PCS Chapter 27 – Fight for the Pills

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Everyone was eagerly awaiting the Monarch Cleansing Pills, and when the first one was finally  taken to the stage, everyone quieted down and looked at the small jade vial that was placed on the podium.

The woman slowly opened the bottle as a dense scent of herbs wafted into the air; the calming properties made everyone feel peaceful deep inside as they smelled it. 

If they had previously been doubtful as to whether or not the pill that had appeared was indeed as useful as advertised, after experiencing this, they began believing.

“Dearest, how can you concoct pills without a wood and fire spirit root?” Xuanyuan Yunshen suddenly asked as he looked at Qin Meixing with a curious expression on his face. 

Qin Meixing glanced at Xuanyuan Yunshen. She was not going to tell him that she had an omnipotent system at her disposal, so she just smiled at him, her eyes turning into crescent moons, and said cheekily, “Who says I don’t have those spirit roots hidden somewhere?”

At the very least, she was sure that she would get them eventually, but if she said that she would get them in the future then Xuanyuan Yunshen would definitely not let her go. Someone able to grow spirit roots was simply too bizarre in this world.

Xuanyuan Yunshen looked at Qin Meixing as she raised an eyebrow. Had she hidden her spirit roots? How could that be? He had clearly seen that she did not have any other spirit roots than the mutated water spirit root that had turned into ice. 

But on the other hand, he was not able to understand why she would be able to refine pills if it was not for these unknown spirit roots hidden in her body somewhere. It was quite a mystery, and he was genuinely intrigued, but he did not push her for answers. He knew that she would tell him at some point. 

Qin Meixing’s eyes narrowed, and she did not pay attention to Xuanyuan Yunshen any longer. Instead, her eyes were drawn to the stage. The host had already finished introducing the pill, and many were beginning to bid. 

This was the first pill, so everyone was hesitant. They knew that there were ten pills, so they feared that if they paid too much from the start, they would lose money in the long run. 

But if they waited too long, then they might also be forced to pay too much, as the competition would become fiercer at the end of the auction.

As such, everyone was doing their best to strategize. 

“The current bid is two hundred thousand, seventy-five gold coins,” the host called out, and everyone felt that this price was quite fair for the pill. Although it was a life-saving pill, it was still low-ranked, so getting this price for the pill was already quite astonishing. 

Xuanyuan Yunshen looked at Qin Meixing and saw that her eyes were sparkling with excitement as she heard the high price that had been called out. She had already earned all the money back that she had spent on the pill furnace and herbs with only one pill! 

If things continued like this, then she would be able to buy a new pill cauldron. Qin Chanjuan had dented the last one, so if she wanted to create more pills she would need to get her hands on a new furnace, and now it seemed that she could buy a more expensive one. Her mood lifted.

[Dearest host, I suggest that you spend one point to buy the formula for Marrow-Cleansing Pills] the voice of the system suddenly sounded in Qin Meixing’s ears, and while she had been focused on the auction before, she now began talking with the system instead. 

“Why so?” she asked, and the system quickly explained to her. [You have been unable to cultivate for a long time. Your marrow is full of impurities, and only if you take one of those pills and rebuild your body will your Heavenly Jade Physique be able to show it’s incredible power.]

Qin Meixing thought about it for some time before she came to a decision. “I will purchase the formula,” she said, and suddenly the formula was imprinted within her mind. She had decided to learn it now, instead of waiting until she got home, because she could buy the herbs and the new pill furnace when she had finished the auction and return home to refine the Marrow-Cleansing Pill.

The pills that were taken out were each sold for more than the previous one, and soon it was time for the tenth pill to be put up for sale. While it was not able to reach a whole million gold coins, it did reach five hundred thousand, which was an astronomical amount of money.

However, the people who bought these pills did not only buy them for their ability to heal, but also because they were refined by the fiancé of Xuanyuan Yunshen. 

This was an easy way to  perhaps be remembered by the Cloud God and his 

madam, so they wanted to buy one at any cost. 

One of the pills also ended up at the empire’s most esteemed alchemist. He bought it for the sake of examining it and learning how to refine it himself. He had realized that this pill sold for even more than his Returning Qi Pills did, and he was slightly greedy, wanting to earn more gold. 

Although he was also curious about the pill’s properties, his main aim was to earn more gold. He was jealous of the Cloud God’s fiancé when he thought of all the gold she had earned at this auction, and he could not help but to begin dreaming about the time when he would be capable of making the same pill, and how he would swim in gold then. 

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