Writing a Book – Day by Day 8

And yet another day has arrived and thus it is time for me to write another post about writing, my life and my story.

Today I am going to write about the story I am publishing now.

It is called Primeval Chaos System, and while it is a cultivation novel, it is also a novel with a system. System novels is when the main character has a system in their mind, which can assist them in their endeavors. Some of them gives the main characters quests and missions, others level up and become stronger.

The system novels are as numerous as the stars in the sky, and this special one is a mixture of both cultivation and system.

It is a about a young woman who lives in a futuristic world, where she was a test subject at a research facility which was searching and making experiments in the pursuit of a super human specimen.

She was amongst the most renowned and successful specimen at the facility, and thus they did not agree to let her experience the Primeval Chaos System experiment.

This was an experiment where they got their hands on what they believed was an artificial intelligence, in the shape of a small cube with stars on, and they implemented it into Qin Meixing, the main character’s soul.

Many before her had experienced the experiment, but none had survived. It was not before Qin Meixing, that the soul and the system completely connected.

Knowing the purpose of the people in the facility, the Primeval Chaos System released its remaining primeval chaos energy, and initiated a transmigration. It left behind Qin Meixing’s original body and dragged her soul to another world.

This other world was a place where experts were a numerous as clouds in the sky, and strength was what determined their life. Knowing this, Qin Meixing quickly accepted the Primeval Chaos System, and began venturing down the path of a cultivator, with a system that sometimes helped her, and sometimes caused problems.

Here is today’s chapter:
PCS Chapter 8 – Concocting Pills

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