PCS Chapter 7 – Stalked

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The sales assistant was quite happy that the customer she had picked had decided to buy a pill furnace.

The sales assistants in the Hundred Herb Hall were paid a base salary, and then they got a commission based on how much they sold. The pill furnaces were quite expensive, so selling one to this woman meant that the sales assistant had earned a lot of money.

Many of the people within the Hundred Herbs Hall were looking at Qin Meixing with curiosity. They had all concluded that she had some treasure to hide her cultivation base and that she was likely an alchemist. Otherwise, why would she possibly buy a pill furnace? 

Many were curious about her, but Qin Meixing completely ignored the various looks that were thrown her way, however, one of them was quite hard to ignore – the gaze of the man named Xuanyuan Yunshen.

Qin Meixing went to the counter where she took out a small note she had written before. Her hand was so dainty that everyone who saw it was astonished. Her white skin resembled porcelain, her voice was intoxicating, and her hand was so slim and beautiful, but she was wearing a veil. Had someone ruined her countenance? 

Many had different theories, but Qin Meixing was completely calm and carefree. She acted as if she had not seen the people’s curiosity, and after showing off the note, she ordered herbs worth fifty thousand gold coins. 

That was enough for one hundred sets of the Monarch Cleansing Pill. Although she knew that she would fail many times, she had a hope that she would not fail one hundred times, and she also hoped to be able to create more than one pill so that she could sell the second one. 

Since the Returning Qi Pill was capable of selling for more than fifty thousand gold coins, she did not doubt that her Monarch Cleansing Pill could fetch her double that price. It would pay back all the money she had spent on herbs and some of the amount she had spent on her pill furnace. 

She dared not hope for more than two Monarch Cleansing Pills out of the one hundred herb sets. She had to be realistic.

After getting the herbs and the pill furnace, she paid one hundred and twenty-five thousand gold coins to the assistant before placing her newly purchased items in her qiankun bag.

By now she had become quite used to the gaze that this Xuanyuan Yunshen was sending her way, but suddenly it vanished. As she exited the Hundred Herbs Hall it seemed as if he had lost interest in her, and she gave a deep sigh of relief. 

Many considered stopping her and talking to her, trying to uncover her identity, but Qin Meixing was swift and left before anyone had the chance to walk towards her. 

She did not walk directly home. She knew that if anyone found out that she was the granddaughter of General Qin then she would be in danger, so she walked down a lot of narrow streets and alleyways. She could feel that fewer and fewer were following her, and after walking around the city for two hours, the system sounded in her head.

[You have lost all the people trailing you, but I feel that something is wrong.]

“So systems can also feel that something is wrong?” Qin Meixing asked with a smile, but the system just emotionlessly answered. [Naturally. My level is currently too low; I am unable to sense many things, much like how I could not investigate that Xuanyuan Yunshen. However, if someone is following you now, they must be at least as strong as him, and if he held any hostility towards you then you would have died long ago.]

“Yeah, I know,” Qin Meixing nodded her head. She was aware that what the system said was correct. If this Xuanyuan Yunshen wanted to harm her, she would have no strength to oppose him.

As such, she decided to walk back home, unaware of the fact that a handsome young man who seemed to be around twenty years old was following behind her. 

The man had long black hair that was tied on top of his head with a crown made from an unknown material. He was wearing a luxurious robe, and he looked as if he was carved from jade. Without a doubt, he was the most attractive person that Qin Meixing would have ever seen before, but unfortunately, she did not see him.

As she arrived at the Qin Manor, she looked around before entering. The man who had been trailing her raised an eyebrow in surprise, stared at the gate, and then turned around, ready to leave again. Now that he knew her identity, he had no reason to continue stalking her.

Qin Meixing suddenly felt relief wash over her body as he left, but she had no idea why. 

As she arrived at the manor, many of the servants completely ignored her. Although they had better talents than her, she was the master, and she was ruthless toward many of the servants as a way to vent her frustrations. 

It had ended with them treating her as air, and her frustrations growing, but this Qin Meixing was not the one from the past, and she did not feel anything when she saw their mocking and distant gazes. 

Seeing that she completely ignored them and headed straight back to her courtyard, the servants were shocked. Why had she not beaten them up in anger? Or at least yelled at them? 

This was simply strange, and two of the servants could not help but frown. They were the ones who had invited Qin Meixing’s cousin over last time, and they knew that she had been beaten so much that even her mother would not recognize her, but somehow she seemed so different after the beating. It was as if her entire being had changed.

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