PCS Chapter 28 – Popular Fairy

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The customers of the auction house had mixed emotions when the auction finally came to an end. Some were happy, thrilled, and ecstatic, while others were dejected, sad, and helpless.

Those who had gotten their hands on the pills were over the moon with happiness, while those who did not have enough capital to buy one were quite unhappy.

When the auction ended, the customers flooded out like water from a broken dam. Some went to the back of the store to pay for their items and get their wares, while others began spreading the news of the promising alchemist who was Xuanyuan Yunshen’s fiancé. 

It did not take long before the mechanical voice of the system resounded in Qin Meixing’s mind, [Dearest Host, you have completed the mission of becoming a renowned alchemist within the Xiyang Empire. You have been rewarded five hundred experience points and twenty mission points. You now have a total of thirty-two mission points.]

Qin Meixing smiled happily. Even if she had been incapable of getting her hands on the gold coins, she had at least managed to get twenty mission points. That was an outstanding deal.

However, she was quite a frugal person. Back in the test facility, she had nothing that belonged to herself, and now she was unwilling to let go of what she had rightfully earned. As such, she could only stick with Xuanyuan Yunshen for a bit longer.

The Cloud God looked at Qin Meixing and saw that she was once again absentminded, and he could not help but frown. What was it that made her so confused all the time? It was as if she was suddenly dragged into a fantasy, or that someone was speaking to her, someone he could not hear. She would sometimes flash a brilliant smile, or nod her head, without anyone speaking to her. Could she perhaps have a soul beast contract? 

Qin Meixing was unaware that Xuanyuan Yunshen had noticed her frequent conversations with the system, but even if she had known, she would not mind. She did not think that she would have much to do with him in the future, so she just looked at him, and he would notice that her mind was back. 

“What is going on in that little head of yours?” he asked, his voice full of adoration, but although Qin Meixing did not pick up on the doting, everyone else who was present did. 

The two of them walked to the back of the auction house. They had not hurried, as they could not get the money before everyone else had picked up their wares, so they slowly strolled through the auction house and everyone they encountered on the way smiled and greeted them as if they had seen the royal family. In fact, the people respected Xuanyuan Yunshen much more than they did the royal family.

While some women were jealous of Qin Meixing, or more precisely, the fiancé of Xuanyuan Yunshen, most were just envious. They had no actual thoughts of replacing Qin Meixing, as they knew that they could only admire the Cloud God, but they could never want him for themselves.

Only two women in the entire Imperial Capital wanted him for themselves, one was Bai Bingqing, and the other was the Lingyun Princess. 

Both had always had a rivalry as to who was the most talented young woman in the younger generation, and they were also both known to be absolute beauties, which could destroy countries. 

Of course, their beauty was only heralded because no one knew what Qin Meixing looked like, as she had been hiding behind a veil the last many years. 

Qin Meixing was not one who left the Qin Manor often, so not many were aware of her appearance. Even within the Qin Manor she would wear her veil, so the servants and even Housekeeper Mu did not know what her face actually looked like. 

Only Qin Chanjuan and a few maids, alongside Xuanyuan Yunshen, had seen her face, and they all felt that she was simply a fairy. The most attractive person in the whole world. 

When Xuanyuan Yunshen and Qin Meixing arrived at the back of the auction house, there was a long queue of people waiting to pay for their purchases, or waiting to get paid for the items they had auctioned off.

When this queue of people saw Xuanyuan Yunshen, all of them became extremely polite and generous. They wanted to let the two of them in first, but Qin Meixing waved her hand. “Please don’t mind us. We are here to pick up our earnings, so we can’t enter before all of you have picked up your items.” 

Although it was impossible to see the expression on Qin Meixing’s face, her gentle and soft voice, alongside the words she had said, were enough to make everyone develop a favorable impression of her. 

Hearing that she said this, everyone of a higher rank in the capital wanted to create a better relationship with her, and with Xuanyuan Yunshen, hence they all hurried to their side to try and butter them up. 

Seeing this, Qin Meixing did not know how to handle it. She had never seen anyone be so ecstatic whenever they tried to deal with her before. She was usually scorned and disliked, maybe not bullied by others, other than Qin Chanjuan, but she was definitely not popular either. 

Xuanyuan Yunshen saw how she was surrounded by men of every age chatting her up and trying to leave a good impression on her, and his eyes sunk. He could not help but feel that it was an eyesore, that it was annoying to see so many flies gathering around the woman whom he had decided belonged to him.

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