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Five Elements of the Royal Sky is a novel that I began writing in 2019. It is my very first attempt at writing a female cultivation novel, even older than Forsaken Immortals.

I was very unsure of how to write a female cultivation novel, while merging the romance novels I write with the male lead cultivation novels, and this is what came out of it.

I hope you will give it a try.


“Although the body is dead, the military soul has not been extinguished,” were the words that Luo Zhirou’s father told her time and time again.

For peace and freedom, countless soldiers had sacrificed their lives only to stumble at the end. 

Forced to live in the Empire where her soldiers had died, living under the ruler who had ordered her people’s death, Luo Zhirou understood that ten years was not too late for revenge. 

Revenge for her people, hope to reunite with her mother, life was not easy for Luo Zhirou as she found that she possessed the Five Elements of the Royal Sky.

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