PCS Chapter 35 – Debt of Gratitude

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Qin Meixing could not help but chuckle when she saw that his ears had turned somewhat red from embarrassment, but the action just fueled Xuanyuan Yunshen’s jealousy even more.

“Don’t worry about it,” Xuanyuan Yunshen said before Qin Meixing had even opened her mouth. “This is my fiancé, the fiancé of Xuanyuan Yunshen. She does not need other men to protect her. I am enough to look after her, and if she encounters problems, I am also the best option for her to look for help.

“I am stronger than you, more attractive than you, and I have an intimate relationship with my fiancé. Where is it your place to interfere?”

Baili Beichen frowned. He could feel the hostility that the Cloud God was projecting towards him, but he was not at ease. He was genuinely grateful to this woman and wanted to display his gratitude, but the Cloud God had made it difficult.

Seeing the actions of Xuanyuan Yunshen, Qin Meixing shook her head wordlessly. She reached out and placed a fair hand on his arm to calm him down, and said with her gentle and refreshing voice, “Master Baili, don’t overthink it. We were helping each other out. I needed to sell my pills, and you had a need for them. The moment I turned to the Golden Hall Auction House, I had not expected to get any debt of gratitude from my pills; all I wanted was wealth.”

Baili Beichen was stunned when he heard this, but it made sense. Still, he felt distressed. Seeing his lost eyes, Qin Meixing felt somewhat sorry for him, but she did not need another person following her. One Xuanyuan Yunshen was already enough for her to die multiple times.

“If you truly wish to help me, then spread the word of my pills. Testify that they are useful and help me so that when I sell pills next time they will fetch an even higher price.”

Baili Beichen looked at the woman, and while her facial features were hidden beneath the veil, her eyes were sparkling with gentleness and life. She seemed young, but at the same time, very intelligent. 

He could also see a slight excitement when she spoke about the wealth she could gain in the future, which confused him. As the fiancé of Xuanyuan Yunshen, did she actually lack common gold coins? 

Xuanyuan Yunshen was stunned when he felt her cool and comfortable palm on his arm, and he felt as if a strange electricity was erupting from where she was touching him. His eyes were narrowed, and a strange feeling of joy was bursting in his heart. She was coaxing him!

Xuanyuan Yunshen was not sure what feelings he held for Qin Meixing. He found her interesting, and he had a strange sense of possession over her. At the same time, he wanted her to always smile; if she wanted the moon, he would bring it to her, accompanied by thousands of stars. He would do anything to keep the smile on her lips, but as to why his feelings had become so deep, he did not yet understand. 

Qin Meixing was unaware that her trying to calm him down had made such changes occur in Xuanyuan Yunshen’s mind and body. All she wanted was to buy a pill cauldron and not entangle anymore with Baili Beichen, but he was also not willing to give up.

However, the thoughts of wanting to do something for her were still inside his mind, and he knew that he could not pressure her, or it would become counterproductive. Not to mention, Xuanyuan Yunshen would become angry.

As such, he could only nod his head and accept the words she had said.

“In that case, I will spread the word,” he guaranteed. “Is there a way to meet you again?” he could not help but ask. “You are my benefactor, and I wish to give you at least a few gifts.”

“My fiancé does not need your gifts,” Xuanyuan Yunshen said curtly. Although he was happy that Qin Meixing was coaxing him, he could not accept this little boy who was trying to steal his fiancé so blatantly in front of him. He was rather frustrated and angry.

Seeing that Baili Beichen was about to say something again, Xuanyuan Yunshen completely ignored him and turned around. He took Qin Meixing around the waist and went towards the pill cauldrons, completely ignoring the man they had left behind. 

Baili Beichen frowned but said nothing. He looked at Qin Meixing and Xuanyuan Yunshen with a strange gaze, but he turned around and left in the end. He did not know her identity yet, but he was sure that she could not hide it forever. When he knew who was hidden beneath the veil, he would find a way to pay her back.

At the same time, the Cloud God went to the cauldrons, and Qin Meixing soon forgot everything about Baili Beichen. She looked at the various cauldrons, but in the end, she decided on the one that was the best in the store. It cost her three hundred thousand gold coins, but while the price was high, it was also worth it in her opinion.

Her cousin had broken the last cauldron, but this one was much sturdier, and it could not be broken so easily.

It was also able to increase the rate of success, and it would be able to increase the purification since this cauldron was able to keep all the herbal essence inside. The cheaper cauldrons were unable to fully keep all of the medicinal properties inside the cauldron, resulting in spilling some of it and the pills not being as effective as the ones she could make now. 

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