I release my books both as web novels, but also on Amazon, and I think it is time i explain a bit about Amazon self-publishing.

On Amazon there are two ways to self publish. One is to go wide – the way I am releasing chapters. This means that you can release on Amazon and on other websites at the same time, you do not need to be exclusive.

Another way is to join Kindle Select, a way where you can earn more money, but you have to be exclusive to Amazon.

When you enroll in Kindle Select, people who has Kindle Unlimited can read your novels in the subscription service that they are paying for. You will then get paid for each page read that is being made. Only books signed up on Kindle Select will be a part of Kindle Unlimited.

Many who has Kindle Unlimited only reads books which are signed up to Kindle Select, because they have already paid for a subscription where they will be able to read a lot of novels for a set price a month. If they want to read the others, they will have to pay for the book on top of their subscription.

I personally tried out Kindle Unlimited, but because of some problems, I decided that it was not for me. Since I am no longer on Kindle Select, my books can now be spread on other sites too, and I have made them as web novels on random sites.

There is no right or wrong way to publish your books on Amazon, it is a complete personal choice, and I personally prefer the wide way, where I can publish my books where ever I want without being bound to Amazon.

Next chapter of Primeval Chaos System is now up:
PCS Chapter 10 – Ice Spirit Root

And now it is the ninth day since we began writing.

Today my message will be quite short, but I will talk about stockpiles.

As a person who releases online as a web novel, i find it very important to release chapters on a specific schedule, and when the schedule is not kept, then people will complain.

because of this, it is a very good idea to make a stockpile of chapters. Personally I try to have 25-50 chapters stockpiled before I begin writing a story, as it can help a lot.

You never know if something unexpected should happen, that being a computer breaking down, or getting sick. Although readers are understanding, it is going to make you lose readers if you dont keep your release schedule often.

And now, Chapter 9 of PCS
PCS Chapter 9 – Steamed Buns

And yet another day has arrived and thus it is time for me to write another post about writing, my life and my story.

Today I am going to write about the story I am publishing now.

It is called Primeval Chaos System, and while it is a cultivation novel, it is also a novel with a system. System novels is when the main character has a system in their mind, which can assist them in their endeavors. Some of them gives the main characters quests and missions, others level up and become stronger.

The system novels are as numerous as the stars in the sky, and this special one is a mixture of both cultivation and system.

It is a about a young woman who lives in a futuristic world, where she was a test subject at a research facility which was searching and making experiments in the pursuit of a super human specimen.

She was amongst the most renowned and successful specimen at the facility, and thus they did not agree to let her experience the Primeval Chaos System experiment.

This was an experiment where they got their hands on what they believed was an artificial intelligence, in the shape of a small cube with stars on, and they implemented it into Qin Meixing, the main character’s soul.

Many before her had experienced the experiment, but none had survived. It was not before Qin Meixing, that the soul and the system completely connected.

Knowing the purpose of the people in the facility, the Primeval Chaos System released its remaining primeval chaos energy, and initiated a transmigration. It left behind Qin Meixing’s original body and dragged her soul to another world.

This other world was a place where experts were a numerous as clouds in the sky, and strength was what determined their life. Knowing this, Qin Meixing quickly accepted the Primeval Chaos System, and began venturing down the path of a cultivator, with a system that sometimes helped her, and sometimes caused problems.

Here is today’s chapter:
PCS Chapter 8 – Concocting Pills

Today I want to talk about my team.

I said yesterday that I have some different editors, depending on what series we were talking about, but i also have others who read through my stories for me.

First are my beta readers. They read when a chapter is done and tell me what their thoughts are. I have a handful of beta readers, around six, and while i do not always change things according to the beta reader’s suggestions, it is good to know that sometimes people feel different for what I write.

After beta readers comes the editors. They do not edit my text directly, they make suggestions, as we use google documents, and i can then accept or decline depending on whether or not the suggestions are useful.

After my editor has gone through my books, I have a proofreader who gives it the final read through, and catches the final mistakes. At this point in time, there should be no plot problems, but everyone can oversee a few grammatical mistakes.

My current team consists of:

Norwegian Viking

And now to publish the chapter for today

PCS Chapter 7 – Stalked

Yesterday I spoke about covers, but something which is at least as important, if not even more important is a good editor.

When I began writing i did not put much thought into editing my work, and as a result, the books that I released online did gather a good following, but it did also gather some people who were expecting more and gave me some critic which I needed to hear.

I thought, that as long as the story was good, then writing style, grammar and flow did not matter much, but after being told by readers, I understood that it was indeed very important that it was enjoyable to read.

