PCS Chapter 3 – Monarch Cleansing Pill

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The memories that had poured into Qin Meixing’s mind were numerous. Some were good memories; others were bad. The original body had been arrogant when she was young, but due to no cultivation talent she had become the person everyone else looked down upon, and it got to the point where she rarely left home.

When she did leave home, she always wore a veil so that no one could recognize her. She was very lonely because her parents had vanished, and her grandfather was always out fighting for the Empire.

This time she had been beaten black and blue by a cousin who had seen her face and was extremely jealous of her appearance. This beating had caused the Nine Yin Poison to flare up, which lead to her death and allowed for Qin Meixing to take over her body.

[New Mission Notice; gain vengeance for the deceased Qin Meixing. Reward one hundred and fifty experience points, and seven mission points. Green-Colored Mission, do you wish to accept?]

“Accept,” Qin Meixing’s eyes were cold as she looked at the ceiling above her. Even if she were not feeling the pain, she would still take revenge. This was the least she could do for the body and the deceased soul.

“System, I wish to buy the recipe to detoxify the Nine Yin Poison.”

[Purchasing the recipe will cost you five mission points. Your current wealth is ten mission points; please confirm your purchase.]

“Confirm the purchase,” Qin Meixing said, as she felt a bit of excitement. 

[Purchase complete.]

A sudden headache assaulted Qin Meixing, and her body felt as if the world spun around her before it returned to normal once again. She found an extra piece of knowledge in her mind now. Suddenly, she knew the recipe to create a pill that would detoxify her. 

The recipe was simple, and the herbs needed were not uncommon, but she was not very stoked. She knew that she had to refine the pill, but refining a pill when she did not have any Qi would be difficult. 

Fortunately, she had previous experience with ancient Chinese medicine and knew how to create pills. Although she would fail many times, she had faith that if she had enough herbs, she would eventually be able to refine the pill.

Qin Meixing hurried to put the veil on her face, and then she looked for the housekeeper. 

Hearing that she was looking for him, the housekeeper hurried to her side, and although she looked the same with the veil covering her face, he felt as if something had changed. Her aura was completely different. 

“Uncle Mu, I need some gold,” Qin Meixing said with a happy voice, and the housekeeper was stunned. She had not called him Uncle Mu for a very long time, and now that she had done it again, he almost teared up. 

“Miss, we have your allowance ready for the last three months. It amounts to one hundred and fifty thousand gold coins.”

Knowing that she had saved up that much gold, Qin Meixing smiled happily and accepted it all in her qiankun bag. The qiankun bag was different from other bags, as it was a storage treasure unique to the Zhanshi world. 

It had a much larger space inside than what appeared on the outside, and it could be hung on the waist, but it could almost contain a full house. 

Qin Meixing had placed all her coins inside her qiankun bag, and she began moving towards the outside of the manor. She did not bring anyone with her as she walked through the busy streets of the Imperial Capital. 

She had the memories of the body and knew what was located where, so she quickly made her way towards the Hundred Herb Hall. 

The Hundred Herb Hall was a shop that focused solely on herbs and resources needed for alchemists. They also sold pills for the alchemists, in return for a trading fee. 

When Qin Meixing reached the Hundred Herb Hall, she found that the shop was full to the brim with customers, and while she was unsure of what was happening, she had no other option than to wait for the store to have a bit more space so that she could enter. 

The many experts within were youngsters, and it seemed as if they were trying to vie for a few pills that had been put up for sale. 

Qin Meixing looked on curiously. Right now, there was only one pill that she was interested in, and that was the Monarch Cleansing Pill, the pill she had just gotten the recipe for. 

It was a pill that could neutralize up to a thousand poisons, and while it was quite easy to obtain the herbs needed, the refinement was quite difficult.

But Qin Meixing felt that she had genuinely benefitted from the trade. Giving five mission points, but getting a recipe for a pill that could neutralize more than a thousand poisons was indeed a good trade. 

Once she had traded for the recipe, the recipe became hers, and she would never forget it. 

[Dear Host, someone has been observing you since you came here,] the voice of the system suddenly rang in Qin Meixing’s mind. 

She did not look around but entered into the Hundred Herb Hall. Although it was crowded, it was easier to hide inside a crowd, and she moved through the crowd like a fish in water. 

The gaze that had been looking at her before was now blocked.

[Dearest Host, that person seemed very interested in you; do you want to investigate? It only costs one mission point for each person you examine.]

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