PCS Chapter 37 – Drafting Feast

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Chapter 37 – Drafting Feast

The subordinate felt like crying but dared not show his helplessness in front of Xuanyuan Yunshen.

The Golden Lotus Pill Cauldron was the item that Long Haolong loved the most. It was his dearest item, and he guarded it like a hawk. To trade for it? Impossible. Stealing it? Even more unthinkable, the Long family was even more well guarded than the Cloud Palace. 

The Cloud Palace, the place that belonged to Xuanyuan Yunshen, was still young so not many took it seriously, however, the Long family had been in Moxue City for more than a thousand years, and their roots were deep, their power not to be belittled.

But Xuanyuan Yunshen had given him a task, and he dared not go against it, so the poor unfortunate soul hurried to leave, setting off towards the Moxue City.

Seeing the servant leaving, Xuanyuan Yunshen felt ecstatic. He could already imagine Qin Meixing’s happiness when she received the cauldron, and that her eyes would shine brightly. Everything would be worth it then.

Qin Meixing was unaware that Xuanyuan Yunshen had planned on robbing a pill cauldron for her, if she knew, she would have been frustrated and told him not to do silly things like that, but for now, she was back at the Qin Manor, where she hid herself in her room for a few days again.

She had previously used the Spirit Flame to concoct Monarch Cleansing Pills, but this time, she had bought pill ingredients for a few different pills.

Amongst these pills were the Returning Qi Pill, which she had seen being auctioned in the Hundred Herb Hall before, but there was also Essence Gathering Pills and Refining Qi Pills. 

The Essence Gathering and Refining Qi Pills were best when combined together. One increased the speed of which one could gather the heaven and earth essence, while the other increased the purity and efficiency of refining the essence.

They were both immensely beneficial to Qin Meixing at her current strength, and even better was it, that these pills were all assisting pills, so they did not cause much damage to the body or made the cultivation base unsteady.

That was also why she had picked these pills over the others. She had been offered the Qi Storing Pill formula but had said no. The Qi Storing Pill was different from the two others. This one created the Qi itself. While it was of decent purity, the problem was that the Qi was not refined by ourselves, resulting in some issues with the foundation of one’s cultivation base.

She spent a full three days, spending many points, and eventually sat with twenty-seven Essence Gathering Pills, thirty-one Refining Qi Pills. 

She also had around seventeen Returning Qi Pills. Her face was lit up with a brilliant smile, and she felt incredibly proud.

[Dearest host, your ability is quite good.] The voice of the Primeval Chaos System sounded in her head. [The refinement success rate is close to ninety percent, this is quite astonishing considering the quality of the cauldron you use. While the pills are still not the strongest in purity, due to the leaking of medicinal properties in the process, they are not at all bad, and I can find no impurities within.]

Qin Meixing nodded her head and looked at the many pills in front of her. She quickly began packing them in pill bottles made from jade and stored them within her qiankun bag. 

She took a deep breath, went to wash up, and changed to a red dress. She was just done dressing up when Housekeeper Mu came to the courtyard.

“Miss Qin, the drafting feast will begin around noon today,” he called out. “The Crown Prince is looking for a Crown Prince Consort today, and if you display your beauty, you might have a chance.”

Qin Meixing had forgotten everything about the Drafting Feast. She had no interest in the Crown Prince, and she already had one fiance, she could not very well go around finding another one.

But there was a royal decree out that all the noble-born ladies had to attend the drafting feast, so Qin Meixing could not escape.

She looked at the dress she was wearing. It was red with golden embroideries, and she looked fiery and alluring, but at the same time elegant and refined. It was a strange contradicting feeling when one looked at her, but she was fatally attractive. 

Qin Meixing found a red veil and put it on her face before she found some hair ornaments and placed them in her hair.

After ensuring that she looked presentable, but not too attractive as her face was completely hidden, she went to the Manor entrance, where a carriage was waiting for her to bring her to the Royal Palace.

Qin Meixing was seated in the carriage, looking out the window and feeling bored. She did not like social gatherings like this.

She was not used to partaking in such events in her past life. She had been living in a research facility for too long, and when she had been placed amongst others, it was always with the purpose of having her trying her strength. 

Qin Meixing was deep in thought as she was thinking about everything she had encountered in her past, and her eyes became distant. The Primeval Chaos System became silent as it could sense the heavy atmosphere surrounding her, and it was not before they arrived at the palace that she woke up again.

She could not help but smile wryly at herself. She had finally escaped the hell that had been her life for so many years, so instead of being caught up in her past, she had to look forward to her future!

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