Tinalynge returns

Condemning the Heavens is once again out on Audible, this time with Publisher’s Pack 4. It covers book 7 and 8. I hope you will enjoy it!


Happy New year

I would like to apologize for the lack of updates from my side.

I have been moving and sick, which has caused some lack of information, however I am now back with exciting news.

Two days ago, Condemning the Heavens Publisher’s Pack 3 was published on Audible.

I am extremely pleased to tell you all that Condemning the Heavens is doing well on Audible, and I am truly happy to see it flourish like this!

The experience of listening to the book is quite different from reading it, but I must admit that I enjoy both. I hope you will too.

If you would like to try it out, then it can be found here:



The second book in the series Forsaken Immortals is going to be released on the 15th of January.

The book is called Reverse Scale, and it continues to follow Bai Rouyun as she once again steps into the world of cultivation. Her life is in her own hands, and she refuses to be ordinary. However, not only does the future hold unknown mysteries, the past unknowns also begin to unravel, but will Bai Rouyun be willing to forget and forgive, or will she be stuck on her quest for vengeance?

The first ten chapters can be read on this website.

Webnovel has the first fifty chapters for free, and after that it is the website which has the most recent updates. It updates daily, and the majority of book two can already be read there.

Book one can be found on Amazon, and book two will be out on Amazon on the 15th of January.

Patreon also has all of book one, and the majority of book two. It is two chapters behind Webnovel.

I hope you will enjoy the novel, and will continue to support me!

Primeval Chaos Universe

Hello! Tina here with an update on writing.

I have been quite sick recently, which has resulted in my writing speed being delayed, and my website not updated according to my plan.

However, I am starting to get better again, and want to introduce you to the biggest project I have ever started!

The project is named the Primeval Chaos Universe. As many of you realize, it is a name similar to the Primeval Chaos System, which has been uploaded to this site during the Writing a Book event.

This is a group of series which all happen in the same universe. Let me make an introduction to the whole idea behind the group of series.

Once upon a time, there was a race known as the Stargazers. These Stargazers were the strongest within the entire universe, they were skilled with both cultivation of inner energies and their soul, but they also excelled in technology and science.

These Stargazers were extremely intelligent and benevolent. They ruled the universe with great attention and care, however their race, which had existed for countless of millennia, slowly began dwindling.

In the beginning, the Stargazers did not notice the problem, however slowly more and more of their people succumbed to an unknown corrosion of their mind and bodies.

The race dwindled, more and more died, and soon only three thousand survivors existed. These three thousand Stargazers turned to the Primeval Chaos, an energy which existed beyond their universe, and begged for a way to save their heritage.

The Primeval Chaos assisted them, it did not rebuild the race, but turned every single survivor into a little golden square, adorned with stars on every sides. These squares were the physical forms of the Primeval Chaos Systems, the systems that the survivors had been turned into.

After having been turned into systems, they were spread across the entire universe with only one purpose – to find a host and help this host reach the apex in their world, and in return reaching level one hundred, after which their legacy would be unlocked.

These hosts had to be female, and upon giving birth to a child, whether the child was male or female, the legacy would be imparted into their minds.

The whole idea of the Primeval Chaos Universe is to follow five different systems and their hosts, as they struggle in different environments for the purpose of reaching the apex. The five novels are not directly connected, they follow different figures and different storylines, however the sixth book follows the five children of the hosts, and one surviving Stargazer, who sets out to rebuild their race’s magnificent history.

These novels are being written slowly, however the main focus is still on Condemning the Heavens and Forsaken Immortals. You can read them on Patreon, and they are tentatively sat to be released on Amazon in summer 2022.

All the six novels are cultivation novels, however the setting is different. I am going to make a brief introduction of the novels below:

Primeval Chaos System
Birth of the Stargazer
Rampant Reality

Qin Meixing was an orphan, taken in by a research facility and forced to become a test subject of various experiments.

The final experiment, the Primeval Chaos System, was a success, but upon sensing danger, the system initiated a transmigration, using up all its remaining energy to send her from her own world to another.

In this new world, strength determined one’s future accomplishments, and one could only take control of their own life if they had enough power.

In a world like this, Qin Meixing struggled after taking over the body of someone who never could cultivate, but she was not alone.

