PCS Chapter 2 – Stargazer

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Qin Meixing was not too shocked about the transmigration. The voice in her mind had somewhat already exceeded her limit of understanding, and she wanted to come to terms with the system before starting to consider her new surroundings.

“So you aim to reach level hundred and then get born as a human being?” Qin Meixing asked, perplexed. 

[The Primeval Chaos System is the remains of a futuristic civilization in another world. The world from where it originated has long since been destroyed. Before the destruction of our world, we, the survivors, found the Primeval Chaos Core, which remade all of us as entities of the Primeval Chaos System.]

[We then spread our systems throughout the entire universe, and the goal is for our systems to make us reborn. It is an attempt to keep our bloodline alive.]

Qin Meixing listened to the mechanical and emotionless voice in her head. She had never thought that it would be possible to transmigrate, but from her current predicament, she felt that the system had no reason to fool her, and thus she trusted in it. 

[The system will assist and live with you as the Host until the day that it reaches level one hundred. At that point, once you have found a mate, the system will be reborn as your child. This will have the DNA of you and your mate, but an innate heritage of the Stargazer’s race.]

“Wait, wait, wait… You need me to give birth to you?!” Qin Meixing was shocked. Her whole life had been a test subject to become a superhuman. She had no experience with love, and the female test subjects never came much in contact with the male, because of the sheer difference in their strength.

[Don’t worry, I will help you pick the most suitable mate for you so that I will receive the best genes.]

“Screw you; I am not going to have a child!” Qin Meixing said exasperated, but the system did not seem to hear her.

[The body of Qin Meixing is the only granddaughter of a renowned General in the Xiyang Empire. Her Father and Mother vanished in a war when she was merely two years old, and the General has been alone in raising her since.]

[Qin Meixing is spoiled and loved, but her grandfather was often on the front lines, so she was lonely, and she became rebellious.]

[In this world, strength determines your future accomplishments, and the strong are known as cultivators. They cultivate inner energies known as Qi. These are the superhumans that they were trying to create in your old world.]

[Qin Meixing is known to be a piece of trash. When a child is ten years old, their innate talent is tested, however, the aptitude stone did not even light up when she touched it, so everyone looks down on her.]

[Upon closer inspection of this body I can now inform you that the reason for this situation is a slow-acting poison, known as the Nine Yin Poison.]

[The formula for the antidote can be bought in the point store for five mission points.]

[Do You wish to see your current missions?]

Qin Meixing was silent for some time. She slowly rose to her feet and checked her body. She had learned medicine in her previous life, both traditional Chinese and Western medicine, and she quickly realized that while nothing was broken, everything was painful, and beaten black and blue.

“Show me my missions,” Qin Meixing said with a wry smile on her face. 

[Get used to Qin Meixing’s body and integrate her memories. Rewards are one hundred experience points and ten mission points. Red-Colored Mission, two days to complete.]

[Reach Level one hundred for the Primeval Chaos System. Reward unknown. Red-Colored Mission, no time limit.]

[Purge the Nine Yin Poison in Qin Meixing’s body. Reward two hundred and fifty experience points and fifteen mission points. Yellow-Colored Mission, three month’s time limit.]

[Missions will appear randomly throughout the day. Missions are split into green, yellow, and red colors. Green colored missions are optional. Yellow-colored missions bring a penalty upon failure. Red missions are forced upon the Host, and death is the result of failure.]

Qin Meixing was deep in thought and could not help but mull over what she had been told. Missions seemed to help her, and she understood that this was a new beginning for her. 

Qin Meixing cocked her head to the side. “System, how do I access this Qin Meixing’s memories?” she asked. 

[I am glad you asked,] the system’s emotionless voice didn’t sound happy at all, but Qin Meixing did not point it out, as she waited to hear what it had to say. [So far, I have held them back. You cannot take over the body entirely before you have merged with the memories of the original body. I will unlock them now, but be aware that it might bring with it some discomfort.]

And just as the system said, the memories came back to Qin Meixing as a flood of water breaking through a dam. She felt nauseous and uncomfortable, but she had been through much worse when she was still a living experiment, so she soon calmed down and began to make heads and tails of the memories. 

It did not take her more than a day and a night to fully integrate every memory and remember everything that the original body had been through. 

“I am sorry that you died unjustly,” Qin Meixing said with a sad smile on her face. “So did I, originally, but don’t worry… I will take care of your loved ones from now on.” 

As she made her promise, she suddenly felt a newfound comfort in the body. Although it ached, as before, it felt much more like it belonged to her now.

[Congratulations, the mission has been completed. You have been rewarded ten mission points and one hundred experience points.]

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