PCS chapter 23 – Losing Face

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“I… I will pay you back!” Qin Chanjuan shrieked in horror, her voice high and uncomfortable to hear. 

But this was a fortunate situation; the high scream made everyone present rush to the courtyard, including Housekeeper Mu who had just returned home to the manor. 

When they saw all of Qin Meixing’s things in the middle of the courtyard, they were all stumped. But when they then saw the woman lying on the ground in agony, they knew who the culprit was. 

However, how had she ended up in such a horrible situation? Everyone was puzzled and looked surprised at Qin Meixing, waiting for her to answer their curiosity. 

Qin Meixing had suddenly changed her expression to one of aggravation. “I came here after going out shopping,” she began, “When I arrived, I saw that the servants had thrown all my things outside and left them in a pile; their vicious acts have destroyed most of them!

“Qin Chanjuan wanted to harm me; she is jealous of me because she feels that grandpa prefers me, and she hates my appearance. 

“She used her Qi and rushed towards me, but she fell over all my items, and harmed herself in the process.”

Qin Meixing looked at the servants who had been present. “Is that not so?” 

The smile on her lips did not reach her eyes, but the threat in her words was so apparent that even Qin Chanjuan could hear it, and she could only blame her bad luck.

Qin Meixing was not trash without the ability to cultivate; she had hidden her secret well. 

But Qin Chanjuan dared not go against Qin Meixing as things were right now. She knew that she was not her opponent, and at the moment, she truly feared for her life.

There was still hope of healing her arm, but if her spirit root was shattered, then she had no chance of revival.

Hearing what she had to say, Housekeeper Mu was furious. How dare Qin Chanjuan appear out of nowhere and bully Qin Meixing in her own house? 

Had this happened before? Housekeeper Mu was surprised and wondered what exactly was going on. Was it just bad luck that had made Qin Chanjuan fall and harm herself? 

She deserved it, but she was still not a foolish person who would trip over stuff and harm herself to such a significant degree. 

Qin Meixing was smiling slightly, but her hooked lips were hidden beneath the veil, and she managed to keep the grin away from her eyes, which looked puzzled and confused.

The servants who had been present were shocked when they looked at Qin Meixing. 

They knew the ins and outs of what had actually happened, but they also understood better than anyone that they could not cross Qin Meixing again. 

“Someone, take Qin Chanjuan back to her father, and tell him exactly what she has done! Tell him that if he raises a fuss about his daughter’s unfortunate accident we will ensure that General Qin knows of her bullying Miss Qin Meixing as often as possible.”

Housekeeper Mu was cold and ruthless for once, and the servants did not dare to go against him. They picked up Qin Chanjuan and lifted her off to the Official Qin’s residence in the imperial capital, where her family lived. 

They were not subtle with their movements, and Qin Chanjuan felt immense agony while being carried through the streets, so she was shrieking like a pig. 

Everyone heard her screams. When they saw that it was Official Qin’s daughter who was being carried out from within General Qin’s Manor, rumors instantly began spreading throughout the entire Imperial Capital. 

Some of the braver people went to ask the servants what had happened, and none of them dared lie, telling them that Qin Chanjuan had been bullying Qin Meixing and tried to throw all her things away. 

She had even tried to harm Qin Meixing, but had stumbled over the things she had thrown out of the room and harmed herself in the process.

The servants truly left no face for Qin Chanjuan, nor her father, and the rumors spread in the entire capital in a short moment. All understood that Qin Meixing, who had lived a hidden life in the last six years, was not as comfortable as one might expect.

Everyone knew that she could not cultivate, so none of them really wanted to associate with her, but no one made things hard for her. 

They might look down on her, but they would not stoop so low as to bully someone who would never be more than a mortal.

So even the nobles, who might mock her verbally from time to time, would never approve of Qin Chanjuan’s actions. 

When Official Qin heard about his daughter’s actions, he was furious and felt as if he had lost all face. 

Had he not always said that Qin Chanjuan should not do something she was not sure about? But now she had insulted the Qin Manor. 

Official Qin had always hated his older brother, the father of Qin Meixing. He was jealous of him and his talent, jealous of his ability, and even jealous of the woman he had married.

Because of this, he was not against Qin Chanjuan bullying Qin Meixing; in fact, he often approved of it. 

But not when her actions were known by the entire city and made him lose face. 

Qin Meixing snickered happily when she found out that the entire Imperial Capital was aware of the actions of Qin Chanjuan. Qin Chanjuan had always painted herself as a polite and friendly person, but now her mask had been ripped apart. 

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