It is now time for yet another day of “Writing a Book – Day by Day.”

Today I want to talk about web novels.

There are many different ways to release one’s novels and one of the more popular ones in recent years has become Web Novels. Web novels are when you publish your novel online, and people can read it, either behind a paywall or for free.

These novels does not get published one book at a time, but chapter by chapter. The chapters are often the same length, and released at specific dates, either daily, or a few times a week.

I began by writing web novels, and I still release my books as web novels before they get published on Amazon.

There are many sites out there, which specializes in web novels, and allows for people to publish their own work for free.

The options are limitless, and so are the benefits.

By releasing online, you will be able to build a readerbase, especially if using the already established websites.

PCS Chapter 3 – Monarch Cleansing Pill

Good day!

It is time to another day of Writing a Book – Day by Day and today’s theme is planning a book.

This is a subject that might have to be split into more than just one day, but today I will explain how I plan a book series.

It all starts with an idea. The idea can come to me at any given time during the day, or even when I am asleep. The ideas can be quite different. It can be a scene of a book I want to write, or it can be a more abstract idea of “I want a book with a system”

After that, I sit down and begin thinking about whether or not the idea that came to my mind was plausible, or if it was too vague.

I usually spend a few days to consider an idea before I actually begin plotting something down on paper.

After that, I split the planning like this:

First I make a rough outline. Let us take Primeval Chaos System as an example.

I start with planning how many main arcs I want the series to have. Each main arc will then have a special title. Like “Book 1 – transmigration and getting used to the world.” “Book 2 – xxxx.” “Book 3 – xxxx.” And so on.

After having planned the main arcs, I do not instantly begin planning them in detail, instead I focus on the first main arc.

When focusing on the main arc, I begin planning the minor arcs. Such as “Minor Arc 1 – Transmigration and introduction” “Minor Arc 2 – XXX” “Minor arc 3 – XXX”

It is not before now, that I begin making a detailed plan for the series. And that is made for each small arc at a time, so I take Minor Arc 1, and then I write chapter for chapter what I want to happen in them. “Chapter 1 – Transmigration.” “Chapter 2 – xxx” “chapter 3 – xxx”

Keep in mind that although I write what I want to happen in each chapter, it is not always possible to keep it like that. Often you overestimate what you can put into a chapter, and thus you often end up with many more chapters than you had originally planned for. That is not a bad thing.

When I have planned the chapters, I finally begin writing. It is at this point that I can get something out.

Of course, no one says that this is the right way to write, this is the way that has worked for me, but there are many ways to write, and everyone has their own preferences.

Hopefully my way can give you some inspiration.

Here comes the next chapter:
PCS Chapter 2 – Stargazer

Good day

I am Tinalynge, an author who has been writing Web Novels since 2015. I have finished three series, and begun a handful of other series. I write in the genre Eastern Fantasy and Modern Romance.

I began writing at a time where I was in the slums, a time where I was feeling horrible and didn’t know what to do with my life, but writing has taken me out from the troubled times, and has instead brought me great joy in life.

I wish to be able to help others in the same situation as I was in before, and thus I am going to start an event which can help others, whether they are in a tough position in life, or they are just bored and want to find something new and exciting to do.

Today I will start a new event called “Writing a Book – Day by Day”

This event will run from 1st of August until the 30th of September.

This first book of Primeval Chaos System will always stay online for free on my Website, and so will the topics I take up day by day, so that even if you want to read it in the future, they will be here waiting for you.

I will release a chapter a day of my newest novel “Primeval Chaos System” and each day I will write my thoughts on different themes that has to do with writing. That can be publishing, time management, planning a plot, and so on.

Today I will just introduce the event, and from tomorrow onward I will begin talking about different subjects, the topics. Tomorrow’s topic will be “How to Plan a Story”

Summary of Primeval Chaos System:
Qin Meixing was an orphan, taken in by a research facility and forced to become a test subject of various experiments.

The final experiment, the Primeval Chaos System, was a success, but upon sensing danger, the system initiated a transmigration, using up all its remaining energy to send her from her own world to another.

In this new world, strength determined one’s future accomplishments, and one could only take control of their own life if they had enough power.

In a world like this, Qin Meixing struggled after taking over the body of someone who never could cultivate, but she was not alone.

Merged into her soul was now the powerful Primeval Chaos System, but while it was powerful and could help her advance to the world’s peak, it had its own rules and regulations, which caused her advance to become a rough road she had to thread.

Without further ado, here is the first chapter in the series, Primeval Chaos System.

Chapter 1 – Primeval Chaos System

Five Elements of the Royal Sky is a novel that I began writing in 2019. It is my very first attempt at writing a female cultivation novel, even older than Forsaken Immortals.

I was very unsure of how to write a female cultivation novel, while merging the romance novels I write with the male lead cultivation novels, and this is what came out of it.

I hope you will give it a try.


“Although the body is dead, the military soul has not been extinguished,” were the words that Luo Zhirou’s father told her time and time again.

For peace and freedom, countless soldiers had sacrificed their lives only to stumble at the end. 

Forced to live in the Empire where her soldiers had died, living under the ruler who had ordered her people’s death, Luo Zhirou understood that ten years was not too late for revenge. 

Revenge for her people, hope to reunite with her mother, life was not easy for Luo Zhirou as she found that she possessed the Five Elements of the Royal Sky.


I have two of my novels made into webcomics.

Their teasers are available on Webtoon, and the actual chapters will come out soon.

