PCS Chapter 8 – Concocting Pills

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Qin Meixing found Housekeeper Mu and gave him strict orders not to allow anyone to enter her courtyard. 

Housekeeper Mu was used to Qin Meixing’s somewhat strange behavior, and when she arrived back home he noticed how the servants ignored her. He thought that she just wanted peace and quiet, so he quickly spread the word that no one was to get close to her courtyard in case they might annoy her.

The servants who were close to her cousin quickly went to tell her that Qin Meixing had left the house that day, and that when she returned home she had barred everyone from nearing her courtyard.

The cousin was ecstatic. “She was likely bullied outside, my poor cousin,” she said, but there was no pity in her voice… only thick schadenfreude. 

“Don’t approach her. In fact, don’t let anyone approach her, and don’t give her food either! Make her starve to death!”

The servants who were giving every detail to Qin Chanjuan, Qin Meixing’s cousin, were long since tired of Qin Meixing’s ways. She used to be arrogant towards everyone, but now that she knew she was trash she only let her arrogant demeanor out at home.

But for some reason, the two of them were uncomfortable today. Ever since Qin Chanjuan beat Qin Meixing, it was as if things had changed. 

Her aura was different, and her demeanor was nothing like it was before. They felt that going against Qin Meixing was a bad decision, but they did not know what else to do; they had already betrayed her, so they could not regret it now.

Because of this, they were quite relieved when they heard that Qin Chanjuan did not want them to do anything special. 

Not giving her food was a bit extreme, but they could argue that they were not allowed to enter the courtyard, so it was not possible for them to deliver food anyway.

While the cousin was planning on starving Qin Meixing to death, Qin Meixing was casually entering her courtyard. 

She entered the house, closed the doors and the windows, and sat down on the floor before taking one set of herbs and the pill furnace out of her qiankun bag. 

[Dearest Host, you can spend two mission points to purchase a spiritual flame and the ability to control it for half a day.] 

Qin Meixing had initially planned on using a regular flame, but she imagined that it was much better to use a spiritual flame. Especially since she had just received twenty mission points from the failed examination.

However, she was aware that half a day would not be enough to get the whole pill refinement under control. 

“I would like to buy a whole day’s control,” Qin Meixing said after considering her options, and the system instantly let out a sound of confirmation. 

Moments after that, Qin Meixing felt a strange energy in her body, and a strange flame appeared on her hands. It was milky white and different from common fires, but it was easy to control. 

Since she had control of the flame, she dared not wait any longer, so she hurriedly sat down next to the pill furnace.

The herbs were added to the furnace one at a time, and she slowly began to refine them, melt them down, and create a pool of medicinal liquid. 

The refinement process was not the hardest, but the merging of the medicinal liquids was quite difficult and tested her skills. 

The first attempt caused a strange scent to waft out from the furnace, and the medicinal liquid turned a peculiar grey color, the fusion was definitely not successful.

The second attempt caused a small explosion to be set off in the furnace, but luckily, the pill furnace was sturdy enough to withstand the blast. 

The third time it was almost successful, but the final step failed, and the medicinal liquid turned to a black, burnt paste. 

However, with each attempt, Qin Meixing’s ability to refine and merge the medicinal liquids increased tremendously. She clearly had a talent for pill refinement, but right now, she could only succeed because of the flame she had bought through the point store. 

But Qin Meixing swore to herself that the first two spirit roots she would buy would be fire and wood, if she did not have them already. Alchemy was a lucrative business, and she saw a future with this profession.

After spending nearly a quarter of a day, she finally managed to create the first Monarch Cleansing Pill, but she did not stop there. 

Although she was eager to consume it as soon as possible and get rid of the poison in her system, she was unwilling to waste the time she had with the Spiritual Flame. 

So she continued to refine pills. She had bought a mountain of herbs, and she was relatively fast in succeeding with the refinement of the pill, so she still had three-quarters of a day to refine the rest of the herbs.

The people in the Qin Manor were surprised when they saw that Qin Meixing did not come out from her courtyard to eat dinner, but knowing that she had said that no one could enter, they dared not give her any food. 

As such, Qin Meixing had complete peace surrounding her for a whole day, and when the day was over, she had refined a full eleven Monarch Cleansing Pills.

Very pleased with herself, Qin Meixing quickly freshened up, and she promptly stored the pills in some jade vials before packing them in her qiankun bag. 

After finishing all this, her stomach was growling, and as she slowly exited the courtyard she found that all the servants were there, looking at her with ugly expressions.

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