PCS Chapter 30 – Jealous Xuanyuan Yunshen

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Qin Meixing was unaware of Xuanyuan Yunshen’s changing emotions. She was too busy trying to escape the many passionate eyes, which were looking at her as if she was a big Christmas roast. 

They were all looking at her as if she was some sort of treasure that could help them get closer to Xuanyuan Yunshen, and most of the people in the hall gradually came closer and closer to Qin Meixing, trying to flatter her.

Finally, Xuanyuan Yunshen could no longer handle the many eager faces, and his black expression made them all feel as if they had descended into an ice cellar. 

None of them understood what was happening. Why was the Cloud God so angry? They were just trying to flatter them. 

Qin Meixing also looked puzzled at Xuanyuan Yunshen, as his expression became uglier by the minute. She did not understand what had caused his mood to become so low, so she could not help but reach out her hand and pull on his sleeve in a spoiled manner. 

Seeing her actions, Xuanyuan Yunshen’s mood turned a bit better. However, upon seeing the many people who still surrounded them, he domineeringly pulled Qin Meixing into his embrace and glared at them. 

“Dearest, don’t pay attention to any of these leechers,” he said. “Although they might seem good and proper, they can never compare to your’s truly. I am much stronger than them, much more attractive than them, and have a better background than them. If you have any problems in the future, don’t look for outsiders, but for me. I am, after all, your fiancé.”

Hearing his words, they were all reminded of how they had just tried to make Qin Meixing go to them for help, and from what each of them could guess, it had made the Cloud God jealous. 

Their eyes widened in shock, and their hearts trembled in fear. How could the Cloud God, who was so revered by all, be jealous of them? 

Was this woman truly so outstanding that she was capable of making him unhappy just because other men talked to her? What charm did she possess to blind the Cloud God so thoroughly? 

Qin Meixing was also taken back, but then pearl-like laughter erupted from her lips, the sound so attractive that everyone who heard it was mesmerized.

“Don’t be jealous,” she said what everyone was thinking, but they all felt horrified. How dare she say such words to the terrifying Xuanyuan Yunshen? It was one thing to be aware that he was genuinely jealous; it was quite another thing to say it to his face. Was she not afraid of retribution? 

But contrary to their expectations, Xuanyuan Yunshen did not kill her with a single palm strike. Instead, he lifted his hand and gently caressed her hair. “Dearest, I am not jealous, but you are too outstanding. I don’t know how many men will try and win your favor when they see your face. I cannot afford to let anyone even dream about taking you away from me.”

Qin Meixing’s face flushed red in embarrassment, but she was fortunately hidden beneath the veil so no one could see her expression as she shyly lowered her eyes. She dared not look into Xuanyuan Yunshen’s pampering eyes. 

Although she knew that it was all an act he was setting up for the sake of getting rid of annoying women, she was almost fooled by his actions just now, and her heart had begun to beat rapidly.

Looking at her face, which was hidden beneath the veil, Xuanyuan Yunshen smiled wickedly. He could guess her current appearance and regretted that he could not see what she looked like with her face all flushed crimson. 

But he knew that one day he would be able to see it. He was a patient man, so it was not a problem for him to wait for her to open up to him. He did not want to scare her or pressure her. 

Finally, the last person had entered the inner rooms to pay for their purchase, leaving only the sellers in the hall looking at one another. 

Many were curious about the identity of the beauty who was hiding beneath the veil, but no one knew who she was, and as long as she had the Cloud God standing by her side she was not going to be bullied or teased by anyone. 

Xuanyuan Yunshen was pleased to see that during the time he and Qin Meixing were waiting, she no longer put up a fight against him and allowed him to hug her close to his chest. 

It was not that Qin Meixing was approving of such acts, it was just that she knew the difference in strength between the two of them, and thus she was aware that even if she struggled nothing would change.

Hence, it was better to act as if they were indeed together, as she would be able to use his reputation later to her own benefit. Cheating in the name of Xuanyuan Yunshen was quite exciting.

Xuanyuan Yunshen was oblivious to the fact that his hugging the small, foxy lady in his arms had caused him to become the target of her ire, and she would now scheme to cheat in his name; but even if he knew, he would not hold anything back, and would instead help her. 

She was so mature; how could she possibly cause problems unless they were planned? 

“Dearest, let’s enter so that you can get your gold coins, you little money-grubbing woman.”

Xuanyuan Yunshen spoke in a spoiling manner as he took Qin Meixing’s hand in his own. He began dragging her towards the room, which had been left empty since the last person had walked out from within.

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