PCS Chapter 6 – Xuanyuan Yunshen

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Bai Bingqing was known as a genius all over the Imperial Capital; her talents were amongst the best of the best, and she was revered and respected by all. 

When she had begun bidding for the pill, the others had wisely decided against bidding against her, so she successfully obtained what she wanted.

Many of the people present had begun praising Bai Bingqing for her ability to obtain the Returning Qi Pill, saying that she was a phoenix amongst women, a talent that no one could rival.

As she was looking at them trying to please Bai Bingqing, Qin Meixing sneered slightly. This was a typical show of what the system had meant when it told her that strength was everything in this world. 

If it had been Qin Meixing who had won the pill, she would have been killed by someone who also wanted the pill as soon as she had left the Hundred Herbs Hall, but because Bai Bingqing was famous for being a talented genius, no one dared to move against her. 

If they succeeded, then that would be fine, but if they failed, they would end up gaining an enemy that would be capable of killing them later. 

Seeing that they had praised her and complimented her enough, the crowd slowly began to leave the Hundred Herbs Hall, and Qin Meixing finally felt relieved.

However, as the crowd left, she felt the strange sensation of someone gazing at her once again.

She looked around discreetly but saw nothing, and she could not help but frown. Fortunately, her face was hidden beneath a veil so no one could see her expression.

Contemplating whether or not she should spend a mission point to find out the information about the person who was peeping on her, she saw that a sales assistant had been freed up and was heading towards her.

“Miss, what can I help you with?” she asked politely. No one knew who she was, as she was veiled, and no one would connect the dots of her being General Qin’s only direct line of descendant. 

Qin Meixing was a coward, and while she was arrogant and ruthless against the servants at home, she was weak and easily bullied by all others. 

This woman who was standing in front of her had her back straight, and while there were no fluctuations of Qi in her body, it did not feel as if she was a waste. 

The elegance with which she moved was simply too outstanding, and her aura was overwhelming. It was highly likely that she had some sort of treasure to hide her cultivation level.

“I would like to purchase a pill furnace,” the voice of Qin Meixing was so comfortable to listen to; it was like bells ringing in the wind, like a stream of fresh air, and similar to the sound of softly running water. Anyone who heard her voice was intoxicated and could not help but fantasize about the appearance of the girl beneath the veil. Was it as otherworldly as the voice? 

It was not only the sales assistant who was stunned by the attractive voice; everyone who heard it turned to look towards the sound, their eyes were full of inquiry. 

Within the Imperial Capital, most people knew each other, and only a few women would walk around with veils on their faces. This woman’s figure was a little underdeveloped, which proved that she was still growing, but it was not flat, nor unattractive. However, it did not suit any of the people who wore veils within the capital. Who was she? 

Qin Meixing could feel that the gaze that had been locked onto her from the beginning was now even more intense after hearing her speak, so she could not help but feel annoyed.

“I want to use a mission point to find out who the owner of this gaze is,” she finally said. She was not happy with the penetrating gaze, and she wanted to know who it was that had no qualms about staring at a young woman like her with such a fiery look. 

[Looking it up. Searching… Searching… Error code.] the system suddenly gave out a warning sign, and Qin Meixing felt a sudden and very excruciating headache as the error happened. 

[Mission aborted, Host refunded twenty mission points in failure.]

The black dots that had appeared in front of Qin Meixing’s eyes slowly retreated, and the headache slowly began to vanish as well. 

“What happened?” She could not help but ask the system, which then answered, [I cannot examine this entity. His strength is far too great, and he is dangerous. All I got was his name, Xuanyuan Yunshen, and his current location, across the street in a tea house.]

Hearing this, Qin Meixing was quite surprised. Someone could be so much stronger than the system that it was unable to examine them? That was quite a shocking discovery. But she was not too depressed, knowing that she had been gifted twenty mission points due to the failure of the task she had given the system. Even the excruciating headache was worth it.

“Miss?” the sales assistant looked at Qin Meixing, who had not moved after saying what she wanted, and she was suddenly brought back to reality.

“Sorry,” Qin Meixing said with a smile, but while the smile could not be seen on her face due to the veil, her voice made it impossible for anyone to be unhappy with her.

“I would like this pill furnace.” Qin Meixing pointed at a pill furnace that cost around seventy-five thousand gold coins. It was not the cheapest, but it was amongst the more affordable furnaces. However, it was all that she needed.

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