PCS Chapter 31 – The Baili Family

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When Qin Meixing and Xuanyuan Yunshen entered the room, the people within descended into silence. 

Everyone looked at the two of them, and the appraiser gulped in shock. He had been told that Xuanyuan Yunshen would appear with his fiancé today, but when they finally did, he became scared. 

What if he did something that would insult this deity? Their Golden Hall Auction House was not big enough to afford to offend such a God, and they would likely end up dead if he became unhappy with them.

After giving Xuanyuan Yunshen dodging looks, the appraiser turned his eyes to the woman who was standing by his side. Her back was straight, and her appearance was hidden behind a veil, but the aura around her body was simply unordinary. 

But who would expect that Xuanyuan Yunshen’s fiancé was an ordinary person? She was mysterious and had a strange aura surrounding herself. 

“Master Cloud God, and Miss, it is our honor to welcome you to our humble Golden Hall Auction House. Please enter, and let us calculate how much gold you have earned during today’s auction.”

Xuanyuan Yunshen nodded his head as he led Qin Meixing forward. They reached the chairs, and he guided her into one of them and looked at the appraiser. 

The appraiser felt a lot of discomfort as he felt Xuanyuan Yunshen’s gaze upon him. He did not know what he should do. Sweat was beginning to bead on his forehead, and his back was soaked. 

Xuanyuan Yunshen was normally too disdainful to care about someone as low ranked as this appraiser, but he was here for the sake of Qin Meixing.

He had gotten a good grasp on her personality. She loved gold and resources, but she was not desperate for them. Someone as influential as the Cloud God already had so much wealth that it was impossible to count, but she would never ask him for anything. She wanted to earn her own money. 

And so, he would respect her. He was not even going to buy the Monarch Cleansing Pills, as he understood that she would not appreciate the gesture. She wanted to depend on herself to make a name in the capital as a genius alchemist. 

And Xuanyuan Yunshen was aware that it would not take her long. Amongst the people who had bought a Monarch Cleansing Pill today, was the young patriarch of the Baili family.

The Baili family was a respected family within the Xiyang Empire, and everyone knew that their young son had been poisoned when he was still in his mother’s womb.

If her Monarch Cleansing Pill was genuinely able to cure this poison, then she would become famous in one breath. Looking at the fact that the pill had been able to cleanse her spirit root thoroughly, he guessed that the poison of the young Baili Beichen would be easily solved. 

The Baili Patriarch had also been the first to exchange gold coins for the pill, before he rushed back to his son, despite the fact that Baili Beichen was considered a young man; he was no longer a child, but was instead eighteen years old. 

Baili Beichen had an outstanding talent for cultivation and had reached the Spirit Consolidating tier of the Spirit Realm.

However, the poison would plague him at random times, making his cultivation base become useless, alongside some outrageously painful bursts of energy that would wreak havoc inside his body.

While Qin Meixing and Xuanyuan Yunshen were leaning back against the chair and looking at the appraiser who counted out the money that Qin Meixing had earned, the Baili family had returned home and handed the pill over to their son. 

Baili Beichen had long since given up on someone solving his problem but seeing the expectant expression on his father’s face, he dared not let him down, and with a wry smile, he placed the pill in his mouth. 

The pill had a comforting fragrance, and the liquid that had begun roaming his body the moment it disintegrated made him frown. The pain and agony that was rooted deep in his bones began feeling comfortable; it was as if a breath of cool air had been injected into his body.

Feeling the sudden change in his body, Baili Beicheng did not waste any time as he sat down cross-legged. His breath increased in strength, and the poison began being forced out of his bone marrow, and all the way out of his skin where black sticky liquid began gathering on his arms. 

He remained seated and still for a few hours, before he opened his eyes again. He could instantly feel the strength that was pulsating through his body, and he knew that he had managed to remove the poison from his system.

Astonishment flashed in his eyes as he realized that he had jumped from the Spirit Consolidating tier of the Spirit Realm to the Soul Crystallization tier of the Soul Realm. He was known as a genius previously, but now he was indeed against the sky.

He looked into his dantian, and his two spirit roots, the metal and fire roots, seemed much more radiant now than before too. Clearly, they had received some nourishment from the pill’s medicinal properties. 

“Father, who was the alchemist who invented this pill?” as soon as Baili Beichen finished washing up and changing his clothes, he rushed to his father’s study, where he could not wait to ask about the benefactor who had helped him.

Patriarch Baili looked at his son’s brightly shining eyes and sighed. “I do not know her name. All we know is that she is the fiancé of the Cloud God.”

“The Cloud God’s fiancé?” Baili Beichen frowned. Why had he not heard that Xuanyuan Yunshen was engaged?

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