Overthrowing Fate

Rest in a Demon’s Embrace (BL)

Go and give them a try if you are curious about my novels and want to see them as webcomics before you move on to the novels

New novels on patreon

Patreon is the first place that gets access to all my cultivation novels. It also has the access to the chapters before anyone else.

It costs $5 a month, and for that pledge, you get access to the following novels:

  • Condemning the Heavens (updated daily)
  • Five Elements of the Royal Sky (three chapters a week)
  • Forsaken Immortals (three chapters a week)
  • Rest in a Demon’s Embrace (one chapter a week)
  • Devouring Goddess (uncertain amount of chapters a week)
  • Primeval Chaos System (uncertain amount of chapters a week)

Devouring Goddess is new, and is a novel I write alongside my friend Xenon. He has been a part of my team as a betareader and previously editor for a long time, and he decided to try his hand at writing, so now we are writing together.

Devouring Goddess is an anti-hero novel. It follows Yin Xiulan, a young woman with a physique called the Blood Jade Physique which makes her enjoy slaughter and killing. It is a very dark story, and not for the faint hearted.


Primeval Chaos System is quite different from Devouring Goddess. The main character in PCS is considered a decent person. While she does kill enemies, she does not feel pleasure in killing, and she is against touching the innocent.

She was originally from a futuristic world, a world where she was a test subject in an attempt at developing a superhuman. Just as they succeeded in fusing her soul with a mysterious system, the system decided to transmigrate her to another world, for her own safety.

This story is a story about how the system has its own agenda and is slowly convincing Qin Meixing, the test subject, to become its mother.

It is a more humerous novel than Devouring Goddess, and so far it has been very well received by my readers.

June Update


It has been a long time since I last wrote an actual update on my writing schedule and plans for release of chapters, also where the different books can be found.

My current writing schedule is as follows:

Weekly Chapters:
Condemning the Heavens x7
Forsaken by Love x7
Forsaken Immortal x3
Five Elements of the Royal Sky x3
Money-Grubbing Lover x3
Rest in a Demon’s Embrace x1
Devouring Goddess x0 (Written when I have extra time)
Forgotten Lover x0 (Written when I have extra time)

Condemning the Heavens x1
Forsaken Immortals x1
Forsaken by Love x1
Money-Grubbing Lover x1

Condemning the Heavens x1
Five Elements of the Royal Sky x1
Forsaken by Love x1

Condemning the Heavens x1
Forsaken Immortals x1
Forsaken by Love x1
Money-Grubbing Lover x1

Condemning the Heavens x1
Five Elements of the Royal Sky x1
Forsaken by Love x1

Condemning the Heavens x1
Forsaken Immortals x1
Forsaken by Love x1
Money-Grubbing Lover x1

Condemning the Heavens x1
Five Elements of the Royal Sky x1
Forsaken by Love x1

Condemning the Heavens x1
Forsaken by Love x1
Rest in a Demon’s Embrace x1

I have followed this schdule for som time, and it seem that it is doable for me to write this amount of chapter a day.

My release dates for books is as follows:
Five Elements of the Royal Sky book 1 – July
Condemning the Heavens book 9 – August
Money-Grubbing Lover book 1 – September
Condemning the Heavens book 10 – October

Finally, these are the places where my novels can be read:

Blossoming Flowers (My Life or your Memory)
Forsaken by Love
Money-Grubbing Lover
Will be updated and added soon:
Condemning the Heavens
Blue Phoenix
Overthrowing Fate

Condemning the Heavens – Novel
Blue Phoenix – Novel
Rest in a Demon’s Embrace – Webtoon

Blue Phoenix
Overthrowing Fate
Condemning the Heavens
Forsaken Immortals
Five Elements of the Royal Sky
Money-Grubbing Lover

Condemning the Heavens
Forsaken Immortals
Five Elements of the Royal Sky
Rest in a Demon’s Embrace
Coming Soon:
Devouring Goddess

Blue Phoenix
Overthrowing Fate
Condemning the Heavens
Forsaken Immortals
Rest in a Demon’s Embrace

Overcoming Darkness, book 1 in Forsaken Immortals series, is up on Amazon.

The novel is a romance / cultivation novel with a female lead. Give it a try if you are looking for something new.

Hello everyone!

Author Take-Over at Friday the 8th of May, 22.00 GMT+2 in the Facebook Group “Cultivation Novels”

I have some interesting news to share with you all! I have been writing Condemning the Heavens for a long time now, and I have been working on another series called Forsaken Immortals.

This novel will be published in a month’s time, and I have been given permission from the wonderful Tao Wong to host an author take-over where I will answer any question you might have about this new series, alongside sharing some information about the novel with you all.

The scheduled time for the author take-over is at Friday the 8th of May, at 22.00 GMT+2

If you have any questions about Condemning the Heavens I will also answer them, but the main theme will be Forsaken Immortals!I hope to see you all there!

Thank you for your time


You can join the group here:

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If you are a reader of Condemning the Heavens, you might want to consider joining my Discord and/or my Patreon.

Discord is free for all my readers, where we can talk about my books, or other books, and ask questions about what it is like to write. You can also sometimes get snippets from Condemning the Heaven’s newest books, and be amongst the first to know the newest release schedules and so on.

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Currently there is the entire book 8 of Condemning the Heavens and the start of book 9. There is also the entire book 1 of Five Elements of the Royal Sky, and the start of Forsaken Immortals (currently 61 chapters)

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