Writing a Book – Day by Day 3

It is now time for yet another day of “Writing a Book – Day by Day.”

Today I want to talk about web novels.

There are many different ways to release one’s novels and one of the more popular ones in recent years has become Web Novels. Web novels are when you publish your novel online, and people can read it, either behind a paywall or for free.

These novels does not get published one book at a time, but chapter by chapter. The chapters are often the same length, and released at specific dates, either daily, or a few times a week.

I began by writing web novels, and I still release my books as web novels before they get published on Amazon.

There are many sites out there, which specializes in web novels, and allows for people to publish their own work for free.

The options are limitless, and so are the benefits.

By releasing online, you will be able to build a readerbase, especially if using the already established websites.

PCS Chapter 3 – Monarch Cleansing Pill

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