Personally I have a batch of editors, however I only use one editor for each series. Too many cooks spoils the food, and it is the same for books and editors.

When I write my novels, I write them in Grammarly Premium. Grammarly is a program that you can find online, which is very good at catching grammatical mistakes, however do not fullly trust it, as it is a machine and can make mistakes. However it catches a lot of errors, and is able to lighten the load on your editor.

When talking about editors, there are many different ways to edit.

One is a very basic, solving the grammatical errors and making sure that the story flows. This is the kind of editing i prefer since, although my writing is not very intriguing or even exciting, it is my writing, and it is my style.

Another is giving the editor more freedom to edit your text, this can make the story more interesting, in case you have some issues writing well, but at the same time, I feel that it loses the touch which is the authors.

However, one thing is for certain, if there is a lot of grammatical errors in a novel, it is hard to focus and get immersed in the story that you try to tell.

As the one who wrote the story, it is very hard to find the errors, and as a result, it is always a good idea to have an extra person to look through one’s draft before publishing it.

And now, on to the next chapter of Primeval Chaos System
Chapter 6 – Xuanyuan Yunshen

Today I will give my opinion on covers.

Covers are the first thing that will give an idea as to what your book is about. It is supposed to hook the interest of the readers, and tell the story of your book in an image.

There are many options as to how to get covers, and there are covers for all budgets.

You can choose to buy a premade cover by a cover artist. They tend to be cheaper than covers made specially for your novel, but it is also rare that they suit the novels completely.

I personally have always hired artists to make the covers for me according to my preferences, and then send the illustrations to a digital artist who has dealt with formatting and choosing the right font.

I have been working with many artists throughout the years, but the last two years I found an artist whom I truly enjoy working together with. He knows exactly what I want, and draws it to perfection.

He is the one who has been making the covers for Condemning the Heavens, Forsaken Immortals, Five Elements of the Royal Sky and Primeval Chaos System.

The cover tells a story about your book, it is to grab attention, and in my opinion, it is one of the most important aspects of successfully building a reader base.

It is also important to remember to buy the right cover for the right genre. Every genre has different expectations of the covers, so what works for one, might not work for another.

Here is the cover I had made for Primeval Chaos System Book 1:

The art is made by Poyjeee. The cover image cost me $180, and the font, was made by rebecacovers, and cost me $5.

Both of these are extremely cheap compared to many others with the same quality.

It is possible to find an extremely good artist who works well with you, however, one thing to always keep in mind is, that you should remember to buy commercial rights. Without commercial rights, you will not be able to monetize your books.

That was it for today, so now it is time to post the chapter.

PCS Chapter 5 – Cultivation Realms

Today I am going to talk about how I began writing and what made me write, alongside a short description of what has happened for me since.

I began reading Chinese translated web novels back in 2014 where I stumbled across Coiling Dragon, and I simply loved the stories. At the beginning I was following all the web novel translations that I could come across. I was having a hard time with my real life, and it was getting worse and worse.

In 2015, they found out that the reason life was so hard for me was because I had a mental disorder called Paranoid Schizophrenia. This disorder had been hauting me for many years, but since it never got discovered things turned worse and worse as the years passed.

At some point, things were simply unbearable for me, and I felt that I needed to escape reality, the way that was best was to read, and eventually I ran out of things to read and sat down and began writing instead.

This is how Blue Phoenix came to be. I never planned much for the story. Originally I just wanted to publish three chapters a week, and hope for people to enjoy it, but I was lucky and got noticed by Gravitytales, where I found a lot of people who enjoyed reading my stories.

At the same time I also got to know an author called Daman, who wrote The Divine Elements. He, and many of my readers, helped me find the courage to self-publish my books on Amazon. At that time I was still quite confused about the whole thing, and just wanted more people to know of my novels.

I made many mistakes back then. I did not get my books edited, nor did i really focus on the front cover or formatting, all i did was publish a very rough version of my book.

Since then four and a half years has passed, and I got more familiar with what was expected of an author, and their books on Amazon. I found editors to edit through my books, and I invested in new front covers, and people to format them.

Since then I have now released over twenty books on Amazon, and finished three series. I have gotten much more familiar with the process, and luckily my wonderful readers has followed me all the way, supporting my books and me in the process.

I am now able to live full time of writing, and it was a dream come true to me, so tomorrow we will begin talking about the things I wished I had known about when I began publishing, starting with Covers.

Here is today’s chapter:
PCS Chapter 4 – Spirit Root

It is now time for yet another day of “Writing a Book – Day by Day.”

