PCS Chapter 4 – Spirit Root

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“Don’t,” Qin Meixing had felt the gaze that was focused on her at the same time as the system had announced it, but she did not care about who it was. 

The gaze had been blocked by the sheer amount of people in the Hundred Herb Hall, and she could no longer feel anyone observing her; hence, she was not inclined to use a mission point on such a simple thing. 

Mission points were hard to get her hands on, and she knew that many things that she wanted could only be purchased with these points.

She had also been offered to buy the herbs needed for the pill formula with mission points, but she felt that the price was far too steep, so she decided on being frugal and buying them with gold coins instead. 

[Dearest Host, the person who observed you was not just anyone,] the system had the same emotionless voice as before, but Qin Meixing could swear that she heard some urge to gossip in the words said. 

“How so?” Qin Meixing asked as she looked at the many herbs that were on display. She did not pick up any of the herbs, instead walking towards the back of the store where the alchemist furnaces were located. 

She would not be able to create the pills without a pill furnace. The pill furnaces that were on display were all for beginners and were precisely what Qin Meixing needed; however, upon seeing the price for them, she felt shocked. 

The original body’s owner had never had any interest in alchemy, and because you needed both a fire and a wood spirit root to be able to become one, she, as a piece of trash, had no dreams of ever becoming one.

To cultivate in this world, one needed a spirit root. There were five kinds of spirit roots, one for each element: Fire, Wood, Metal, Earth, and Water. 

Most people had one spirit root, but geniuses had two, and holy daughters and sons had three. 

It was heard of a few times in history someone had four spirit roots, but it was many thousands of years since it had last been recorded, and no one had ever heard of a person with five spirit roots.

[Dearest Host, you can upgrade your spirit roots in the point store,] the system’s voice suddenly sounded in her head again. [Each spirit root costs one hundred mission points, and you can buy all five. Of course, you will have one active spirit root the moment you have cleared the poison, but you can continue to work hard for missions and become a true cultivation genius after buying so that you have all five spirit roots.]

“Really?” Qin Meixing had understood many things after merging with the memories of the original owner of the body, and she realized that strength was what determined one’s future accomplishments and made one able to live a pleasant life.

[As real as pearls,] the emotionless voice was quite comical due to the utter lack of emotions, while still trying to convey them in what it said.

“How can I get that many points fast?” Qin Meixing’s eyes were sparkling with excitement. She genuinely wanted to become a real genius. 

[It will take you some time, but the current missions, which you can complete soon, will give you points. Getting revenge against your cousin earns you seven points.]

[You will also get fifteen mission points when you have purged the Nine Yin Poison in your system, so hurry up. It is also good that you will get me experience points so that I can level up.]

“What benefits do I get from leveling you up?” Qin Meixing had understood the Primal Chaos System quite well by now. Although it was leveled up, it did not influence her strength or her attributes. She had to depend on her own strength to cultivate the cultivation ranks of this world if she wanted to gain strength. 

[Do not worry! Leveling me up is in your best interest! The stronger I become, the more I can assist you in your daily life. The more mission points you will gain, and the more exciting things you can buy in the point store.]

“Is the point store really that interesting?” Qin Meixing could not help but ask a little skeptically.

[The point store has anything you can possibly imagine,] Qin Meixing suddenly imagined the emotionless voice being smug and proud, and the corners of her lips twitched, but she said nothing, just listened.

[Many of the things become available as you level up, but at level one, our current level, you can buy recipes, formulas, and spirit roots.]

[You can buy recipes and formulas for every profession, not just alchemy, but also inscriptions, beast taming, armament mastery, formations, and arrays.]

[But the professions all require at least one spirit root. Beast taming requires the wood spirit root, armament mastery requires metal and fire, and so on. We can look into what your talent and potential are when we know what spirit root you have. Currently, the Nine Yin Poison has corroded it so much that even I cannot see it.]

“Sounds good,” Qin Meixing understood that it was impossible to rush things, so she put her focus back on the pill furnaces in front of her.

The cheapest cost fifty thousand gold coins, and the most expensive was as much as three hundred thousand gold coins.

After looking through them all, she looked around to find a shopping assistant as she knew that customers were not allowed to touch the furnaces on their own. If people went around touching them left and right, they would break before the alchemist made even the first batch of pills.

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