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So, here comes yet another update on the whole Audiobook situation.

Podium Audio has already been creating amazing versions of Blue Phoenix and Condemning the Heavens, however, I have yet another series within the Three Thousand Worlds Universe where these stories take place.

Overthrowing Fate is a shorter story. It follows Xu Min and his journey for revenge and his unwavering determination to make those who harmed his family pay the price.

The story itself is short, three volumes, but it is also introducing a world that will be used as the basis for the next series that I will be writing after Condemning the Heavens, which is called Touched by a Mortal Soul.

Although Overthrowing Fate is not as long as Blue Phoenix and Condemning the Heavens, the journey is as action-packed and emotional as we follow Xu Min’s attempt to survive and gain strength so that he no longer has to witness his dear ones suffer.


Link to Novel introduction of Overthrowing Fate:

Link to Touched by a Mortal Soul introduction(In case you are curious):

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