Merged into her soul was now the powerful Primeval Chaos System, but while it was powerful and could help her advance to the world’s peak, it had its own rules and regulations, which caused her advance to become a rough road she had to thread.

Qiao Yuyan was a lost child. At the tender age of less than a year old, she had been kidnapped and dumped in the countryside to die a lonely death. However, an elderly woman found her and raised her as the apple in her eye.

Upon her adoptive grandmother’s death, her biological family appeared to retrieve her, yet what awaited her was not the loving affection of a family, but a cold and sinister cage.

She tried her best to make her family like her, but after bringing them fame, fortune, and wealth, she found that her younger sister and her fiance had banded together to get rid of her.

Upon avenging herself, she encountered the Primeval Chaos System, which reversed her time to the day she was returned to the Qiao family.

She got her second chance at life and found that the world was different from what she had initially thought. Not only was she introduced to the Hidden World of experts, but she also found that the Primeval Chaos System had followed her back and merged with her soul.

She was back, and while she wanted to take revenge in passing, her main goal had changed. She wanted to become a real expert. Someone that no one could harm in the future, and all would look up to with respect.

Yan Qiuyue was filled with despair. Her world had been turned upside down within a few hours.

As she had woken up in the morning, everything had seemed usual, however as the day progressed, a strange phenomenon appeared, and humans turned to zombies.

Finding herself in a zombie-infested city, she was full of dread but tried to keep herself alive. Unfortunately, she was unable to survive the first day, as a horde of zombies besieged her.

Right as she was about to die, she encountered the Primeval Chaos System, which helped her rewind the day. As she woke up once again, she was painfully aware of the disaster that would befall humanity, and she spent her day prepare.

With the help of the Primeval Chaos System, she was introduced to the new peculiar powers that appeared alongside the zombies, and she began her struggle to survive in a world where death was everywhere.

Yang Qianru used to be an orphan. She had grown up in the slums and experienced the harsh reality of life, however as she committed suicide, she encountered the Primeval Chaos System, which moved her soul seven thousand one hundred and sixteen years into the future.

Here she found that she was given everything she had starved for in her past life. She got a family that truly loved her, but this was another world than the one she was used to.

This was a world where humanity had crossed the stars and entered the universe; Yang Qianru found that the humans had learned to go beyond mortal limits. Some cultivated Qi, which enabled them to control the mechs war machines, while others cultivated their mental energy, the spiritual energy, which allowed them to fight invisible battles.

The various empires and federations were fighting one another, each of them wishing for world domination, and Yang Qianru found herself embroiled in the conflict, unable to extricate herself and eventually gather her own force to put a mark on this era of war across the stars.

Rampant Reality

The world was at the brink of destruction. After many years of pollution and overdraft on the natural resources, the skies had turned grey, only allowing the sunshine to shine through the smog once or twice a year.

Humanity had tried to abandon the world to ascent to the world beyond the stars, but all attempts had been futile; they were trapped on this dying planet.

The humans were still the dominating race on the planet, but one’s birth determined what kind of life one could live.

The wealthy enjoyed their lives; they spent their lives enjoying “Utopia,” a Virtual Reality, where they could live in a beautiful world. The middle-class, those who were allowed an education, were sent to “Utopia” to work or sent to do the more prosperous jobs in the real world, and once in a while, they too would be allowed a day or two of enjoyment in the Virtual Reality.

The poor, on the other hand, were living a life worse than slaves. They did all the hard work, all the manual labor.

Money did not exist. Coupons and resources were what one was paid with, but there was never enough for all. The famine caused many to die every year.

Feng Molian was a young woman who had been raised as a boy since her birth. She came across a Virtual Reality pod, which was the beginning of her journey to enter the Black Market, going from being a hated and poor commoner to becoming the hope of the entire era.


Condemning the Heavens Publisher’s Pack 2 (Book 3-4) is out for preorder now!

This is my second audiobook and I am extremely excited.

The release date is the 29th of September.

Podium has done a wonderful job, and Scott Merriman has done an outstanding job of narrating my story. I am extremely proud.

If you have not tried Condemning the Heavens yet, then book 1 is out as an ebook for $0.99, you might find that you like it.

Today I will not say much, but I will begin daily releases again tomorrow with more information about writing and publishing.

