MLoYM Chapter 15 – Homecooked Meal

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As the final dish was placed on the table, the front door opened and in came a man and a woman.

Both of them were removing their jackets and shoes, before they stopped in their tracks as they noticed a stranger, in the person of Han Qingshan, in their sitting room, next to Jiang Yingyue. 

“Mother and Father, this is my friend, Han Qingshan.” Jiang Yingyue introduced the boy to them, her expression was one filled with warning, and they instantly caught onto her signals. 

“Han Qingshan studies at the same university as me, we met today and hit it off. He offered to give me a cup of coffee, and since he insisted on driving me home, I invited him to stay for dinner.”

Although this was not completely correct, it was the easiest way to explain their relationship. If Jiang Yingyue truly said that this was the person who almost killed her, then her parents would never approve of him. 

“This is the first time our baby has taken someone home from school!” Xun Huiying said with tears in her eyes. “To think that our child is growing up so fast.”

Han Qingshan was surprised. Although he had heard from the cold man that she never got close to anyone, he was still surprised to find out that she had never invited anyone home before. Was this not a great honor for him to be the first then? 

“Han Qingshan bought the groceries for tonight, so we are having a great seafood feast,” Jiang Yingyue said with a great smile on her face, displaying her canine teeth, looking incredibly handsome and pleased with herself. 

“Oh, you invited him to dinner; why would he have to pay the groceries?” Xun Huiyin was instantly unhappy, but Jiang Yingyue just waved her hands, “He’s got more money than dirt, so I just let him pay for it.”

Both Jiang Wei and Xun Huiyin were skeptical, but Han Qingshan just smiled and nodded his head, “It was indeed my own offer to pay for the groceries, in order to be fortunate enough to taste Fengmian’s cooking.”

Mr. and Mrs. Jiang were both very happy when they saw that Jiang Yingyue had brought someone home with her, but they were also very nervous about the whole thing. 

They were not aware of Han Qingshan’s background, but they had seen the Porsche that was parked outside their home, and when they saw the overwhelmingly large feast of dishes that were placed on the table, they could not help but feel a bit worried. 

They could guess that this man was not a simple person, but how had their Jiang Yingyue gotten familiar with him? Also was their daughter finally starting to notice those of the opposite sex? 

The two parents were filled with mixed emotions. On one hand, they wanted their daughter to return to her female life for her own sake, but on the other, they knew that if she did return to her own life, they would have a lot of explaining to do, maybe they would even have to leave behind everything they had here in the capital. 

Still, they were willing to leave it all behind, but what would their daughter want to do? If she really fell in love, would she be able to accept having to leave her lover to begin life anew somewhere else? 

They were worried, but they said nothing. Maybe he really was just a friend. Seeing their child finally making a friend was quite amazing, and they were becoming much more relaxed and happy. 

Han Qingshan was used to dining outside the mansion, and he would eat with his family only a few times in a year. Both his parents were usually busy with their own thing, so eating together, even as a family, rarely happened. 

Han Qingshan could not help but take some pictures of the food and post it on his WeChat moments, with a text of ‘Eating homemade cooking is the best’ before he put away the phone with a smile on his face.

All four of them were quite eager to eat the food, each of them feeling the meal was a new experience in one way or another. Jiang Yingyue and her parents had not had a seafood feast like this in a very long time, and Han Qingshan had never experienced homemade food before. 

Although Jiang Yingyue had bought many more ingredients, than she thought would be needed, in the end, the four of them polished off all the plates, all of them were enjoying the meal while laughing and chatting. 

Han Qingshan was polite and friendly. He did not try to belittle Xun Huiyin nor Jiang Wei. Instead, he told them a bit about the university that Jiang Yingyue had just started attending, helping them get a better understanding of the place where she would spend almost every single day of her life for the next three years, if not longer. 

Jiang Yingyue saw how well Han Qingshan was managing her parents, and she could only shake her head. He had managed to pacify her just as easily, simply by standing up for her slightly when others were insulting her. 

Noticing that the youngster was staring at him, Han Qingshan flashed a brilliant smile at Jiang Yingyue, who returned it with a smile of her own and a shake of her head. 

After the meal, Xun Huiyin went to do the dishes, while Jiang Yingyue walked Han Qingshan to his car.

“Thank you for today,” she said with a smile, and Han Qingshan just smiled back, “I should be the one thanking you,” he said, with a big grin on his face. “The meal was very delicious. I have never experienced anything like it before.”

“I might not be good at many things, but I take pride in my cooking,” Jiang Yingyue laughed sweetly, as she was being praised for something she had practiced for a long time. 

“Let us exchange numbers and WeChat contacts,” Han Qingshan picked up his phone, but Jiang Yingyue just shook her head, “I don’t have a phone,” she said honestly. 

Once again Han Qingshan was surprised by the difference in their worlds. He could not imagine a life without a phone, but even then, finding out that someone as old as Jiang Yingyue actually did not have a phone, left him stunned. 

He then finally decided on what to give the younger woman as a thank you for the delicious meal he had just eaten.

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