PCS Chapter 26 – The Auction Begins

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Qin Chanjuan knew that she had no chance of getting Xuanyuan Yunshen, but she had protected her public image for so long, and everyone had thought she was the ideal noblewoman. She aimed to become the Crown Princess.

However, after the latest rumors spread in the capital, she knew that she had no chance. It was important for the Crown Princess to be an image of the Empire’s Mother, the graceful woman who was admired by all. 

Whenever she thought about how Qin Meixing had caused her problems, she was full of hatred, but her face still held a graceful smile.

While Bai Bingqing and Qin Chanjuan both had a belly full of unhappiness over the men they liked not reciprocating, Xuanyuan Yunshen carried Qin Meixing all the way toward their room. 

No matter how Qin Meixing tried to squirm or protest, he held on to her tightly as he strode forward, and eventually Qin Meixing gave up and just lay still in his embrace. At least no one knew who she was, since she had the veil covering her face. 

Looking down at her, Xuanyuan Yunshen smiled slightly, and he tightened his hold. 

As they reached the room, and the door was closed, Qin Meixing arrogantly lifted her head and looked at Xuanyuan Yunshen. “Now, can you put me down?” she asked, annoyed, but Xuanyuan Yunshen acted as if he heard nothing, went to the chair and sat down, before placing the woman on his lap.

Feeling the hard thighs underneath her behind, Qin Meixing instantly flushed red. She had never been in such an intimate position with anyone before, be it man or woman, and now, for the first time, she was seated on the lap of a man who was known to be a legend. 

She kept squirming and trying to break free from his hold, but Xuanyuan Yunshen’s arms had clasped around her waist, and no matter how she moved, she was unable to free herself. 

Feeling her restless behind moving all over his thighs, the Cloud God started to regret his actions. His entire body was burning with a wicked fire, and his breathing deepened as he felt her soft body rubbing against him.

“If you don’t want us to consummate our wedding ahead of time, then you better sit still,” Xuanyuan Yunshen’s voice was hoarse and low. His breath was on Qin Meixing’s neck, making her warm and itch as a tremor ran through her. 

Hearing his words, she was first slightly stunned, but after registering what he had said, her face flushed crimson, and she dared not even glare at him. She sat down obediently; her body was tense, and her hands had turned slightly moist from nervousness. 

Xuanyuan Yunshen smiled when he saw her being so uncomfortable, but he had no intention of releasing her. Although she was in his grasp, he knew that she did everything in her power to make distance between the two of them. She did not actually want to be close to him. 

Knowing that she was so furious at him, he did not lose his temper, but instead, he smirked. He would never let something that belonged to him go free, and he had already decided that this woman belonged to him. 

Unfortunately, she did not agree to this, and since she did not agree, he could not force her. 

While the two were quiet and seated in their intimate position, the auction was starting. 

A beautiful young woman stepped up on the stage. She was dressed in a red qipao embroidered with golden clouds. 

Her hair was tied on top of her head with a golden hairpin, and a set of golden accessories were placed on her neck, wrists, and ears.

She was without a doubt an attractive woman, but Xuanyuan Yunshen only gave her a single glance before his eyes returned to Qin Meixing’s face, which was now revealed since she had removed her veil.

The room they were in had a special kind of glass connecting it to the outside world. One could see out, but it was impossible to look inside, and thus, the people inside the room were hidden from peeping eyes.

The reason that Qin Meixing had removed the veil was due to snacks having been prepared for them. While she knew that she could not go against Xuanyuan Yunshen, she did not need to mistreat herself during the auction, and she picked up the grapes and placed them in her mouth, one after another.

“Is there anything interesting in the auction today?” Qin Meixing asked Xuanyuan Yunshen as she looked around. The auction house was full to the brim; it was impossible to see any free spaces; even the sides were occupied by people standing. There was indeed no extra space. 

“Your pills are the most interesting part of the auction,” Xuanyuan Yunshen said as he kept one arm around her waist, and lifted the other to caress her hair gently. 

“Your pills have never been heard of before in the Xiyang Empire,” he continued. “It is only natural for people to want to get their hands on them, as they are life-saving treasures.”

Qin Meixing nodded her head, and without realizing what she did, she leaned back against Xuanyuan Yunshen’s sturdy chest. Seeing her so deep in thought that she did not even realize what she was doing, a smile flitted across the lips of the Cloud God.

On the stage, one thing after another was taken out, but none of them sold for much. The crowd had come solely for the Monarch Cleansing Pills, not for the sake of these small treasures.

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