Today I will not say too much about writing. I have gotten a new computer and have been spending the whole day writing. It was truly liberating, and I have managed to write quite a bit. It felt so good!

Tomorrow I will explain about various methods of marketing, so look forward to that!

PCS Chapter 22 – Revenge Against the Cousin

Today I got a new laptop, so I am able to write again!

I got to tell you it is horrible without a laptop. Although the break was good, I have been itching to write 😀

Today I will explain that although there are many ways of promoting online, one should never belittle the chances of promiting your books in your area.

You can make flyers, posters, and leaflets. Most libraries are happy to help you promote. I have also been participating in various events, that could be conventions or smaller local events, where you can promote your book.

It is never a wrong thing to promote, the more who knows about your book, the better it is.

Sometimes, you can even be lucky and hold a lecture for interested people. I have held various lectures, not just about writing, but also about living with a mental disability, and about the combination of chasing after one’s dreams.

So never give up, do everything you can to tell your people about your books, not to mention local newspapers are always on the hunt for a new interesting event, so tell them about your books!

PCS Chapter 21 – Qin Chanjuan

I truly love writing. Writing is a kind of relief for me, when the world is too much, or if I am tired, or things are complicated, then writing is a way to escape everything and find a peaceful moment where I can relax and regain energy to face the challenges I need to solve.

However I do not only write when I am unhappy. It is often that the better my mood is, the more I feel like writing. Writing is also something which I enjoy greatly, and while it can bring me in a good mood, it can also intensify my good mood.

Writing is a wonderful exercise, and I feel that something is missing if I do not write every day. It is as if I forgot something important.

Recently, I have not been able to write every day. My computer broke down, and with a broken computer, writing has proven to be quite a challenge. I do not enjoy writing on the phone, so my mood has also dropped this last week, when I had no way to vent.

But sometimes it is a good thing to take a longer break. My mind is overflowing with thoughts and plans for my stories. I am thinking of thousands of new scenarios, mini plots and bigger plots. I don’t want to change the plotline I already planned, but I can build onto it, or tweak it slightly.

This break, which I have been forced to take, has truly made me reconsider my novel, but I also took the time to reread my novels.

I think it is important to reread the writing you make. Sometimes you might forget small details, especially in longer series, and these details can change everything for you later on in the story.

The good news is, however, that I am apparently getting a new laptop tomorrow, so I will be able to write again soon. I simply can’t wait, my fingers are itching to write!

PCS Chapter 19 – The Tea House
PCS Chapter 20 – Ghost Wood

Today I want to encourage you, my wonderful readers, who has a dream about writing.

I have spoken with many of my readers throughout the years, and many of them have been scared of actually starting.

What scares them is not only the actual writing part, which can be quite daunting, it is also the fear of actually publishing what they write, is it good enough? Will the readers like it?

I understand that many has such fears. Writing is not always easy, and readers can be as ruthless as they are lovely. If you write something they are unhappy with, they will make sure to tell you about it, but they will, on the other hand, also tell you if they like what you write.

In my opinion, if you have a story in mind, then you should write it. No one will be able to write your story as well as you do, and although I understand that writing is not a simple thing, that it takes time and dedication, I feel that it is a good idea to give it a try.

No one says, that as soon as you’ve written something, you will have to publish it. In fact, i suggest not doing so. Although I previously spoke about releasing regularly and so on, it is different from person to person. For gathering readers you definitely need a steady release rate, but if you wish to write for fun, other readers does not matter.

There are no rules or regulations for when you can and can’t write. No one says what is good and bad writing either, so as long as you are having fun, then that is the most important thing. As long as you enjoy writing, then things will be good.

I will always suggest that people give it a try. Worst case is that you find out that you did nok like it, but even then, you have lost nothing but gained an experience.

PCS Chapter 18 – “Work with Me”

I have some bad news, my computer is no longer alive. It was a sad moment when I realized that my partner, my lifeline, had passed away.

When writing, it does not matter much what you write on, as long as it is comfortable for you. I have been using a cheap laptop the last couple of years, and it has been broken time and time again. Sometimes it has repaired itself, and other times we had to take it to the repair shop, but this time it was a complete death.

The computer is not able to ressurect, so now I am in need of a new one.

I personally write on a laptop for the ability to move around as I please. I currently live in a flat where I do not have the space for an office, and thus I often write at the dining table or at the sofa table.

I am moving in a few months to a place where I am getting an office, and I am quite excited about it, but I am still not sure if I should get a desktop or just another laptop.

Anyway, as long as I can write on it, I will be happy.

Also, I have to admit, that writing on a cell phone is extremely uncomfortable. I really dislike it.

Anyway todays and yesterdays chapters:

Chapter 16 – Like a Monkey in a Zoo
Chapter 17 – Dancing Clown

Today I am a little late with publishing the chapter. My computer broke again, and I am in a slight pickle, but the show must go on, so although it is late, there is still more than an hour until midnight where I live.

Today I want to say a great thank you to all my readers.

