Writing a Book – Day by Day 7

Today I want to talk about my team.

I said yesterday that I have some different editors, depending on what series we were talking about, but i also have others who read through my stories for me.

First are my beta readers. They read when a chapter is done and tell me what their thoughts are. I have a handful of beta readers, around six, and while i do not always change things according to the beta reader’s suggestions, it is good to know that sometimes people feel different for what I write.

After beta readers comes the editors. They do not edit my text directly, they make suggestions, as we use google documents, and i can then accept or decline depending on whether or not the suggestions are useful.

After my editor has gone through my books, I have a proofreader who gives it the final read through, and catches the final mistakes. At this point in time, there should be no plot problems, but everyone can oversee a few grammatical mistakes.

My current team consists of:

Norwegian Viking

And now to publish the chapter for today

PCS Chapter 7 – Stalked

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  1. How do you find beta readers/editors and proofreaders you can trust to do the job and also not steal your work?

    • I have a contract signed with them, but even before I did that, I have never experienced anyone stealing my work. I usually find betareaders amongst my readers, as they have a genuine interest in what I write, and then I find editors depending on their ability 🙂

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