Writing a Book – Day by Day 18

Today I want to encourage you, my wonderful readers, who has a dream about writing.

I have spoken with many of my readers throughout the years, and many of them have been scared of actually starting.

What scares them is not only the actual writing part, which can be quite daunting, it is also the fear of actually publishing what they write, is it good enough? Will the readers like it?

I understand that many has such fears. Writing is not always easy, and readers can be as ruthless as they are lovely. If you write something they are unhappy with, they will make sure to tell you about it, but they will, on the other hand, also tell you if they like what you write.

In my opinion, if you have a story in mind, then you should write it. No one will be able to write your story as well as you do, and although I understand that writing is not a simple thing, that it takes time and dedication, I feel that it is a good idea to give it a try.

No one says, that as soon as you’ve written something, you will have to publish it. In fact, i suggest not doing so. Although I previously spoke about releasing regularly and so on, it is different from person to person. For gathering readers you definitely need a steady release rate, but if you wish to write for fun, other readers does not matter.

There are no rules or regulations for when you can and can’t write. No one says what is good and bad writing either, so as long as you are having fun, then that is the most important thing. As long as you enjoy writing, then things will be good.

I will always suggest that people give it a try. Worst case is that you find out that you did nok like it, but even then, you have lost nothing but gained an experience.

PCS Chapter 18 – “Work with Me”

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