PCS Chapter 39 – “I Already Have a Fiancé”

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Qin Meixing felt like rolling her eyes in annoyance. She was clearly seated at the corner in a very low-key manner, so who would not be able to guess that she did not want to be seen? 

Even so, Bai Bingqing had gathered all’s attention on her, and she could do nothing but see where it went. 

Sighing, she had to answer the question she had been asked, and said with her clear and attractive voice, “I cannot see why my veil should be considered an insult to his highness the Crown Prince. I am merely a person with no talents and lack the self-assurance to face reality. I doubt that you, young geniuses, will blame me for my discomfort.”

Her answer was well rounded, praising all the others while humbling herself. Everyone would be pleased to hear her words, but the eloquent wording just made Bai Bingqing even more frustrated and angry.

She did not know why, but whenever she looked at Qin Meixing, she was reminded of Xuanyuan Yunshen’s fiance, which was enough to make her full of anger. 

Qin Meixing was unaware that Bai Bingqing was so alert that she had unconsciously recognized her, so she thought that she just didn’t find her pleasing to the eye.

“Since you are in the presence of this Crown Prince, remove the veil covering your face.” The Crown Prince was angry whenever he thought of the woman that was Xuanyuan Yunshen’s fiance, and thus he too was displeased with the veil covering Qin Meixing’s face.

Hearing the words, Qin Meixing frowned. She knew that she could not go against the royal family, but she was not really willing to display her face in front of such a big crowd. However, did she really have a choice?

Sighing, she could only feel happy that she had not taken the veil off when pretending to be Xuanyuan Yunshen’s fiance, and thus no one would connect the dots between them.

“As you wish,” she said with a sigh and removed the veil that she had been wearing every time she went out of the Qin Manor. 

Her features were displayed for all to see, her willow-like eyebrows, beautiful starry eyes, pointed chin, and small face, alongside the red lips that resembled cherry blossoms. Her features were simply too striking, so everyone looking at her was stunned beyond belief.

Even the Crown Prince was shocked. He had never seen Qin Meixing after she had grown up, and thus he did not know what her appearance was like. He just wanted to cause her problems, but now that he saw her appearance, he was suddenly struck with an urge to own her.

However, he would never accept her as his Crown Prince Consort. She was still unable to cultivate, so while her looks attracted him, she could never be his main wife.

“Mother, she will make a good concubine,” the Crown Prince said, and his mother had the same thought, but at that moment, Qin Meixing raised her hand and said somewhat embarrassedly, “I am sorry, but I am already engaged.”

Although she had no plans on using the engagement with Xuanyuan Yunshen as a shield, the situation right now had changed things entirely from what she had initially thought. Thus she had no other option than to admit that she was already engaged.

Hearing her words, both the Crown Prince and his mother had ugly expressions on their faces. This was a drafting feast for the Crown Prince to find a Crown Prince consort, how could an engaged woman make it to the pick? 

“Don’t try to lie,” the Crown Prince was angry. “I understand that you might feel aggravated to become my concubine when you are the granddaughter of an official with great achievements, but you have to be aware that your current identity is not suitable for anything else than a concubine, due to your inability to cultivate.”

Qin Meixing was stunned when she heard his words. Okay, she really did not want to marry him. Hence she had said that she was engaged, but it was not actually a lie!

Just as she was about to answer, the sound of heavy steps sounded, and everyone looked towards the direction they came from. Not long after, Xuanyuan Yunshen’s figure was seen appearing at the doorway, his face was full of an enigmatic smile, and he scanned the room with a glance before his eyes focused on Qin Meixing, and he went to her side.

Seeing his actions made everyone stunned and confused. What did it mean? 

“Your Highness, the Crown Prince, is trying to take my fiance away from me?” 

The words sent the entire room into silence before an uproar broke out. Qin Meixing was the famous fiance of the Cloud God? That could not be! She could not cultivate, and she had no spirit root, but the fiance was known as an alchemist! This was truly a great mystery.

Qin Meixing said nothing now. She was unsure why Xuanyuan Yunshen had appeared to support her, but she was grateful for his assistance. If she had to choose, she would much rather be the fiance of Xuanyuan Yunshen than the concubine of the Crown Prince.

Bai Bingqing’s face paled when she saw how Xuanyuan Yunshen intimately wrapped his arm around Qin Meixing’s waist and dragged her into his embrace.

Qin Meixing’s face flushed red, but she did not oppose him. He had come to assist her, so she was not really in a position to reject his advances when she wanted to escape from the position as a concubine.

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