PCS Chapter 32 – Sensitive System

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Baili Beichen was aware that he was benefitting from this fiancé’s new pill, and he wanted to thank her, but knowing that she was with Xuanyuan Yunshen, he had to be careful about it. The Cloud God might misunderstand, and Baili Beichen had no interest in becoming a misunderstanding between the two.

The only thing he felt for this so-called fiancé was gratitude, and thus he felt it necessary to show this gratitude to her; but how to do it without causing Xuanyuan Yunshen to be jealous?

Although Baili Beichen was unknowledgeable about the Cloud God’s relationship with his fiancé, he could guess that they were close. The Cloud God was a unique entity, and he could not be forced into anything, hence, if he was genuinely together with this woman, then it was because he liked her. 

“Forget it,” he mumbled after walking around. He could not go empty handed to visit his benefactor, and if he went to look for a gift now, both she and Xuanyuan Yunshen would have vanished from the Golden Hall Auction House when he arrived.

If fate allowed him to meet her another day, he would, without a doubt, show his gratitude.

While Baili Beichen exited his manor to look for a gift of gratitude, Qin Meixing and Xuanyuan Yunshen finished their dealings with the appraiser. 

The appraiser had given them their money, alongside a VIP card. While the auction house would still charge a fee when the card was displayed, the card made it so the fee would drop from ten percent to three percent, and the owner of the card had the right to enter the auction houses’s VIP booths. 

Although she had sold the Monarch Cleansing Pills at the auction, the real reason she had been given the card was because of her relationship with Xuanyuan Yunshen. The auction house wished to forge a connection with him through her. 

“Miss, if you have any other pills you wish to sell, please do not hesitate to come here with them,” the appraiser gave a deep bow as he led them out of the room, and the two slowly left the auction house.

Xuanyuan Yunshen was playing a rogue again. He was walking with his arm around Qin Meixing’s waist and was pressing her against his body. While she was annoyed, she did not rebel. She did not detest his touch, and since no one knew who she was, it was not a big deal.

They returned to the tea house where they entered Xuanyuan Yunshen’s private room. Here, Qin Meixing quickly stepped away from the Cloud God, and he could not help but feel that something was missing in his heart as she left his embrace.

But his expression did not change as he went towards the table and sat down. 

Qin Meixing followed him, sat down opposite him, and removed the veil that had been covering her face.

Her features, which were as elegant and refined as a jade carving but carried with them an innocent and refreshing air, showed that she was clearly pleased. Xuanyuan Yunshen had truly helped her a lot when he assured the auction house that her pills would work.

It was also because of this fact that she was extra accomodating to him. He had helped her a lot, so it was only natural that she repaid the favor. Acting as his fiancé did not cause her much trouble, as no one knew who she was. 

Xuanyuan Yunshen was aware of Qin Meixing’s thoughts, but he was not angry. He knew that he could not pressure her too much, and if he tried to force her to accept the position as his fiancé with her real identity, she might just run away and hide from him as quickly as possible.

That was not what he wanted to see, so he just smiled slightly. He had a feeling that something would happen soon, which would make their relationship known to all whether she was willing or not. 

“When do you plan on buying the pill cauldron?” Xuanyuan Yunshen asked the attractive woman by his side who was looking out the window in an absentminded manner. 

[Dearest Host, congratulations on becoming a renowned alchemist!] The voice of the system suddenly sounded in her head, and there was a slight tinge of happiness in her heart when it sounded. [There is a man who is looking for you, so you have to be careful,] the voice continued. 

[He was one of the people who consumed the Monarch Cleansing Pill. His name is Baili Beichen. As far as I understand, he wants to thank you, but he is extremely smart. Although he is not as strong as Xuanyuan Yunshen, he is also a genius, and he might be able to guess your identity easily if he sees you in the two seperate appearances, so try to avoid him.]

Qin Meixing nodded her head, so busy talking with the system, that she did not hear the question that Xuanyuan Yunshen had asked her. 

“How do you know this?” she asked in her mind, and the system made a strange sound that seemed as if it was clearing its throat. [I am very sensitive to everyone who has affection or hostility towards you. As long as someone thinks about you for more than just a passing thought, I will sense it.]

“That sure is handy,” Qin Meixing could not help but smile, and the system felt proud. [It is handy, but I can only sense if it is friendliness or hostility. I am not able to detect any of their thoughts.]

“That’s enough,” Qin Meixing smiled when she thought of what the system had just told her. She was not going to be tricked, as long as she had the system to sense others attitudes towards her.

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