PCS chapter 38 – Wallflower

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Qin Meixing looked out the window while her thoughts roamed across everything that had happened to her since she came to this world. 

Although she had never asked to come to this world, she was very happy here. Some of the people were quite ruthless and sinister, but it was not at a point where she could not handle it. 

But upon thinking back at all these things, she found that apart from the Primeval Chaos System, the one that had the biggest influence on her was not anyone from the Qin Manor, but instead Xuanyuan Yunshen.

She had never invited him to enter her life, but he had slowly integrated himself so that she could actually no longer imagine what life would be like if he vanished.

This thought surprised her, and her eyes widened in shock. Had Xuanyuan Yunshen really become so important to her, that he was the closest person since she had transmigrated? 

She was somewhat close to Housekeeper Mu, but there was no one else in the Qin Manor whom she actually remembered the name of. While she had a positive thought of Housekeeper Mu, he was not as close to her as Xuanyuan Yunshen.

She did not get upset because of this but instead felt it somewhat confusing. However, before she had the time to truly dwell on the thought, the carriage arrived at the royal palace. 

As the carriage came to a standstill, Qin Meixing composed herself, her thoughts calmed, and she slowly stepped out of the carriage and down on the ground.

As she stepped onto the ground, her red dress caused many to look over, and their eyes flashed when they saw the veil on her face. 

Currently, the entire Imperial Capital was in an uproar because of the Cloud God’s fiance who was always seen wearing a veil, so everyone who wore a veil was compared to her.

However, upon closer inspection of the carriage, everyone saw that it belonged to the Qin Manor and that this woman had to be the woman who could not cultivate, Qin Meixing.

Everyone knew that Qin Meixing rarely left her home and that when she did, she always wore a veil, so after connecting the dots, no one continued their assumption that this woman had anything to do with the legendary fiance.

Qin Meixing had sensed the many urgent glances that were sent her way, and she also sensed how the interest was dropping, making her heave a sigh of relief.

She did not want to be noticed by anyone today, preferably, she would be overlooked by all and could hide in a small corner throughout the whole drafting feast.

As she entered the banquet hall, she found that all the young women were present and had dressed well. They seemed excited as they kept looking at each other with hostile eyes.

As soon as Qin Meixing arrived, all eyes landed on her, but most of them looked at her with disdain. They did not feel as if Qin Meixing was a threat. She was always hiding beneath a veil, and she had no accomplishments in the realm of cultivation.

Only an idiot would choose to be engaged with such a fool. Qin Chanjuan was also present. She looked like a peacock with her dress and jewelry, shining with every step she took. 

She had tried to make herself look as beautiful as possible, but the reality was that she was not beautiful; she was gaudy.

Qin Meixing found a small corner of the banquet hall and sat down. She tried to act like a wallflower that no one noticed, and it was going well. The time ticked by, and soon every one of the young ladies had arrived. 

When the Crown Prince arrived, alongside his father, the Emperor, and his mother, the Empress, everyone looked at him with infatuated eyes.

It was true that Xuanyuan Yunshen was the dream husband in the eyes of all women, but he was too high for them to reach, and now they knew that he already had a fiance, they had changed their attention to the Crown Prince.

The only woman present who had still not given up on Xuanyuan Yunshen was Bai Bingqing, but she had to be present at the drafting feast, as the imperial decree had been sent out. 

Even so, she was a young lady of the Bai family, and as long as she was not willing, the Emperor would never force her to become the Crown Princess Consort.

The drafting feast went well. A few of the women were picked as concubines, but the main event, the Crown Prince’s Consort, had still not been chosen.

At the current point in time, everyone had forgotten about Qin Meixing. She had hidden herself well in the corner, but Bai Bingqing noticed her when glancing around the hall in boredom. 

Seeing the woman wearing a veil, her eyes flared up with anger. It reminded her of the fiance of Xuanyuan Yunshen, and she wanted to cause trouble. 

“Miss Qin, do you not find it insulting to sit in a corner and not even show your face? This is the drafting feast of his Royal Highness; what you are doing can be considered an insult.”

Qin Meixing heard her words and raised an eyebrow in surprise. She did not seem to have insulted this Bai Bingqing as Qin Meixing? 

But she was not easily bullied, and while she smiled, there was not a ripple of emotion in her eyes. 

Everyone had been focused on the drafting feast and the election of concubines and Crown Prince’s Consort, but upon hearing Bai Bingqing’s words, all their gazes landed on Qin Meixing in the corner. 

She looked elegant and refined in the red dress. Even though she was masking her face, she was still a beauty.

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