Forsaken Immortals Book 3 Update

So, Forsaken Immortals Book 3, Fleeting Clouds, also finished the final chapter a few days ago. After having constructive feedback from my amazing team, I know what to rewrite, and since the book has been edited throughout the writing process, it will only need to be edited a second time, and, naturally, also formatting.

However, no matter how much I claim that I love my stories equally, I am really not a suitable author when it comes to being fair. I am like the main protagonist in a harem novel, and each love interest is my different stories.

When I am spending time with a specific story, then the love I feel for that story is overflowing, however, when I am moving to the next story, the love also moves to that.

As a true harem lord, I have a few Superior wives in my home, and Condemning the Heavens is hard to defeat. So, even though both Forsaken Immortals and Condemning the Heavens need to be edited for the second time, Forsaken Immortals will have to wait for its turn, as the main wife gets the priority.

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