PCS Chapter 34 – “Give Myself to You”

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As they arrived at the Hundred Herb Hall, Qin Meixing looked around her, but her eyes were drawn to the back of the store where the pill cauldrons were located.

Xuanyuan Yunshen knew that she was looking for pill cauldrons, and he smiled gently when he saw her squinting eyes. Even though her expression was hidden beneath a veil, he could sense that she was in a good mood. 

There was a doting expression in his eyes as he took Qin Meixing’s hand in his and drew her towards the back of the store. 

When the two of them had arrived at the pill cauldrons the store was not yet very crowded, but someone had shared the news that the Cloud God and his fiancé had gone to the Hundred Herb Hall, so many gathered at the store to see who precisely this famous fiancé was. 

Everyone understood that she was an alchemist, but no one knew her face or identity. She was a mystery to everyone, and the more mysterious she was, the more curious everyone became.

This was precisely what Qin Meixing wanted. The more illustrious and mysterious the fiancé was, the less likely people were to think that it was her. 

Although both of them used veils, one walked with confidence and was clearly self-assured, while the other was a person with no pride or self-assurance. 

Also, Qin Meixing was not a person who often left the Qin Manor, but this fiancé had suddenly appeared and was seen quite often. As such, no one expected them to be the same. 

As Qin Meixing and Xuanyuan Yunshen walked further back, Baili Beichen appeared in the shop, his eyes glancing over the people present. He quickly located Xuanyuan Yunshen and Qin Meixing.

When he saw the two of them, he was stunned. He had heard that the woman was wearing a veil, and no one could see her appearance, but her bright and attractive eyes were enough to make him feel as if he had lost his soul.

Qin Meixing’s eyes were bright, and they resembled a starry sky shining brilliantly, and they looked so pure that when he stared into them he suddenly felt as if he was caught in a daze. 

Xuanyuan Yunshen saw that his fiancé was looking away; it seemed as if she was exchanging glances with another man, and he suddenly felt uncomfortable. 

He moved his body and blocked Baili Beichen’s gaze so that he could no longer look at Qin Meixing, instead showing Baili Beichen only his body.

Looking at his behavior, Qin Meixing could not help but smirk. This was quite adorable. Did he not want anyone to look at her? 

Baili Beichen was also quite surprised when he saw Xuanyuan Yunshen’s move, and he raised an eyebrow as he looked at the Cloud God in front of him.

“Cloud God, it is an honor to meet you,” Baili Beichen regained his composure and looked at Xuanyuan Yunshen. “I am here to show my gratitude towards your fiancé. Her pill healed my body, and not only did it heal me, but it also managed to help me advance. I want to express my gratitude to your fiancé, nothing more.”

Xuanyuan Yunshen saw that there was only appreciation within Baili Beichen’s eyes; he was clearly only feeling appreciative, and did not have any ulterior motives.

Seeing this, Xuanyuan Yunshen nodded his head and moved to the side again. “Dearest, Master Baili wishes to thank you,” he said, as he clasped his hand over Qin Meixing’s and smiled gently at her. 

Qin Meixing felt like rolling her eyes. Calling her dearest all the time… Did he need to make it so clear that they were engaged? No one doubted it, so it was quite weird that he was so adamant about calling her dear.

Seeing her eyes, which were slightly blaming, Xuanyuan Yunshen felt a lot more at ease. She was so coquettish towards him; it was adorable!

Qin Meixing was unaware that he was thinking like this; if she had known she would have rolled her eyes in disgust. She was not his actual fiancé, so why would she be coquettish towards him?

Baili Beichen noticed all the interactions between Qin Meixing and Xuanyuan Yunshen, and he could not help but feel that there was something wrong with their relationship. The Cloud God was so gentle towards her and was clearly humoring her, trying to make her feel good, but she did not seem to return those feelings. In fact, she appeared to be slightly annoyed with the Cloud God.

Was their relationship not as harmonious as Xuanyuan Yunshen tried to make it seem? 

Baili Beichen looked at the two of them with deep eyes, rooted in thought, but he quickly gathered his mind together and smiled at Qin Meixing.

“Miss, I am very grateful for the Monarch Cleansing Pill you sold,” he began, “I have been looking for a gift to give you to show my appreciation, but I have not been able to find anything worthy of my life. 

“Since I could not find anything worthy of my life, why don’t I just give you myself instead?”

Both Qin Meixing and Xuanyuan Yunshen had ugly faces when they heard this. Qin Meixing was unhappy that she had attracted yet another lunatic, while Xuanyuan Yunshen was unhappy that another man was coveting his fiancé.

Looking at the Cloud God’s ugly face, Baili Beichen chuckled. “Don’t get me wrong; I have no ulterior motives. I will work for you to repay the debt of saving my life.”

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