PCS Chapter 5 – Cultivation Realms

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Qin Meixing looked around as she tried locating a shopping assistant. Most of the staff within the Hundred Herb Hall were near the crowd, trying to keep order. 

Seeing that she could not get anything before the crowd decided to leave, Qin Meixing went towards the crowd to see what had made them so ecstatic.

She saw a figure in front of the crowd, and after scouring her memories for some time, she recognized him as the Manager of the Hundred Herb Hall. He was holding a jade vial in his hand and was calling out bids, it seemed as if it was a small scale auction, but the youngsters who were in the store were extremely frenzied in the hope of getting the jade vial.

Unsure of what exactly was within the jade vial, Qin Meixing could not help but wonder, but then the system’s voice sounded in her head, [That is a Returning Qi Pill. Returning Qi Pills are very rare here in the Doushi Continent, and only one alchemist can make it within the Xiyang Empire.]

“Interesting.” Qin Meixing currently had no use for the Returning Qi Pill, but she could see that it was a way to earn a lot of money. 

[The formula for the Returning Qi Pill can be bought in the Point Store for five mission points,] the voice of the system sounded out, and Qin Meixing could not help but contemplate that this was quite useful to her. 

If she could become one of the few people who was capable of creating rare pills, she would never have to worry about her financial situation again.

If the system had heard her thoughts, it would have mocked her with its emotionless voice. The cheapest item in the point store was the currency of the world. Gold and essence stones could be traded for even just one mission point, but it did not know her thoughts, so it did not say anything to enlighten her.

“What other items are there in the point store?” Qin Meixing was quite curious, but the emotionless system just answered disinterestedly, [You can find spirit roots and formulas and recipes for the various professions. When I reach level five, I will be able to open the point store for you, and you will be able to see the items yourself, but before then, I will be the one telling you which items are available.]

“How unfortunate,” Qin Meixing said with a sigh. 

[There are also various actions you can buy from the Point Store,] the system said. [At level one, the only thing you can buy for now is a very detailed examination of another person, which allows you to know everything there is to know about that person. Later on, you will be able to purchase things such as teleportations and other actions that can save your life.]

“It seems that having a system is truly a benefit to me,” Qin Meixing said with a smile, and the system instantly began agreeing with her, [Naturally. The Primeval Chaos System of the Stargazer’s race is the best system in the world, and it can help you ascend to stand on the top of the world. Only then will you be entitled to become my mother.]

Qin Meixing did not know whether to cry or laugh when she heard the system’s words. Who said she wanted to be the mother of this system? It was not even cute, and she could imagine a robot-like child with an emotionless voice. Why would she want a child like that?

But the system was completely oblivious to the fact that she was not happy with it as her child. 

The bidding for the Returning Qi Pill was slowly dying out, and one pill, which had been put up for auction, sold at the horrendous price of fifty-seven thousand gold coins.

One had to know that the Returning Qi Pill was not a pill that strengthened one’s foundation or increased one’s strength, but one that allowed one to regain Qi quickly when one had been in battle, or during a battle, so that one would not run out of energy and be defeated.

A Returning Qi Pill was very likely a safety measure to ensure that one would not die while fighting, but even so, the price of fifty-seven thousand gold coins was quite high. Especially considering that the pill was nothing special in the eyes of real alchemists.

The winner of the pill ended up being Bai Bingqing. Bai Bingqing was a heralded genius of the Bai family. She had two spirit roots, Metal and Wood, and she was already at the Tempering Body level seven. 

The cultivation within the Zhanshi World was split into different realms. The lowest Realm was the Body Tempering Realm, which was ranked from layer one to layer nine. 

After the Body Tempering Realm came the Spirit Realm, which was split into three sublayers: Spirit Condensing, Spirit Consolidating, and the Spirit Refining layers.

Following the Spirit Realm came the Soul Realm. The spirit was one’s mindset, mentality, and mental strength, while the soul was the core of one’s being. 

The Soul Realm was split into Soul Solidification, Soul Crystallization, and Soul Splitting layers.

After having finished the Soul Splitting layer, one would enter the Transcended Realm, a realm that was similarly split into three layers; Transcending the Body, Transcending the Spirit, and Transcending the Soul.

In this world, very few were capable of reaching the Transcended Realm, but it was not before the following Realm, the Ascended Realm, that one could be considered a true cultivator. 

The Ascended Realm was split into three layers like the previous realms, and they were known as Building an Immortal Body, Building an Undying Spirit, and Building an Eternal Soul.

Above the Ascended Realm were other ranks, but Qin Meixing had not been able to find any knowledge about them, even though she had scoured the memories of the original body.

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