PCS Chapter 21 – Qin Chanjuan

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The moment Qin Meixing returned to the Qin Manor she saw that the servants once more looked at her with mockery and disdain. It was the usual expression they had when looking at her, and she could not help but shake her head. 

She did not blame them, but she was getting quite tired of their behavior. She went past the people and went straight to her courtyard, but as she got closer, her eyebrows furrowed, and she could not help but stop in her tracks. 

In front of her courtyard were three servants, and they clearly stood guard, while inside the courtyard screaming voices could be heard. “Trash it all!”

“Throw it all out!” 

“Don’t let her come back to her courtyard!” 

Qin Meixing frowned; how could Housekeeper Mu possibly let them act like this in her room, but as she went close, she saw that it was her cousin who was acting up. She could instantly guess that Housekeeper Mu was gone out shopping. 

Her eyes turned cold, and her hands clenched. She had been waiting to meet this cousin who had caused her body’s previous owner to die. 

She also had a mission to get revenge, and now that they had started moving around in her courtyard, the least she could do was to return the favor. 

Qin Meixing’s eyes were cold and unhappy as she stepped in front of the servants who worked as guards.

She had already reached the first layer of the Body Tempering Realm, and thus she was able to knock down the servants in moments. 

Their eyes were full of disbelief just before they lost consciousness. The last thing they saw were the angry eyes of Qin Meixing and an uncontrollable shiver ran down their spines. 

Qin Meixing did not kill the servants, but she had some plans for them in the future. She was not going to forgive them for what they had done.

She boldly entered the courtyard, only to see that all her possessions were lying in the front yard. Qin Meixing did not care much about the items since she was transmigrated from another world, and although she had consumed the memories from the previous Host, she did not connect to her, thus she did not have many feelings for the things that belonged to her. Qin Meixing was in a bad mood, but she did not lose her senses. “System, I need to exchange one mission point in exchange for information about Qin Chanjuan.”

She was only at the first layer of the Body Tempering Realm, so she knew she did not have a chance to win against Qin Chanjuan if she was at the fifth layer. 

The only thing she noticed was that her pill furnace was lying on the ground, and it now had a dent on it.

Her eyes suddenly erupted in flames, and she was extremely unhappy. That cauldron had cost her a lot, and now it was dented and no longer able to be used. 

[Understood. Dearest Host, I am now searching for the information about your cousin.] 

A few seconds went by before the system continued [Qin Chanjuan, age fifteen. Unmarried. Ranked at the third layer of the Body Tempering Realm. Has one spirit root, the water spirit root.]

The system continued to talk about her relationships, her techniques, and the methods that she had practiced. It also spoke about her personal wealth, and Qin Meixing was surprised to know that Qin Chanjuan was quite poor. Where she, Qin Meixing, got fifty thousand gold coins a month, Qin Chanjuan only got fifteen thousand gold coins.

Qin Chanjuan’s father, Qin Meixing’s uncle, was still alive. He was a government official, and while he was not a soldier like General Qin, he was still a rather famous figure within the Empire. 

Although he was famous, it was also known that he was easy to bribe and that he would do anything to become higher ranked than he was currently.

His mind was shrewd, and he calculated profit and loss much more intently than General Qin. 

Qin Meixing’s uncle had once had a long argument with General Qin, and he was thrown out of the manor; even his name was removed from the ancestral hall. Qin Chanjuan was still accepted in the family, but that was merely because General Qin was unaware of her actions. 

By the time he understood that she had been bullying Qin Meixing, she too would be removed from the Ancestral Hall. 

Qin Meixing knew that her grandfather, who was often away fighting for the Empire, truly loved his granddaughter. Qin Meixing was spoiled beyond belief, and even when she was wayward he let her be, excusing it with her parents vanishing when she was merely a child. 

Qin Chanjuan was jealous of Qin Meixing. Although she was able to cultivate, she never received the same attention from her grandfather that Qin Meixing did. 

Just looking at the difference in their monthly allowance was enough to cause Qin Chanjuan to flare up in anger, but her father was simply too stingy to share his money with his daughter. All his money went to his son.

A daughter was merely a tool for marrying into a wealthy family, and Qin Meixing’s uncle had his sights set on the Crown Prince.

In the Xiyang Empire, the marriageable age was fifteen. Most commoners were married the year they turned fifteen, but it was different for nobles.

Nobles were interested in a path of cultivation, and thus marriage was often waited on in these circumstances. The Crown Prince was already eighteen, but he had not married yet, and the officials were starting to pressure the Emperor into finding a Crown Prince Consort for him. 

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