As I mentioned another day, I have some difficulties in life, but I refused to give up, and what made me refuse was you, my wonderful readers, who has been supporting me. Whether you are amongst those who has followed me from the very start, five years ago, or one of the newer readers, I am very happy to have you on board my pirateship!

My dreams are only possible because I have so many amazing readers who are supporting me and following my novels 😀 So thank you all, you mean the world to me!

Although writing is important, knowing that someone enjoys what you write is an extremely gratifying feeling, and having the support of others is enough to make my heart swell with pride and happiness.

So I cannot thank you enough!

Anyway here is the new chapter for today

PCS Chapter 15 – Finishing the Formalities

Today my message is very simple. When writing dont always think about what your readers want to read. When you write it has to be because you enjoy what you write. Always be true to yourself!

PCS chapter 14 – Xuanyuan Yunshen to the Rescue

When you write, it is not only about quantity but also quality.

Although I said yesterday that it is important to try and write every day, this does not mean that everything you write will be of the same quality every day.

Some days, it will be harder to write than others, and there will even be days where you will have to force yourself to write. Those days the quality will be lower than when you are fully motivated to write something amazing, but I always believe that it is easier to edit something that has been written, than having nothing at all.

As a web novel author many often thinks that it is either quality or quantity you go for, but in my opinion it is important to have both.

Although I aim to write fast and write a lot of words every day, I always want to have writing of a certain quality.

While my writing style is somewhat flat and not too exciting, i try to convey an interesting plot, and I truly try my very best to publish enjoyable content.

Because of this, I also have beta readers.

Beta readers are a must when you write, in my opinion.

While i do not always change things according to what my beta readers think, it is good to know what thoughts they have about my stories.

Sometimes they have good points, and I will rewrite accordingly, but some times we will disagree and the final writing will stay as I originally planned it.

Beta readers are also good at catching plot holes. There are times when you sometimes forget things, if you have a lot to write, or if you are a bit too eager, and they can catch these plot holes and help you avoid mistakes in the future.

I personally have a lot of beta readers, reading various novels, and I try to have a minimum of two beta readers a series, to get various impressions.

PCS Chapter 13 – “Dearest”

When you write a book, it is important to write consistently.

Although it is hard, I can only suggest that you try to write every day.

If you skip writing a few days, it is much harder to begin again, and sometimes you might even become unable to continue for a longer period of time, resulting in you forgetting smaller details about the story you are writing.

As such, I would suggest you to try and write every day.

Other than that, it is also a good idea to have a schedule for when to write usually, and how much to write.

I used to have a writing schedule which I followed, however it has been changed slightly due to “Writing a Book – Day by Day.”

Now I write Primeval Chaos System daily, but before the schedule looked like this:

Writing Schedule

Weekly Chapters:
Condemning the Heavens x7
Forsaken by Love x7
Forsaken Immortal x3
Five Elements of the Royal Sky x3 
Money-Grubbing Lover x3
Rest in a Demon’s Embrace x1
Devouring Goddess x0 
Forgotten Lover x0
Primeval Chaos System x0

Condemning the Heavens x1 
Forsaken Immortals x1 
Forsaken by Love x1 
Money-Grubbing Lover x1 

Condemning the Heavens x1
Five Elements of the Royal Sky x1
Forsaken by Love x1

Condemning the Heavens x1
Forsaken Immortals x1
Forsaken by Love x1
Money-Grubbing Lover x1

Condemning the Heavens x1
Five Elements of the Royal Sky x1
Forsaken by Love x1

Condemning the Heavens x1
Forsaken Immortals x1
Forsaken by Love x1
Money-Grubbing Lover x1

Condemning the Heavens x1 
Five Elements of the Royal Sky x1 
Forsaken by Love x1 

Condemning the Heavens x1 
Forsaken by Love x1 
Rest in a Demon’s Embrace x1 

Today’s Primeval Chaos System’s chapter is called PCS Chapter 12 – Time to make Money

Today I want to talk about a subject that is very close to my heart. It is a very personal subject and it is something that has meant a lot to me.

When I began writing, I was feeling horrible and felt as if the world was against me. I began writing for five years ago, and two months later, i got diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia.

This is a mental disorder that has affected me on an extreme level, and i was truly hit hard by the disorder. I had both hearing and sight hallucinations and I was not allowed to live alone for more than half a year after getting my diagnosis out of fear of what I might do.

At this point in time, writing was what made me feel safe. I could hide from reality, and all the scary things that I hallucinated and thought about, and it became a salvation for me.

Even now, I am aware that I am not the most skilled author, I have many faults and flaws in my writing, and i am not as skilled in writing excitingly. But even so, I love writing, and I have a passion for it. This is what has helped me in my darkest hours, and it is what I feel is able to make me feel excited. It brought back happiness in my life.

I am aware that there are many people like me out there, people who has troubles or difficulties in their lives, and they might give up before they find what they truly love. I hope that my story will be able to help others, that are experiencing some troubles.

Dreams do come true, as long as you have hope and fight for it to become reality.

And now to release PCS Chapter 11 – Heavenly Jade Physique