Writing a Book – Day by Day 19 + 20

I truly love writing. Writing is a kind of relief for me, when the world is too much, or if I am tired, or things are complicated, then writing is a way to escape everything and find a peaceful moment where I can relax and regain energy to face the challenges I need to solve.

However I do not only write when I am unhappy. It is often that the better my mood is, the more I feel like writing. Writing is also something which I enjoy greatly, and while it can bring me in a good mood, it can also intensify my good mood.

Writing is a wonderful exercise, and I feel that something is missing if I do not write every day. It is as if I forgot something important.

Recently, I have not been able to write every day. My computer broke down, and with a broken computer, writing has proven to be quite a challenge. I do not enjoy writing on the phone, so my mood has also dropped this last week, when I had no way to vent.

But sometimes it is a good thing to take a longer break. My mind is overflowing with thoughts and plans for my stories. I am thinking of thousands of new scenarios, mini plots and bigger plots. I don’t want to change the plotline I already planned, but I can build onto it, or tweak it slightly.

This break, which I have been forced to take, has truly made me reconsider my novel, but I also took the time to reread my novels.

I think it is important to reread the writing you make. Sometimes you might forget small details, especially in longer series, and these details can change everything for you later on in the story.

The good news is, however, that I am apparently getting a new laptop tomorrow, so I will be able to write again soon. I simply can’t wait, my fingers are itching to write!

PCS Chapter 19 – The Tea House
PCS Chapter 20 – Ghost Wood

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