Writing a Book – Day by Day 2

Good day!

It is time to another day of Writing a Book – Day by Day and today’s theme is planning a book.

This is a subject that might have to be split into more than just one day, but today I will explain how I plan a book series.

It all starts with an idea. The idea can come to me at any given time during the day, or even when I am asleep. The ideas can be quite different. It can be a scene of a book I want to write, or it can be a more abstract idea of “I want a book with a system”

After that, I sit down and begin thinking about whether or not the idea that came to my mind was plausible, or if it was too vague.

I usually spend a few days to consider an idea before I actually begin plotting something down on paper.

After that, I split the planning like this:

First I make a rough outline. Let us take Primeval Chaos System as an example.

I start with planning how many main arcs I want the series to have. Each main arc will then have a special title. Like “Book 1 – transmigration and getting used to the world.” “Book 2 – xxxx.” “Book 3 – xxxx.” And so on.

After having planned the main arcs, I do not instantly begin planning them in detail, instead I focus on the first main arc.

When focusing on the main arc, I begin planning the minor arcs. Such as “Minor Arc 1 – Transmigration and introduction” “Minor Arc 2 – XXX” “Minor arc 3 – XXX”

It is not before now, that I begin making a detailed plan for the series. And that is made for each small arc at a time, so I take Minor Arc 1, and then I write chapter for chapter what I want to happen in them. “Chapter 1 – Transmigration.” “Chapter 2 – xxx” “chapter 3 – xxx”

Keep in mind that although I write what I want to happen in each chapter, it is not always possible to keep it like that. Often you overestimate what you can put into a chapter, and thus you often end up with many more chapters than you had originally planned for. That is not a bad thing.

When I have planned the chapters, I finally begin writing. It is at this point that I can get something out.

Of course, no one says that this is the right way to write, this is the way that has worked for me, but there are many ways to write, and everyone has their own preferences.

Hopefully my way can give you some inspiration.

Here comes the next chapter:
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