PCS Chapter 29 – Familiarity

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Qin Meixing was feeling uncomfortable. She was not used to being the recipient of such favor and energy. 

She could not help but take a step back, and her eyes narrowed in annoyance. She was not here for the sake of talking with random strangers; she was here to get the money she had earned. 

Sensing her annoyance, the dangerous breath on Xuanyuan Yunshen calmed down, and he stepped forward to ensure that these people stopped bothering her. 

“Dearest, we must wait,” he said as he wrapped his arm around her waist skillfully and familiarly, dragging her into his embrace. “We are here to get your money, but since they have not all paid for their purchase, we have no other option than to wait.”

Qin Meixing rolled her eyes. She was aware of this already, but she had never thought that her appearance would cause such a commotion.

Xuanyuan Yunshen smiled slightly when he saw her rolling her eyes. The eyes were the only thing visible of her expression, so naturally, everyone was focused on them and thus saw her action.

No one would dare to roll their eyes at the Cloud God, but this woman did, and it did not seem at all as if Xuanyuan Yunshen was getting angry; instead, his expression seemed to say that one had to pamper their woman. 

Where some might have thought that their engagement was merely a ploy before, they were now certain that this woman was Xuanyuan Yunshen’s fiancé. 

The two of them went to the side where they spoke together in soft voices while waiting for the others to finish their purchases, so that they could fetch their gold coins.

Their conversation was mainly on the pills, and on what she wanted to spend her gold on.

Qin Meixing was answering readily. She was not very guarded with Xuanyuan Yunshen, but she also never mentioned any of her hidden secrets, such as the system or its ability to purchase skills. 

“What will you spend your gold on?” Xuanyuan Yunshen asked with a gentle smile on his face, and Qin Meixing pondered for some time. “Herbs, and a new alchemist cauldron.”

“What happened to the old one?” Xuanyuan Yunshen frowned. He knew that the cauldron she had purchased before was nothing special, but it should not end up broken after only a few successfully refined pills.

“My dear cousin destroyed everything in my courtyard,” Qin Meixing answered with a sigh. “So, in return, I destroyed her reputation. However, it is quite frustrating that I have to spend so much gold on another cauldron.”

Xuanyuan Yunshen nodded his head. He had many resources and treasures, but he did not have a pill cauldron.

He had four spirit roots, but he lacked the wood spirit root, so he was unable to become an alchemist. Since he could not be an alchemist, he had never bothered with collecting the cauldrons alchemists might use.

He waved his hand, and a shadow suddenly flashed in front of them. Qin Meixing could not help but jolt in surprise, but Xuanyuan Yunshen tightened the arm around her waist and said gently in her ear, “Don’t worry. It is my subordinate.”

Hearing this, she calmed down, but she could not help but narrow her eyes as she looked at the black-clothed person who was kneeling in front of Xuanyuan Yunshen.

“Feng Ba, I need you to go back and get a good pill cauldron for me,” he ordered, and Qin Meixing was stunned. Was he planning on getting her a pill furnace? 

Seeing her eyes full of surprise he knew that she had to have a dumbfounded expression on her face, but because of the veil he could not see what it looked like, and he could not help but frown. He wanted to see her beauty.

A smile rippled through his dark obsidian eyes, and his lips curled upward as he leaned forward, his breath landing on Qin Meixing’s ear, causing her to tremble in his arms. 

“I will give you the cauldron when Feng Ba returns with it; take it as a gratitude for helping me by acting as my fiancé.” 

Qin Meixing knew that it was merely an excuse he made to make her accept it, but it was nevertheless successful, so her eyes sparkled with happiness as she nodded her head. “Then I won’t be polite,” she giggled, and Xuanyuan Yunshen’s eyes were full of light from the joy of spoiling her.

All the people waiting to get their items had been observing the two of them, and upon seeing their close interactions, they were all shocked. Although they could not hear the words either of them said, they could still see their intimate actions. Everyone could see that they were a couple; not even married couples would be so close in public. 

But no one dared to say anything. This was the Cloud God; even if he wanted to be intimate with someone in public, no one wanted to go against him. 

Of course, Qin Meixing was not very comfortable with having her waist held by Xuanyuan Yunshen, and even worse was when he was whispering in her ears, but she had become much more familiar with it than she used to be, so she did not register the many strange glances sent her way.

However, Xuanyuan Yunshen noticed them, and his lips curled up when he saw their eyes full of incredulity. Now they had to know that this woman belonged to him, and thus they could give up any idea of taking her away.

Of course, no one had ever planned on taking her away from him. If she had no connection to Xuanyuan Yunshen these many people would not spare her a glance, but now she was a way to connect to the Cloud God, so she was extremely sought after. Only Xuanyuan Yunshen was unable to see the truth, as he was blinded by his jealousy.

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