PCS Chapter 36 – Golden Lotus Pill Cauldron

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Qin Meixing was aware of this. Like any other alchemist, she truly wanted a divine artifact pill cauldron, but she was also aware that they were as rare as phoenix feathers and qilin horns.

Even if she came across one right now, she would be unable to purchase it, as she had nothing worthy of such a treasure.

As such, she could only be satisfied with the best they had in the Hundred Herb Hall.

Xuanyuan Yunshen noticed her happiness from buying a slightly better cauldron than the one she had before, and a smile spread on his lips.

He had long planned on getting her a gift to make her happy, but he had no idea what she enjoyed. Now it seemed as if he could just give her a cauldron of high quality, and she would be happy.

Her happiness was his greatest source of joy.

After paying for the cauldron, Xuanyuan Yunshen brought Qin Meixing back to the tea house where he left her alone in the private room, giving her space to change her clothes and veil back to the versions she had been wearing when leaving the Qin Manor that day.

He was, after all, a gentleman.

After changing her clothes, Qin Meixing and Xuanyuan Yunshen shared a light dinner. The meal was exquisite, the food so delicious that Qin Meixing ate more than she usually would, and when she was finished, she felt bloated.

Seeing her look of satisfaction, as if she was a cat that had just eaten a whole fish, mirth rippled across Xuanyuan Yunshen’s eyes.

“Do you want to go for a walk to help aid digestion?” he asked gently, but Qin Meixing glared at him fiercely. “I just changed my clothes,” she said begrudgingly. 

She was not silly enough to let herself be seen with him when she was wearing the same clothes as Qin Meixing. It would become very ugly if others knew that she was his fiancé, particularly Bai Bingqing because she was a fan of the Cloud God and did not allow others to get close to him.

It would be even worse if she knew that the person she had looked down upon for years, Qin Meixing, turned out to be the fiancé of her hero.

After waiting for some time in the room, Qin Meixing finally rose to her feet. She lazily stretched her body, not at all caring about her image in Xuanyuan Yunshen’s eyes, and got ready to leave.

When she was with Xuanyuan Yunshen, she did not feel any pressure or fear. She had a feeling that she could be completely herself, and that she could do what she wanted to, and he would always cover for her.

It was a feeling she was growing increasingly addicted to, but it was also putting her on high alert. She had not known Xuanyuan Yunshen for a long, nor did she know his purpose, so it was not safe to become too familiar with him.

Qin Meixing was not a naive young woman. She had no illusions that Xuanyuan Yunshen had fallen head over heels in love with her, nor did she think that she was so charming that he was attracted to her.

After living at a research facility in her previous life, she was of the impression that a human would only act if they could benefit from it. Qin Meixing believed that Xuanyuan Yunshen was currently gentle and considerate towards her because she could help him, one way or another.

But even so, she did not blame him or feel sour. That was human nature, and he was indeed helping her as well. Thus, as long as she could, and it did not endanger her life or remove the Primeval Chaos System from her, she would help him.

Qin Meixing left after the dinner was finished. She had to hurry home, and hopefully try her hands at the new cauldron she had gotten. She had enough points to purchase the spirit fire for a day, and she could also buy some pill formulas that could help her improve her cultivation base.

It was just important that these pills were without any side effects. Most pills could not be eaten indiscriminately. If your cultivation base were raised solely based on pills, it would become unstable, and your potential would be cut short. 

She was naturally not willing to take such a risk, but it was okay sometimes to have the aid of pills to break through or allow one to absorb more heaven and earth essence.

She did not know what pills the Primeval Chaos System had the formulas for, so she could not wait to return home to hear about it.

The Primeval Chaos System was a part of her soul. As long as she did not cut it off or it cut itself off, it would be able to sense her emotions, and it had already begun sorting through the thousands of formulas and recipes it had within the database, looking for something suitable for Qin Meixing.

As Qin Meixing left through the back door and exited through the alleyway, Xuanyuan Yunshen called in one of his subordinates.

“Return to Moxue City and pick up the Golden Lotus Pill Cauldron.” 

“Master, the Golden Lotus Pill Cauldron appears to belong to Long Haochen,” the subordinate said hesitatingly, but when he saw Xuanyuan Yunshen’s expression, he nervously looked down.

“Either exchange it with Long Haochen or take it away. I don’t really care how you get it, as long as you get your hands on the Golden Lotus Pill Cauldron. My fiancé requires a new cauldron, and that one is the most suitable.” 

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