For today you can read chapter 34-39 of Primeval Chaos System

Chapter 34 – “Give Myself to You”
Chapter 35 – Debt of Gratitude
Chapter 36 – Golden Lotus Pill Cauldron
Chapter 37 – Drafting Feast
Chapter 38 – Wallflower
Chapter 39 – “I Already Have a Fiancé”

Today I want to introduce the new website Neovel.

Neovel is, like many other hosting websites, an option for an author to publish their books and see a small amount of remuneration.

Neovel is a community driven project with the aim of letting authors express themselves, and also get readers to enjoy a comfortable reading experience.

Neovel is split into two sections, one is NeoRead, which is the webplatform where the stories can be found. This place has many new stories every day, and many of the stories upload content daily.

NeoRead lets people decide whether they wish to be passive readers, and read novels, or if they wish to engage in the community, engage with the author, and write comments and reviews.

Neopload is for the author. This is the backend where you can upload and create your novel. You can pick the language, the genres and the tags. Everything is up to you, and you can release a whole book at once, or just one chapter, should you feel like doing that.

Alice B Sullivan and Fuzed are two authors who, as me, have taken a leap of faith and begun using this site.

They, like me, both have positive impressions of the site, it is very userfriendly, and has been a great experience for all of us to use.

Alice B Sullivan said that her general first impressions of Neovel was that it was super user friendly and the theme of the platform was very easy on the eyes, which made for a good reading experience. Alice B Sullivan joined Neovel in July, but heard about it earlier through a Reddit promotional post. She was originally not ready to use a platform like Neovel, but after spending some time considering her goals, she gave it a chance. She feels that it was easy and painless to begin uploading. One has to be aware that there is a 48 hours period before a novel gets approved, but afterwards a released chapter will update instantly.

Alice B Sullivan has published three short stories on Neovel, where two are complete, and one is in progress. She mainly writes Zombie Apocalypse novels, and this is a small introduction to her novels:

Unraveled is a 2k word short story, taking inspiration from current events and adding zombie-esque creatures: https://neoread.neovel.io/book/6730/EN/unraveled-a-short-story

Symbiosis: The Beginning is a 9k word short story, with 7 installments, showcases a father’s love for his family and what he’s willing to do for his wife and daughter; bioengineered parasites used to treat leukemia revert to how nature intended, only stronger: https://neoread.neovel.io/book/6731/EN/symbiosis-the-beginning

Return is her current in-progress short story, symbolizing the hope of making it back to the people who need you despite all odds, featuring classic undead zombies and more: https://neoread.neovel.io/book/6962/EN/return

Fuzed wrote:

“I have been writing short stories ever since I was a child. I always loved putting my ideas down on paper, but never persevered long enough to actually write something that one could call a book.

Last year, I came up with this idea that I loved so much, that I overcame my laziness and finally started writing. I wrote for a while, before I finally decided to publish my first ever book. If anyone would be interested in reading an action, mystery, sci-fi novel set in a unique world filled with assassins, I’ve got you covered. I’ll attach the link and the blurb at the bottom of this post, so if you think you might like a story like that, I’ll be more than happy to see you there!

I started publishing on Neovel almost 2 months ago and I was immediately amazed by the responsiveness and willingness of the Neovel team. They would talk with us and listen to our suggestions and made sure that we, as creators, were always happy. There was (and still is) this familiarity between us in the community. That’s why Neovel almost feels like a second home to me as a writer. I also earned my very first money on Neovel, which is something that not even websites like RoyalRoad, Tapas, or Webnovel had achieved.

Overall, I can’t recommend Neovel enough. Even though it might not be perfect right now, I can definitely see it becoming one of the biggest self-publishing websites in the coming decade.

Occidendum Blurb:

Fascinated by his father’s profession, Nathan wants to follow in his footsteps and become an assassin.

When he receives an unexpected call giving an opportunity too good to refuse, unheeding his father’s warnings, Nathan joins Occidendum, a company of assassins.

Confronted by the harsh realities of his chosen profession, Nathan realises just how woefully under-powered he is. With his and the lives of the people around him on the line, he has to use his extraordinary brain to even out the field and survive in a world of legalised assassinations.


These two wonderful authors has been dedicating their time and effort into writing their stories. If you are interested, make sure to head over to Neovel to give them a try.

And now to Primeval Chaos System’s three chapters:
Chapter 31 – The Baili Family
Chapter 32 – Sensitive System
Chapter 33 – “Let’s Go Buy a Cauldron”