Writing a Book – Day by Day 4

Today I am going to talk about how I began writing and what made me write, alongside a short description of what has happened for me since.

I began reading Chinese translated web novels back in 2014 where I stumbled across Coiling Dragon, and I simply loved the stories. At the beginning I was following all the web novel translations that I could come across. I was having a hard time with my real life, and it was getting worse and worse.

In 2015, they found out that the reason life was so hard for me was because I had a mental disorder called Paranoid Schizophrenia. This disorder had been hauting me for many years, but since it never got discovered things turned worse and worse as the years passed.

At some point, things were simply unbearable for me, and I felt that I needed to escape reality, the way that was best was to read, and eventually I ran out of things to read and sat down and began writing instead.

This is how Blue Phoenix came to be. I never planned much for the story. Originally I just wanted to publish three chapters a week, and hope for people to enjoy it, but I was lucky and got noticed by Gravitytales, where I found a lot of people who enjoyed reading my stories.

At the same time I also got to know an author called Daman, who wrote The Divine Elements. He, and many of my readers, helped me find the courage to self-publish my books on Amazon. At that time I was still quite confused about the whole thing, and just wanted more people to know of my novels.

I made many mistakes back then. I did not get my books edited, nor did i really focus on the front cover or formatting, all i did was publish a very rough version of my book.

Since then four and a half years has passed, and I got more familiar with what was expected of an author, and their books on Amazon. I found editors to edit through my books, and I invested in new front covers, and people to format them.

Since then I have now released over twenty books on Amazon, and finished three series. I have gotten much more familiar with the process, and luckily my wonderful readers has followed me all the way, supporting my books and me in the process.

I am now able to live full time of writing, and it was a dream come true to me, so tomorrow we will begin talking about the things I wished I had known about when I began publishing, starting with Covers.

Here is today’s chapter:
PCS Chapter 4 – Spirit Root

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