Writing a Book – Day by Day 5

Today I will give my opinion on covers.

Covers are the first thing that will give an idea as to what your book is about. It is supposed to hook the interest of the readers, and tell the story of your book in an image.

There are many options as to how to get covers, and there are covers for all budgets.

You can choose to buy a premade cover by a cover artist. They tend to be cheaper than covers made specially for your novel, but it is also rare that they suit the novels completely.

I personally have always hired artists to make the covers for me according to my preferences, and then send the illustrations to a digital artist who has dealt with formatting and choosing the right font.

I have been working with many artists throughout the years, but the last two years I found an artist whom I truly enjoy working together with. He knows exactly what I want, and draws it to perfection.

He is the one who has been making the covers for Condemning the Heavens, Forsaken Immortals, Five Elements of the Royal Sky and Primeval Chaos System.

The cover tells a story about your book, it is to grab attention, and in my opinion, it is one of the most important aspects of successfully building a reader base.

It is also important to remember to buy the right cover for the right genre. Every genre has different expectations of the covers, so what works for one, might not work for another.

Here is the cover I had made for Primeval Chaos System Book 1:

The art is made by Poyjeee. The cover image cost me $180, and the font, was made by rebecacovers, and cost me $5.

Both of these are extremely cheap compared to many others with the same quality.

It is possible to find an extremely good artist who works well with you, however, one thing to always keep in mind is, that you should remember to buy commercial rights. Without commercial rights, you will not be able to monetize your books.

That was it for today, so now it is time to post the chapter.

PCS Chapter 5 – Cultivation Realms

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