you try and aim to make this relationship real,] the voice of the system sounded in her mind again. [This man is strong; he will be the ideal father figure for me.]

Qin Meixing snorted but did not answer the system. Instead, she began observing the room, which was so lavish that she could not help but glance at Xuanyuan Yunshen with surprise. Not only was he powerful, but he was also extremely wealthy!

Xuanyuan Yunshen observed Qin Meixing’s astonished eyes, and he smiled, satisfied. He wanted to impress her, but it seemed that it was not good enough, no matter what he did. 

He was not sure why he had taken such an interest in this woman. It was clear to anyone that she was not interested in him, but her personality was right up his alley, and her secrets were intriguing to him. 

Not to mention being with her made him feel relaxed. When he did not see her, he was always thinking about her, but when he did see her he could smile while feeling satisfied with life.

But Qin Meixing was indifferent to him, so now he had used various methods to make her accept being his fiancé, albeit with her identity being hidden from the masses. 

Xuanyuan Yunshen led Qin Meixing to the chair and tables where he gently nudged her into a chair. 

Qin Meixing also quickly sat down, but she did not remove her veil. The waiter had not arrived yet with the tea, and she was not going to unmask herself in front of anyone.

“Don’t worry.” Xuanyuan Yunshen smiled when he saw her alertness. “This place belongs to me,” he said. “You can let your guard down, and even if they know what you look like they will never tell the rest of the world. Your secret is safe with us.”

Hearing this, a strange light flashed in Qin Meixing’s eyes. She knew that he had no reason to fool her, and so, she decided to remove her veil. Her youthful face was revealed, and while it was evident that she was quite young, she was also growing into a fine beauty.

When the waiter appeared in the room, he had brought tea and some snacks for Qin Meixing. He looked at the two present, placed the cups on the table alongside the plate, and bowed deeply before leaving the room again.

His expression had not changed even a moment upon seeing Qin Meixing’s true face, and she could not help but feel pleased. 

Upon leaving the room, the eyes of the servant shook tremendously. He had heard that this woman was important to their lord, but he did not know her identity. Seeing her appearance, he could not connect her with any of the young ladies in the imperial capital, so he was confused.

Where had this woman suddenly appeared from? Although he was curious, he dared not investigate. It was clear that she was important to Xuanyuan Yunshen, and overstepping his boundaries would not be accepted. 

Inside the room, Qin Meixing and Xuanyuan Yunshen enjoyed the tea, and she also tried the snacks. They were exceptionally sweet and melted on her tongue, and she could not help but smile upon tasting them. 

Seeing the first genuine smile on her face, Xuanyuan Yunshen suddenly felt the desire to give her the world. Anything was possible if he could preserve her smile.

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