Writing a Book – Day by Day 21

Today I got a new laptop, so I am able to write again!

I got to tell you it is horrible without a laptop. Although the break was good, I have been itching to write 😀

Today I will explain that although there are many ways of promoting online, one should never belittle the chances of promiting your books in your area.

You can make flyers, posters, and leaflets. Most libraries are happy to help you promote. I have also been participating in various events, that could be conventions or smaller local events, where you can promote your book.

It is never a wrong thing to promote, the more who knows about your book, the better it is.

Sometimes, you can even be lucky and hold a lecture for interested people. I have held various lectures, not just about writing, but also about living with a mental disability, and about the combination of chasing after one’s dreams.

So never give up, do everything you can to tell your people about your books, not to mention local newspapers are always on the hunt for a new interesting event, so tell them about your books!

PCS Chapter 21 – Qin Chanjuan

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