Today I want to talk about web novels.

There are many different ways to release one’s novels and one of the more popular ones in recent years has become Web Novels. Web novels are when you publish your novel online, and people can read it, either behind a paywall or for free.

These novels does not get published one book at a time, but chapter by chapter. The chapters are often the same length, and released at specific dates, either daily, or a few times a week.

I began by writing web novels, and I still release my books as web novels before they get published on Amazon.

There are many sites out there, which specializes in web novels, and allows for people to publish their own work for free.

The options are limitless, and so are the benefits.

By releasing online, you will be able to build a readerbase, especially if using the already established websites.

PCS Chapter 3 – Monarch Cleansing Pill

Good day!

It is time to another day of Writing a Book – Day by Day and today’s theme is planning a book.

This is a subject that might have to be split into more than just one day, but today I will explain how I plan a book series.

It all starts with an idea. The idea can come to me at any given time during the day, or even when I am asleep. The ideas can be quite different. It can be a scene of a book I want to write, or it can be a more abstract idea of “I want a book with a system”

After that, I sit down and begin thinking about whether or not the idea that came to my mind was plausible, or if it was too vague.

I usually spend a few days to consider an idea before I actually begin plotting something down on paper.

After that, I split the planning like this:

First I make a rough outline. Let us take Primeval Chaos System as an example.

I start with planning how many main arcs I want the series to have. Each main arc will then have a special title. Like “Book 1 – transmigration and getting used to the world.” “Book 2 – xxxx.” “Book 3 – xxxx.” And so on.

After having planned the main arcs, I do not instantly begin planning them in detail, instead I focus on the first main arc.

When focusing on the main arc, I begin planning the minor arcs. Such as “Minor Arc 1 – Transmigration and introduction” “Minor Arc 2 – XXX” “Minor arc 3 – XXX”

It is not before now, that I begin making a detailed plan for the series. And that is made for each small arc at a time, so I take Minor Arc 1, and then I write chapter for chapter what I want to happen in them. “Chapter 1 – Transmigration.” “Chapter 2 – xxx” “chapter 3 – xxx”

Keep in mind that although I write what I want to happen in each chapter, it is not always possible to keep it like that. Often you overestimate what you can put into a chapter, and thus you often end up with many more chapters than you had originally planned for. That is not a bad thing.

When I have planned the chapters, I finally begin writing. It is at this point that I can get something out.

Of course, no one says that this is the right way to write, this is the way that has worked for me, but there are many ways to write, and everyone has their own preferences.

Hopefully my way can give you some inspiration.

Here comes the next chapter:
PCS Chapter 2 – Stargazer

Good day

I am Tinalynge, an author who has been writing Web Novels since 2015. I have finished three series, and begun a handful of other series. I write in the genre Eastern Fantasy and Modern Romance.

I began writing at a time where I was in the slums, a time where I was feeling horrible and didn’t know what to do with my life, but writing has taken me out from the troubled times, and has instead brought me great joy in life.

I wish to be able to help others in the same situation as I was in before, and thus I am going to start an event which can help others, whether they are in a tough position in life, or they are just bored and want to find something new and exciting to do.

Today I will start a new event called “Writing a Book – Day by Day”

This event will run from 1st of August until the 30th of September.

This first book of Primeval Chaos System will always stay online for free on my Website, and so will the topics I take up day by day, so that even if you want to read it in the future, they will be here waiting for you.

I will release a chapter a day of my newest novel “Primeval Chaos System” and each day I will write my thoughts on different themes that has to do with writing. That can be publishing, time management, planning a plot, and so on.

Today I will just introduce the event, and from tomorrow onward I will begin talking about different subjects, the topics. Tomorrow’s topic will be “How to Plan a Story”

Summary of Primeval Chaos System:
Qin Meixing was an orphan, taken in by a research facility and forced to become a test subject of various experiments.

The final experiment, the Primeval Chaos System, was a success, but upon sensing danger, the system initiated a transmigration, using up all its remaining energy to send her from her own world to another.

In this new world, strength determined one’s future accomplishments, and one could only take control of their own life if they had enough power.

In a world like this, Qin Meixing struggled after taking over the body of someone who never could cultivate, but she was not alone.

Merged into her soul was now the powerful Primeval Chaos System, but while it was powerful and could help her advance to the world’s peak, it had its own rules and regulations, which caused her advance to become a rough road she had to thread.

Without further ado, here is the first chapter in the series, Primeval Chaos System.

Chapter 1 – Primeval Chaos System