Writing a Book – Day by Day 10

I release my books both as web novels, but also on Amazon, and I think it is time i explain a bit about Amazon self-publishing.

On Amazon there are two ways to self publish. One is to go wide – the way I am releasing chapters. This means that you can release on Amazon and on other websites at the same time, you do not need to be exclusive.

Another way is to join Kindle Select, a way where you can earn more money, but you have to be exclusive to Amazon.

When you enroll in Kindle Select, people who has Kindle Unlimited can read your novels in the subscription service that they are paying for. You will then get paid for each page read that is being made. Only books signed up on Kindle Select will be a part of Kindle Unlimited.

Many who has Kindle Unlimited only reads books which are signed up to Kindle Select, because they have already paid for a subscription where they will be able to read a lot of novels for a set price a month. If they want to read the others, they will have to pay for the book on top of their subscription.

I personally tried out Kindle Unlimited, but because of some problems, I decided that it was not for me. Since I am no longer on Kindle Select, my books can now be spread on other sites too, and I have made them as web novels on random sites.

There is no right or wrong way to publish your books on Amazon, it is a complete personal choice, and I personally prefer the wide way, where I can publish my books where ever I want without being bound to Amazon.

Next chapter of Primeval Chaos System is now up:
PCS Chapter 10 – Ice Spirit Root

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