PCS Chapter 9 – Steamed Buns

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The servants were all prepared to be reprimanded by Qin Meixing. Although she was the one who had told them no one was allowed to enter her courtyard, she had been there for a full day and night, without any food or drink, and it was likely that she would take her anger out on them.

However, contrary to their expectations, Qin Meixing walked down the pathways towards the kitchen. 

“Hello?” She called out as she entered the kitchen, her voice was sweet and gentle, not at all like her usual arrogant demeanor. 

The servants in charge of the kitchen were shocked. Why was their young miss even setting foot in the kitchen? Would she not usually just order someone to fetch food for her? Or was she here to take out her anger on them because of no food for a full day and night? 

But what shocked them was the gentle smile that hung on her lips, making her seem otherworldly, so attractive and like a breath of fresh air. How could their haughty miss possibly look kind and amiable? 

“Miss, what can we do for you?” The one who spoke was matron Liu, the woman in charge of all the servants who worked in the kitchen and dealt with the daily needs.

Matron Liu was calm and collected on the surface, but her heart was shaking in fear.

“Don’t worry, I was just wondering if you had some steamed buns,” Qin Meixing said with a smile as she looked around.

Steamed buns were often the plainest meal, and the servants would eat it when they were hungry. 

To think that Qin Meixing would ask for something so simple; they were all taken aback.

“We do. What do you need them for, miss?” Matron Liu was still hesitant. She could not connect the currently gentle and refined woman with the malicious and frustrated Qin Meixing she knew.

“I was busy the last day, so I missed the mealtimes,” Qin Meixing said sweetly. “Now is not time to cook yet, so I figured I would be fine with a few steamed buns.”

Matron Liu was shocked, but she managed to keep her expression straight. The other servants in the kitchen, however, dropped their jaws in shock.

She did not order them to cook; although she was hungry she was satisfied with steamed buns? This was something they had never thought they would experience, and they were not sure how to handle it.

[Dearest Host, you are scaring them,] the system’s emotionless voice sounded in her head, but Qin Meixing was not bothered by it. “They were quite pitiful before, being the subject of the former owner’s frustrations. I cannot change their opinion of me, but I should not make their lives harder.”

While Qin Meixing was in the kitchen, a handsome young man wearing a black robe was sitting on the roof of her courtyard. His enigmatic expression did not reveal his emotions, but upon closer inspection, one would see shock in his eyes as he gazed towards the kitchen. 

“She is poisoned by the Nine Yin Poison, her spirit root is completely corroded, and she does not have any Qi in her body. How was it possible for her to spend a whole day refining pills with a Spiritual Flame?” 

He had seen many things in his life, and he was known as a genius beyond measurement, but he still depended on his spirit roots and his Qi to reach the level he was at now. 

This woman had managed to do something impossible. Not to mention, he could see that her soul was not at all cowardly or mean like the personality that was painted on the outside of the Qin Manor. 

However, he knew that she had not been pretending previously either. He had seen the disdain and disgust in the servants’ eyes, and he knew that she had changed her personality, demeanor, aura, and ability in a short time.

When he looked at her body, he noticed that she had been beaten, and that although she was seemingly fine, the beating was likely to have ended her life if it had collided with an episode of the Nine Yin Poison flaring up. 

“Could this be the legendary soul possession?” Xuanyuan Yunshen muttered to himself. his eyes were twinkling with excitement. He had been bored for a long time, but now he had finally found something interesting. 

He had seen something exciting today, and thus he decided to leave again. He would come back once he was bored again.

While Xuanyuan Yunshen was having fun, Qin Meixing managed to get her hands on a few steamed buns. She thanked Matron Liu and happily went away, leaving the kitchen in a stunned state, all of them utterly shocked. 

After getting the buns, Qin Meixing looked for Housekeeper Mu once again.

“Uncle Mu, I still need peace around my courtyard,” she said, her face suddenly solemn. “I am going to try and improve my temperament so that I do not disappoint Grandfather in the future.”

Housekeeper Mu suddenly thought of how Qin Meixing had acted the last two days. She was genuinely different from before; had she finally accepted her lot in life and understood that being mean and unreconciled changed nothing? 

Knowing that she had locked herself up for the purpose of improving her character, Housekeeper Mu once more told everyone to stay away from her courtyard, and even said that she was changing for the better.

While many doubted it, some of them somewhat believed it after what they had seen the last two days. 

Qin Meixing saw that everyone was staying away from the courtyard and nodded her head approvingly. 

It was time to detoxify the Nine Yin Poison. 

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