PCS Chapter 20 – Ghost Wood

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Qin Meixing did not speak. She was enjoying the tea and the snacks. She had always enjoyed good tea, but back in the research facility, it was limited on how much tea she was allowed to have.

Now that she was at Xuanyuan Yunshen’s tea house, she was offered the best tea they could produce, and Qin Meixing was drinking it with delight. 

Seeing her enjoying it so much, Xuanyuan Yunshen smiled, and a black token with a silver cloud engraved into the wood appeared in his hand. 

“Take this,” he said, as he gave the token to Qin Meixing. “I am not always in the Imperial Capital, but you can always come to the tea house to look for help. You can also come here to drink tea for free.”

Hearing the final sentence, Qin Meixing’s eyes shone with excitement, and she quickly accepted the token. Looking at it, it seemed like an ordinary wooden token, but the moment she held it in her hand, she could feel a strange cool energy entering her body.

“The wood that this token is carved from is a kind of spiritual wood. The wood is called Ghost Wood, as it has been soaked in blood for at least a thousand years. The coldness comes from the death energy that’s surrounded it for so long.”

Qin Meixing was quite surprised that it had been made from Ghost Wood. Such a type of wood sounded extremely expensive but also a little intimidating. 

It had some hidden features, but Xuanyuan Yunshen had no interest in telling Qin Meixing that the token could burst out with a hidden attack to protect the owner. 

This was a safety measure he put around her. He was not always around, so he had to prepare for any trouble that might happen in the future. 

[Dearest host, the Ghost Wood is precious. It can store energy and unleash attacks. Armament masters usually use it as a way to store a high ranked attack and use it as a lifesaving measure.]

Although the system did not directly say anything, Qin Meixing was aware that the token in her hands was meant to be a lifesaving treasure, and her heart was slightly unsettled.

Although her body was merely sixteen years old, her soul was eighteen, and she was aware that no one was good to others without wanting something in return. 

However, so far, Xuanyuan Yunshen had still not said what he wanted from her, and it made her uncomfortable.

She quickly finished her tea and snacks before she removed the black robe she had previously draped over her white dress. She also found her white veil and put it on her face; the black gown and the black veil were quickly placed in her qiankun bag. 

After finishing her transformation, she rose from the chair and gave Xuanyuan Yunshen a fractional bow. 

“I look forward to our future cooperation,” she said politely. “But now it is time for me to return home. I have been gone for a long time and need to deal with some things at home.” Amongst others, the revenge against her cousin, who had previously beaten the original owner of the body to death. It was a mission that gave mission points, so it was time to solve the problem.

“On the day of the auction, come to this tea house and show your token to the manager. He will lead you to me, and I will take you to the auction house.”

Qin Meixing nodded her head obediently, she had already agreed to his deal, so acting ashamed or embarrassed was pointless. 

“Then I am gone,” Qin Meixing said as she began leaving the room, but before she had left, she heard Xuanyuan Yunshen’s voice in her ear, “Leave through the back door; there are many observing the entrance to the tea house.” 

Being warned made Qin Meixing very alert, so she quickly asked the waiter to lead her to the back door.

The waiter was extremely polite towards Qin Meixing. Although he was puzzled as to why she had suddenly changed her clothes, he knew better than to ask her any questions.

The Tea House belonged to Xuanyuan Yunshen, and everyone was aware of this. The waiters were all incredibly proud to work for him, and even the nobles in the city were respectful towards them. 

The tea house was the most upscale establishment in the entire Imperial Capital, people would go there to show off their might, and the prices were much higher here than anywhere else, but people still went there for the sake of showing off. To drink tea at the tea house, one needed to reserve a room in advance, and only Xuanyuan Yunshen, and now Qin Meixing, could come and go as they pleased.

The Cloud Room was always unoccupied for the sake of their visits. 

Qin Meixing was not aware of this just yet. She knew of the reputation that the tea house held in the capital and that it belonged to Xuanyuan Yunshen, the Cloud God. Still, she did not know much more than that, as the previous owner of the body was not aware of much gossip from the world, and she often just stayed within the Qin Manor, never really mingling with others her age.

She knew many people by name and reputation, but she did not know them personally or have any impression of them. 

As they reached the back door, Qin Meixing gratefully thanked the waiter who was astounded by her politeness and felt quite flattered. 

She quickly left through the door and found herself in a deserted alleyway. The alley was not a blind road; it had two exits and entrances, so instead of leaving through the entrance next to the tea house, she went the other way, leaving behind the crowd who was eagerly awaiting her arrival. 

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