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I am Tinalynge, an author who has been writing Web Novels since 2015. I have finished three series, and begun a handful of other series. I write in the genre Eastern Fantasy and Modern Romance.

I began writing at a time where I was in the slums, a time where I was feeling horrible and didn’t know what to do with my life, but writing has taken me out from the troubled times, and has instead brought me great joy in life.

I wish to be able to help others in the same situation as I was in before, and thus I am going to start an event which can help others, whether they are in a tough position in life, or they are just bored and want to find something new and exciting to do.

Today I will start a new event called “Writing a Book – Day by Day”

This event will run from 1st of August until the 30th of September.

This first book of Primeval Chaos System will always stay online for free on my Website, and so will the topics I take up day by day, so that even if you want to read it in the future, they will be here waiting for you.

I will release a chapter a day of my newest novel “Primeval Chaos System” and each day I will write my thoughts on different themes that has to do with writing. That can be publishing, time management, planning a plot, and so on.

Today I will just introduce the event, and from tomorrow onward I will begin talking about different subjects, the topics. Tomorrow’s topic will be “How to Plan a Story”

Summary of Primeval Chaos System:
Qin Meixing was an orphan, taken in by a research facility and forced to become a test subject of various experiments.

The final experiment, the Primeval Chaos System, was a success, but upon sensing danger, the system initiated a transmigration, using up all its remaining energy to send her from her own world to another.

In this new world, strength determined one’s future accomplishments, and one could only take control of their own life if they had enough power.

In a world like this, Qin Meixing struggled after taking over the body of someone who never could cultivate, but she was not alone.

Merged into her soul was now the powerful Primeval Chaos System, but while it was powerful and could help her advance to the world’s peak, it had its own rules and regulations, which caused her advance to become a rough road she had to thread.

Without further ado, here is the first chapter in the series, Primeval Chaos System.

Chapter 1 – Primeval Chaos System

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